Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th January 2023 Written Update: Vinod’s shocking revelation

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bimla asking Dev will he do anything for Vidhi? Dev tells her he will do anything for her. Bimla shares with him that many things happened in her family. My family couldn’t come out of it. Vidhi is everything to us, Hariprasad is the pillar of our family. She isn’t able to leave both of them. She doesn’t know what to do? Dev tells her that he is able to understand her situation. As a mom its hard for her to accept it. Even Satyavati was in same situation of her. She is worrying about Chithra but standing with him. She is able to understand which kid needs her support. Bimla says that Vidhi needs her support now because she was broken.

She is struggling a lot. Doesn’t he gave more than enough confidence to her. Then how could he leave her alone? It seems he was mixed with her blood. She isn’t able to live without him. As a mom she couldn’t see her child suffering like that. She asks him to take Vidhi from there and marry her. She is her mom. She will bless her and support her. But Hariprasad won’t accept this wedding. Bimla asks him will he marry her? Dev tells her that he will definitely marry her and fulfill her wish. But only one option is there it seems.

Dev asks her does she trying to say this is the only way to unite with Vidhi? Dev asks her how will Hariprasad take it? Vidhi will fall down from his eyes. He thinks that Vidhi betrayed him. He isn’t able to snatch his daughter from him. He will misunderstands his intentions. He tells her that he didn’t give a chance to him. He took everything to his heart and ended up in the hospital.

But he wants to give a chance to Hariprasad. He will definitely understand that Vidhi’s love for him. Doesn’t he saw the way she showed her love for him. Apart from this all Vidhi loves her dad more than him. He is everything to her. She is respecting him a lot. She won’t do anything against him it harm him. They needs his blessings not hate. Dev tells her that Milapini mom won’t leave them. She will definitely unite them he is believing in her. He adds that Bimla is with them. That is enough.

Urmila shows some agreement to him. Pramod asks her how could she bring this now? Hariprasad isn’t in a good mind set to talk about it all. Vidhi is sick. Urmila tells him that he shouldn’t worry about it all. We have a daughter. This property is important to us to arrange her wedding. Pramod gets a call from doctor Vinoth. He informs him that Vidhi’s test results came. Hariprasad health isn’t well. Bimla gave his number to contact him. Pramod tells her that he will collect her reports. Urmila says that he will accompany him. Later, Bimla comes near Vidhi. She is caressing her hair and tells her she will help her to massage her hair.

Bimla shares with her about her childhood days. Vidhi gets emotional hearing Bimla just listened to her family always. She doesn’t have friends to share what’s in her mind. Vidhi says that Hariprasad taking a good care on her. Meanwhile, Pramod reaches to the hospital. Pramod asks her he feels something fishy. Vinoth comes there and informs them he didn’t contact her mom but Pramod. Bimla shares with Vidhi how did she felt when Hariprasad entered into her life.

How much they understand each other. She is sharing her past with Vidhi to motivate her. She advises her how to handle everything in life. She adds that she saw that love in Dev and Vidhi’s eyes. Vidhi gets happy when Bimla opening up with her. Bimla praises Dev character and assures Vidhi that he will take care of her. He won’t disappoint her. He shares with everyone what’s he feel for Vidhi. She is able to understand that Dev is older than her. But Dev’s way of thinking is different. He is far better than NRI guy. She is believing in him that he will take a good care on her. Meanwhile, Vinoth shares with Pramod that Vidhi has a disease. She isn’t able to survive more than three months. Pramod gets shock to hear it.

Episode end

Precap; Bimla will ask Urmila what happened to Vidhi? What’s saying in this report. Urmila will tell her that Vidhi’s state is critical. She only has 3 months left. Bimla will share her grief with Milapini mom

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