Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Dev apologies to Hariprasad

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev informing to Hariprasad that he wanted to show something to him. He takes Hariprasad and Vidhi from there. Hariprasad shares with Dev that he already saw more then enough humiliation. What’s he trying to show him now? Dev asks him to check the banner. He gets surprised to see Sorry written on it. Hariprasad asks him doesn’t Vidhi’s poster was there few minutes before?

Hariprasad shares with him that he removed everything. He adds that whatever happened here is not Vidhi’s fault. They morphed her picture without her knowledge. He doesn’t want to blame anyone here. This mistake happened in his company. He was the owner of this company so it’s his duty to apologise to him. Hariprasad says to Vidhi that it’s happening 2nd time. She wants to be more careful and don’t allow to happen it 3rd time. He leaves from there. Vidhi asks Dev how is it possible? He asks her to get inside the car.

Amba noticed them together. Vidhi asks Dev why is he so nice to everyone. Dev answers her that he wants to be nice to nice people. Amba thinks that Dev again take effort to make her smile. But she won’t leave her. She will do anything to trouble her. She determined to ruin her life.

Later, Bimla asks Dev how is it possible to remove all poster in a night? Hariprasad tells her nothing good happened here. Bimla shows the poster to Hariprasad and asks him to see the match. He is looking better with Vidhi. She asks him to think about Arjun. Hariprasad tells her that Kanika also discussed about it with him. Both are working together.

Bimla hears the sounds from kitchen. She thinks that cat is troubling her. She noticed Vidhi messed up her kitchen. She shares with Bimla that she wanted to do fortune cooking. Bimla asks her to leave she will cook for her. Vidhi tells her that Abhimanyu joining office today. He asked everyone to cook for him. Meanwhile, Dev is trying to cook in kitchen. Priya recording his video. Sathyavathi and Abhimanyu appreciates his effort. Dev stops them from helping him. He asks Priya to don’t upload it in social media. She send it to Amba. Vidhi thinks that she will give it to Dev first.

Later, Amba asks Priya who asked him to cook in kitchen. Does he doing it by himself or Vidhi asked him to do it. She shares her thoughts with Priya ans determined to take revenge on her. Meanwhile, Golden failed to send mail to Ananya on time. Abhimanyu asks them to finish their work before party. Kanika reaches there and gifts to everyone. Everyone liked her gifts. Kanika shares with them that Vidhi chose for everyone. Later, Arjun informs Dev that he brought a gift for Vidhi.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will give a gift to Vidhi. Vidhi will be excited to see the MBA scholarship. She will hug Dev in happiness. Dev will be shocked by her response. Later, Amba will send a gift to Vidhi’s house under fake name to create problems.

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