Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 8th November 2022 Written Update: Amba does the unexpected

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amba gives the Raichand all of her asserts in exch for Dev’s hand in marriage. She adds that she is respecting Raichand family traditions. She will do anything to get him in her life. She reveals her asserts worth to her and pleads with Sathyavathi to perform her marriage with Dev. Later, Dev waits for Dev in his cabin and wishes to call Dev.


Arjun comes there and asks her where she is lost? Vidhi tells him that office is quite something is missing here. Arjun says that Dev is missing here. Does she missing Dev? He says that he is also missing him. Arjun asks her doesn’t she like the earrings he gifted to her? He says to her that she didn’t wear the earrings. Vidhi says to him that she will wear it after she gift a return gift to him. Arjun tells her it’s unnecessary. Arjun agrees to accept her return gift. Golden records their video.

Priya checks the things of Amba. She shares to Sathyavathi that she gave her asserts papers too. It seems she is in love with Dev head over heals. Sathyavathi asks her to send Amba’s things to her house. Priya says that Raichand family should be happy because they got her asserts before fixing her marriage with Dev. Dev asks her to mind her words. She wants to think twice before talking. Abhimanyu says to Sathyavathi that he promised to Chithra. Sathyavathi asks him to stop this drama here. She warns them to don’t take this topic again. Later, Abhimanyu says to Chithra that she should have asked something else to her. It’s tough to convince Dev to marry Amba. He will buy a luxurious car for her.

Chithra says that she don’t need anything else then this. Abhimanyu tells her that it’s his final decision. It’s tough to change his decision. He adds that Sathyavathi demands Priya to send Amba’s things back to her house.chithra says to him that Amba will be broken. Later, Chithra shares to Amba that Dev and Abhimanyu used to fulfill her every wish. But she doesn’t know why he is behaving like this? Amba says that she came between siblings and creates a problem. Chithra assures Amba that she performs her marriage with Dev.

Dev returns to the office. Yogesh asks Dev what’s his decision? Doesn’t he get a marriage proposal from Amba. Dev asks him how did he know about it? Yogesh says that he is his friend so he knows everything about him. Yogesh adds that Amba is a good person and had a class. He would have said yes to marry her. Dev tells him that he don’t want to marry her.

Yogesh aaks him what happened to him? He is rejecting Amba. But Kanika thinking that Vidhi is a perfect marriage material. She wishes to take Vidhi’s hand for Arjun. He adds that she choose a lower middle class girl for his son. She is a slum. She isn’t a good match to his son. Arjun studied in London. He has a class and standard. If he has feelings on her then he won’t stop him dating her. He will never stop him from spending time with her. But he wants to break up with her. He shouldn’t marry her. Vidhi isn’t a marriage material.

Arjun is able to use her as use and throw cup. Dev gets angry on him and shouts on him. He asks how dare him to pass such low comments on Vidhi? Dev says that he isn’t able to find a girl like Vidhi in his life. Doesn’t Vidhi saved Kanika from such situations. She requested for Kanika. Yogesh asks him what happened to him? Dev warns him to stop passing such comments on Vidhi in front of him. He doesn’t like it. Yogesh leaves from there.

Vidhi isn’t able to concentrate on her work. Vidhi thinks that Dev didn’t understand her fortune message. She thinks that when will she listens to his heart. She prays god to help her listens to his heart. Meanwhile, Dev remembers the way Arjun getting close to Vidhi. Dev asks Vidhi to come to his cabin. Vidhi wishes to confess her feelings to him.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will advise Vidhi to don’t accept their friends as their life partner. Vidhi will share to him that she doesn’t have many friends. Arjun is her only friend. He is a decent one. Vidhi will say to him that he ordered her to don’t discuss personal matter here, but she wants to say something to him. Bimla will call her on time. Dev will ask her to attend the call.

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