Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th November 2022 Written Update: The Sharma’s are in Crisis

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asking Vidhi to meet him in his cabin. Vidhi nods with him. Vidhi thanks the god for listening to her prayer. Arjun asks Vidhi to drink coffee with him. Vidhi excuses him. Dev says to Vidhi that he wants to talk with her something important. She takes notes to note it. He says to her it’s about friendship. Dev describes about friendship with Vidhi. He says that they will share everything with our friends and drink coffee with them.

Vidhi says to him that she doesn’t have many friends. Except Arjun. He is a decent person. He invited her to drink coffee. Dev gets frustrated to hear it and demands her to deny it. Vidhi tells him that she isn’t understanding anything. He asks her to just understand his point of view. She wants to think a lot about it. Vidhi says to him that he brings personal matters here. So, she wants to share one personal matter to him. Dev gives permission to her.

Vidhi takes a deep breath to get confidence. Dev asks her why she is doing breathing exercises in his cabin? Vidhi says to him that she was taking a deep breath to collect confidence. She gets a call from Bimla but she ignores it. She says to him that Bimla used to call her in this time to inquire her whether she take lunch or not? Bimla calls her repeatedly. Dev asks her to attend the call. Vidhi excuses him and attends the call. Dev doubts what’s she trying to inform him. Bimla informs Vidhi that some government officials visited home and creating issues. They are talking in English. She don’t understand anything. Vidhi assures her to reach there asap. Vidhi thinks that she shouldn’t take Dev help to solve her problems. She is determined to face everything alone.

Vidhi rushes out from there. Ananya tries to stop her but she rushed out. Ananya informs Arjun about it. Meanwhile, Government officials are checking Hariprasad’s house and sealing it. Bimla and Hariprasad are trying their best to stop them. But they are not giving heed to their words. Official complaints to them this house wasn’t in a good condition. If it’s fall down neighbours also affected by it. They wants to demolish it asap. They demands them to vacate their house.

Dev inquires the employees about Vidhi? Arjun says to him that she rushed out without informing anything. She didn’t even take her things. Dev says to them that she got a call from home. Arjun and Dev guessed that there was a problem in her house. Arjun wished to go out to help her but Dev stops him. He adds that he is searching a reason to go out. He demands him to finish the work. If anything important than they will inform him about it. Arjun adds that he ordered to not discuss any personal things there.

Vidhi talking with the officials. She complaints to them that they should send notice to them legally. But they are trying to demolish our house without informing them. He gives the notice and leaves. Vidhi says that she won’t let them demolish the house. Her family’s memories are here. They tries to seals their house. Vidhi stops them from touching the temple. She demands them to touch it crossing her. Seeing her neighbour and family too joins with her. Officials complaints to her that this house will fall down asap. It’s danger to them. He gives 30 minutes time to them to vacate the house and leave from there.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will think that Arjun is perfect to Vidhi. He shouldn’t create any confusions in between them. Meanwhile, Vidhi will pray to god to help her solve this issue

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