Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th November 2022 Written Update: Amba takes a smart move

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi showing her resignation letter to her parents. Bimla asks her what happened to her? Vidhi says to them that they were right! When she joined this job Our family facing problems daily. They were a happy family. So much peace was there but it was missing because of this job. She adds that Hariprasad is not wrong but this job. She doesn’t want to go to work again. Bimla asks her why is she giving up so early. Why did she taking negative things only.

She broke her inferiority complex. She was bold to face everything now. She got Dev in her life. Her engagement halt because of them. Vidhi says that she doesn’t want to deny it but she isn’t able to see people’s badmouth Hariprasad like that. Hariprasad asks
her to swear on him that everything happened because of her. Vidhi swears to him that she isn’t a reason for it. Hariprasad asks her to leave this topic and continue her job.

Meanwhile, Amba pretends like feeling guilty for creating rift between brother and sister. She adds that because of her Dev got angry on her. According to him his family is everything to him. She doesn’t want to ruin their family peace. Chithra says that Dev is a adamant type. If he take decision then that is final. Amba says that she doesn’t want to creates issues in their family. She is hurting other relationship to create a new one.

She pretending like supporting Dev there and manipulates her. Dev calls her but she disconnects the call. Later, Vidhi checks the Dev cabin to check whether he was there or not. Sangeetha asks her what’s she doing here? She shares to her that she came to check Dev. Sangeetha tells her that she doesn’t know the reason why he didn’t reach to office yet. But Abhimanyu is there. Vidhi takes coffe to him.

Bimla calls Kanika and tells her that she wanted to discuss about Vidhi and Arjun’s wedding. They considered about her words. Kanika gets happy to hear it and appreciated her. Bimla says to her that Vidhi got scholarship to study further so they are not able to think about her marriage asap. Kanika tells her no issues in it. Bimla adds that Arjun is a very good person. She didn’t inform about this to Vidhi yet. Kanika says that they are working in same office. Let’s see how much this relationship take them too? Bimla disconnects the call.

Later, Vidhi gives coffee to Abhimanyu. He shares with her that he understood the chart well after her explanation. Vidhi asks him why is Dev late? Abhimanyu tells her that he won’t come to office again. He will handle the business with the branch office. He adds that Dev getting old it’s necessary to give rest to him. He is considering about his age. Vidhi deny it reasoning he is fit and fine.

He is younger than Arjun. He is perfectly fit and fine. He is capable to handle everything. Vidhi says that she will bring him back to the office. She adds that Dev did manything for her. He attend the party and Jagratha for her. He forgave Amba for her. He broke her engagement. He removed her post within a night and kept sorry board there. Abhimanyu tells her that he was making fun of her. He asks her will Dev listen to her in everything? Vidhi says that he will stand for truth always. Later, Sathyavathi brings Dev to hall. Amba gives her whole properties in front Dev and says to him that she is ready to leave it to get him in her life.

Episode end

Precap: Yogesh will inform Dev that they brought Vidhi’s alliance for Arjun. Vidhi is a perfect marriage material but she won’t suit Arjun. Vidhi is a use and throw thing. We want to throw her out after using one time. Dev will get angry on him and complaint that he won’t see a pure person like Vidhi in his life again. Meanwhile, Vidhi will be determined to confess her feelings to Dev

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