Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th January 2023 Written Update: Urmila’s shocking revelation

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vineeth informing to Pramod that Vidhi was affected with rare disease. She won’t survive more than 3 months. Urmila and Pramod are shocked to hear it. Urmila says to him she is in depression. Stop lying to us. Vineeth tells her that he is able to understand their pain. But this is the truth. He leaves from there. Urmila asks Pramod why he is sitting in silent talk something. Meanwhile, Bimla shares with Vidhi that Vidhi and Hariprasad are important to her. But Vidhi’s happiness is important to her. She says to her that one option is left in her hand. She advises her to elope from Dev. Vidhi tells her it’s not possible. She won’t leave her parents. Bimla says that Hariprasad won’t accept their relationship so just leave with Dev. She already talked with him about it. Vidhi tells her she won’t do like that. Bimla asks her what if he don’t accept this relationship? Vidhi tells her that she will stay with them life long.

Urmila burst out in tears after hearing Vineeth’s revelation about Vidhi’s situation. She shares with Pramod it’s impossible. How is this possible. Pramod tells her how will Bimla and Hariprasad accept this news. Here, Vidhi shares with Bimla that her parents upbringed her in well manners. She will never break thete trust. She isn’t a cruel person to hurt her parents who upbringed showing their love on her. She is accepting that she loves Dev. But her parents is more important to her than anyone. Bimla tells her that she will never get a chance to live with Dev. Vidhi tells her that Dev won’t accept this either. He is respecting his parents. They wants to lead a happy life with their blessings. They don’t need a happiness which hurting her parents. Bimla says that Dev said the same. He isn’t ready to accept her request. Both Dev and Vidhi are meant to be together. God made their jodi.

Bimla is praying in temple. She prays god to unite Vidhi with Dev. She notices Dev is checking the accounts. She advises him to stop taking stress. He tells her that he wants to return the shop to Amba. He doesn’t know how to deal with the family expenses. Pramod comes there and inquire them about Vidhi. Bimla tells him that she is taking rest. Bimla leaves to prepare coffee for him. He hides the money in her sarie edge. Hariprasad asks Pramod what happened? Why he is looking dull? He about to confess the truth. Hariprasad coughs there. Pramod lies to him that he is here to discuss about property. Hariprasad gets angry and scolds him.

Pramod tells him that he was here fo talk with him about Vidhi. The doctor called them to reveal about Vidhi’s condition. Urmila comes there and informs them that she went to temple in walking. Nothing will happen to Vidhi. Bimla asks her what happened? Bimla worries about Vidhi rememering the doctor’s word. Bimla asks them what did doctor said. Urmila says that Vidhi’s condition is critical. She has only three months left. Hariprasad and Bimla are shocked to hear it. Later, Amba comes to meet Dev. He gets surprised to see her there. Amba tells him that she hopes that she has the rights to meet him as a friend. Chithra said to her about it. Because of her their relationship turned out like that. Amba gifts him. He refuses to accept it but Amba tells him that he isn’t considering as his friend. Later, Hariprasad asks Urmila why are they pranking them. Urmila and Pramod reveals the truth with him.

Episode ends

Precap; Bimla will ask Hariprasad what will they do? Hariprasad will advise her to hide this truth from Vidhi. Vidhi will ask them why did they turns silent seeing her. Later, Hariprasad will share with Bimla that he will fulfill all her happiness. Bimla will tell him Dev is her happiness.

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