Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th January 2023 Written Update: Bimla is shattered

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pramod informing to Hariprasad, reports were saying clearing Vidhi has rare disease. She won’t survive more than three months. Hariprasad about to lose his balance. Pramod holds him on right time. Bimla cries her heart out and questions Milapini mom what’s this all? Doesn’t she doing Pooja to her daily. She never failed to worship her daily. But she Isn’t getting enough.

What’s the need to snatch her daughter from her. She is everything to them. She says that she won’t do pooja in this temple anymore. Why should she worship her when she is ready to snatch their happiness from them. Hariprasad gets emotional and breaks into tears. Pramod and Urmila gets tears seeing their situation. Later, Hariprasad sits beside Vidhi in silent. He remembered the way he ignored Vidhi and announced she was died for him. He gets emotional remembering doctor’s word.

Hariprasad stands in the Milapini mom temple. He asks her doesn’t she give this happiness to them. Then why she is snatching it from her. What they did wrong in their life? She shouldn’t punish Vidhi like that. She is just 20. She didn’t live her life full. Doesn’t they are doing Pooja to Milapini mom daily. This news shattering us.

Hariprasad says to Bimla that he is going to talk with the doctor about it. There will be some solution for this problem. let’s use all possible way to save Vidhi from this. Later, Hariprasad meets the doctor Vineeth. He pleads with him to show mercy to him. He requests him to say any possible way to save Vidhi. He is ready to take her to foreign to take care of her. The doctor advised them to make them happy always. Keep her happy. He assures him to take care of her.

The doctor advised them to don’t give any stress to her. If she is happy may be there will be a chance for her to live few days more. He asks Hariprasad does he informed this to Vidhi? He asks him how he will share it with her? The doctor advises him to don’t share it with her reasoning she will go in depression. He asks him to make a surrounding postive around her. Hariprasad leaves from there. Later, Satyavati is talking with her servant.

Satyavati complaints to Priya that she is wasting money. She adds that she is buying unnecessary things. Priya tells her that she invited her friends to eat lunch with her in home. They were in diet that is why she ordered such quality items to give them. They won’t it chat masala pac bhaji. She wants to maintain her class in front of them. Priya asks her to sign in the cheque. Satyavati asks her what’s the need of 10 crores? Priya tells her she assured to spend money for her necessary things. Satyavati says that she needs a valid reason to sign in it. Priya tells her that she invested money in a overseas company. Satyavati questions her why didn’t she take their lawyers advise before doing it. Priya says that she wants to be independent. She asks her to sign in it and leaves.

Hariprasad returns to home. Bimla inquires him about Vidhi’s condition. He narrated to her what happened in the hospital. Vidhi asks them why did they keep quiet seeing her. Bimla lies to her that Hariprasad asking her to do cooking and pooja works. She isn’t able to both at a time. Vidhi gets happy to see ther cute arguements. Hariprasad allows Vidhi to do everything.

Meanwhile, Satyavati shares with Dev about her decision to transfer the business to his name. Later, Hariprasad and Bimla are discussing about Vidhi’s condition. Bimla asks him how will they hide such big truth from Vidhi and acts in front of her. Let’s make Vidhi happy. He is ready to fulfil her happiness. Let’s call Seema back. Bimla tells him that Dev is Vidhi’s happiness. She says that they didn’t accepted for this alliance because there is no guarantee about her future. But Vidhi’s life become a question mark now. They wants to make sure she is happy today. Hariprasad tells her that Vidhi going to die before him. Bimla asks him to fulfill Vidhi’s wish.

Episode end

Precap; Golden will return home. She will ask Vidhi what did she hide in her room? Vidhi will deny it. She will complaint that she hides something in her room. Golden will show her someone sleeping in her room

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