Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th January 2023 Written Update: Hariprasad remains Adamant

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bimla sharing with Hariprasad that Vidhi ate her stomach full today. Hariprasad leaves from there not giving heed to her words. Bimla says to Vidhi that she doesn’t know what happened to him? He isn’t listening to her. Vidhi tells her that he needs little time to accept everything. Bimla adds that both father are daughter are supporting each other indirectly. She is stuck in between their drama. Bimla hears a sound from Hariprasad room and rushes there. Hariprasad searching for a receipt.

Bimla tells him that she kept it on drawer. Hariprasad complaints that she didn’t inform him before she change the place. Mom and daughter are taking decisions without informing him. It will affect our family reputation one day. Vidhi touches Bimla’s shoulder in consoling her. Hariprasad closes the door on their face.

Vidhi and Bimla are knocking on the door. Hariprasad opens the door. Bimla asks him why he is behaving like a kid. He didn’t take medicine yet. He asks her to stop pretending like taking care of him. Just keep her eyes on her daughter. She turns blind in love with her daughter. He will die 4 days earlier if he don’t take medicine. Hariprasad says that Dev said those words to him. He lashes out at Dev there. He complaints that Bimla is supporting him right. She said that Vidhi won’t break their trust. But what happened today? Vidhi’s dhuppatta were tied on Dev’s head. Doesn’t she noticed it. He successfully manipulated his family. Meanwhile, Satyavati brings food for Dev. She says that doctor asks him to take medicine and food on time. She makes sure that his fever getting down. Dev asks her what happened to her?

Satyavati says to him that Hariprasad isn’t understanding anything. Even a child is able to see their love for each other. Vidhi reached there to save his life. It’s not a easy thing. It’s clearly showing her depth of her love on him. Why he isn’t understanding it. It’s a wrong thing. Hariprasad keeps badmouthing on Dev. Vidhi complaints to him that it was a big accident. If he see him in that position then his heart would have break. Hariprasad says that when he saw her dhuppatta on his head it was broken.

Many people searched for him but Vidhi found him. Doesn’t she trying to make him fool here. He clears with them that he won’t agree to this marriage untill he breath. If they want to get married do it after his death. He isn’t a fool to believe them again. He says that he will die than giving his daughter hands to Dev. He leaves from there.

Vidhi says to Bimla that she will never break their trust. But she will only marry Dev in her life. She repeats Hariprasad words to her and leaves. Hariprasad asks her doesn’t she listen her words? She is determined in her decision. He shares his grief with her and leaves. Meanwhile, Dev says to Satyavati that she is a mom. Vidhi saved him out of love. Hariprasad won’t understand it. We understand the depth of our love from this accident. Satyavati says to him that one day Vidhi will come to their life. That day will be our Diwali. Later, Vidhi is dreaming about Dev. Bimla remembers Dev’s words and thinks that Vidhi is bearing so much pain in this age. Bimla is walking on the road without noticing the vehicle approaching her. Neelam saves her and take her to her house. Bimla inquires about Pratap health.

Neelam shares with her about her life experience. How did people commented about her life. She says that age isn’t a matter in marriage life. She advises her to fulfill Vidhi’s wish. Bimla says that she is concerned about Vidhi and Hariprasad. She doesn’t know what to do? Neelam tells her that Dev is a good person. They didn’t do anything yet. Both are major what if they get married. She advises her to take a good decision in Vidhi’s life unlike Hariprasad. Meanwhile, Bimla calls Dev to meet her in Balghar. Dev informs Satyavati about it. She doubts why did she asked him to meet her. Bimla hesitates to talk with Dev. Dev says that he will definitely listen to her words. Bimla asks him to take Vidhi far from here. Just marry her.

Episode end

Precap; Bimla will share with Vidhi that Hariprasad won’t understand her. She advise her to elope with Dev. Later, Doctor will inform to Pramod that Vidhi has a rare disease. She won’t survive more than three months

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