Na Umra ki Seema Ho: Arjun plans to surprise Vidhi?

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Na Umra ki Seema Ho is the newly launched show of Star Bharath. This show is about Vidhi, a young woman who falls in love with a middle-aged tycoon, Devratha! Now, the series focuses on Hariprasad in a tight spot

In today’s episode we see Vidhi informing to Hariprasad that its not real one. It’s a morphed picture. Hariprasad tells her that Vidhi’s photo reached to each and every corner of Indore. Doesn’t she lose her face in front of all? They are searching a alliance for her. Who will marry her after this?

Bimla asks him to don’t ruin the peace of this day. Hariprasad asks her doesn’t Vidhi already ruined it? They why she is complaining about his attitude? He pushed away the arati thaal and leaves from there. Later, Sathyavathi takes the evil eyes from Abhimanyu. She shares her happiness to Abhimanyu.

She adds that his decision to join in office made her feel cloud nine. She says that Dev spent his whole life for his Raichand company. It’s his duty to help him to support his business. He wants to keep one thing in his mind always that Dev is the only hair of this Raichand company.

He wants to support him like the way Bharathi supported Ram. Priya hears it and tells her that she doesn’t want to be in someone else shadow. She won’t give up her rights.

Later, Dev cuts all his ties with Amba and demands Vidhi to send the money back to her. Amba indirectly warns Vidhi and leaves.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Arjun will share to Dev that he want to buy something for Vidhi in his first salary. He add that he want to buy something for their favourite person right? Later, Vidhi will ask him why is he so nice to others? Dev will answer her that he wants to be nice with nice people

What will happen next? Will Vidhi find out the truth? When will Dev fall in love with Vidhi?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.