Na Umra ki Seema Ho: Vidhi will be in Trouble?

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Na Umra ki Seema Ho is newly launched show of Star Bharath. This show showing Vidhi, a young woman falls in love with a middle aged tycoon Devratha! Now serial focusing on Dev to help Vidhi!

In the previous episode we saw: Dev scold Kanika for treated Vidhi wrong. Hariprasad said to him his daughter won’t work here. Dev signal Kanika to apologise. She apologized to them without option. Dev took Hariprasad to his cabin.

Dev shared to them that he can understand whatever happened in office may disappointed them. They shouldn’t have behaved like that here. He said to them he will make sure about his daughter satey and everyone here respect her.

Hariprasad said to him she doesn’t have experience to work here so forgive her if she do any mistakes. She will learn everything asap. Hariprasad gave sweets to all. Kanika felt Vidhi will become a problem to them in future.

Later Dev asked her to take account section seeing her maths knowledge. Kanika asked Colleague to apply glue in Vidhi’s chair. She sat on it without noticing. Dev helped her to get up but her dress torn mistakenly. Indra motivated her.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Dev will ask Vidhi to photocopy the legal agreements to her. Vidhi will start copying it. Rishab will turns on the fan to mess her files papers. Dev will rush her up to give the files. Vidhi will give it to him but he ask her whom will copy the legal agreements in red color?

What will happen next? Will Vidhi thank Dev? When will Vidhi learn work in Raichand company? Will Kanika plot against Vidhi?

Upcoming episodes will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.