Naagin 21st December 2019 Written Update: DEV’S TRUTH REVEALED

The episode starts with Vrishali and the others getting scared seeing a snake coming out of the fire.

On the other hand also Dev is seen struggling to get out of the car which has been lifted by a big snake.

The snake puts the car down seeing Dev’s cousins and Rohan coming there and then escapes. They get Dev out of the car and he says that he felt like the car was flying in the air and then asks Rohan which address he gave him. Rohan tells him that Vrishali asked him to take care of them. Dev replies that if Vrishali had known about him being in India, she would have killed him. Dev’s cousins tell him that Rohan told Vrishali about that and ask him to follow them and come with them to take care of them. Dev agrees and leave with them.

Meanwhile Vrishali says that something went wrong while during the hawan that’s why so many snakes came there. Everybody blames the pandit ji. Baa prays to Bholenath to protect her family.

On the other side Dev comes out of the car. Nayantara looks at him. Dev joins his cousins and says that it seems like a grand party is going to happen. Manas receives a call but his cousins don’t let him answer saying it’s time to enjoy. Rohan asks Dev to join them. Manas receives a call and goes aside to attend it while the others go inside the club.

Nayantara is about to follow Dev when Brinda and Kanika come. Nayantara calls Kanika and tells her that she can’t go inside and orders her to leave and tell Brinda that she can’t go inside. Kanika does as she said. Brinda goes inside.
Hardik comes there dressed up as superman and everybody makes fun of him. He says he thought it’s a theme party. Milly asks what they are waiting for now and Sparsh replies saying girls. Suddenly lights get switched off and Lilly wonders if it’s a haunted house. Just then Brinda comes there and they ask her what she is doing here. She tells them that Vrishali sent her there and scolds them for leaving without telling anybody. They shut her up and Rohan asks her to go outside and not let anybody come inside. Brinda asks him who is he. Sparsh tells her that he is Rohan, Vrishali’s son and she should listen to everything he says. He also warns her not to tell anything to the elders.

On the other hand Akash and Baa wonder why the snakes are attacking them since they have pure intentions and never harmed anybody. The other family members look at each other. They ask Pandit Ji to do something and he chants a prayer and makes a border of fire that nobody will be able to cross it. He asks everybody to leave soon from behind. Vrishali says to Akash that whatever happened is inauspicious as she had kept this pooja for Dev but it couldn’t be completed. Akash takes her away.

Once everybody has left, Mayanta comes and says that she had warned them that she would be back and will not spare them now that she has also Nayantara by her side. She says that they can’t be saved from the revenge of a naagin and only death will give them liberty now.

Meanwhile Brinda is at the door to prevent anybody to go inside. Some girls come there and Sparsh comes there and warns her to do everything carefully. He leaves. Brinda says that she is so angry and wants to call Vrishali and the others and tell them about what they are doing but is silent only because they must be busy in pooja. Dev comes there and listens to her. Brinda says that she wants to give a punch to everybody and turns around gesturing to give a punch. She is about to hit Dev but stops on time. Dev asks her what’s wrong with you. He is about to go inside but Brinda stops him and says that she will hit him if he goes inside.

Dev says that she is misunderstanding him, he is a good guy and doesn’t harm women. Brinda says that she is black belt in karate so he would anyway not be able to touch her. He says that he doesn’t want to touch her and it looks like instead of a warning she is giving him green signal to touch her. Brinda tells him that she is not alone and her whole family is inside. Dev asks her that if her family is inside what she is doing outside, he asks her if she is keeping watch. She replies yes and then immediately says that she is protecting them.

Dev says that she is looking like a cartoon and he doesn’t believe that she has black belt. He is about to get inside and Brinda is about to hit him but instead she falls on the ground. She makes Dev fall too and gets on him saying that she won’t let him go inside. Dev pins her on the ground and gets on her asking her if she is mad or what. He calls her crazy. Just then Rohan comes there and ask Dev what he is doing there. Brinda is shocked to know that he is Dev.
Kanika and Nayantara sneaks inside the club as nobody notice them.

Dev smiles knowing that she is Brinda. The latter asks him where all his fat has gone. He laughs. Rohan asks Dev to come inside. Dev convinces Brinda to come inside as well.

There are some girls doing belly dance inside.
Brinda is shocked to see so many people in the pary and wonders when they came.

Kanika is dressed as a belly dancer too and looks at Manas who is dancing with another girl. Nayantara comes dressed as a belly dancer too. Kanika tells her that she was right and these people just wanted to have party. She is disgusted to see manas dancing closely with a belly dancer.

Nayantara covers her face and goes in the center of the hall. She dances on “Naagin dance nachna”. Sparsh tries to flirt with her and convinces Manas to do the same saying that they are rich so they can take advantage of anybody. Kanika covers her face and goes on the dance floor too.

Dev sees Brinda standing behind a pillar and goes to her. Brinda is wondering how to call Vrishali when Brinda comes there and grabs her elbow taking her among others. He asks her to join the party and do naagin dance as he remembers that she used to do in childhood.

He says that he remembers everything. Brinda says that she isn’t anymore that Brinda who used to listen to everything that Dev said. They laugh and talk together. Nayantara looks at them.

Manas flirts with Kanika who has her face covered and then goes to Nayantara. The latter goes to Dev and starts dancing with him. Dev leaves with Brinda.

Kanika slaps Manas seeing him dancing with the other girls. She asks him who these girls are. She bashes him and says that Nayantara was right to say that they all are liars. Nayantara uncovers her face. But Dev covers Manas saying that he arranged the party and the girls are all his girlfriends. Kanika feels guilty and apologizes to Manas.

On the other hand Vrishali is getting worried for Dev and everybody is trying to calm her down.
Brinda gets a call from Rajat and tells him that she almost punched Dev as she couldn’t recognize him. She says that he isn’t fat anymore and looks like a model. Rajat pulls her leg for considering Dev so good looking but then he adds that he knows that she won’t even look at other guys now that she is engaged with him.

Rajat says that he could look at other girls though. Brinda says that all guys are same that’s why even Sparsh and others asked her to stay outside to guard them while they are staring at the girls. Rajat says that they did that because they consider her a servant. Brinda says that Akash and Baa’s love is enough for her and she doesn’t care about others. Rajat asks him about Vrishali and Brinda suddenly remembers that she has to call her and tell that Dev is here. She cuts the call.

Everybody except Rohan is drunk. They wonder where Nayantara and Brinda are but then leave without them.

Dev is looking around for Brinda when Nayantara comes there and asks him if they shall leave too since everybody is leaving. Dev says that everybody must be waiting for them in the car. Nayantara asks him if he is lying. He asks her what he would get by lying to her.

Nayantara says that not all the lies are told to get something, some are told to hide something like the one he said before saying that those girls are his friends. He says that it was just a bachelor party and she would have done the same for her friends if she had any but she looks like a boring person without friends. She says that he must not have a girlfriend. He asks her how she can assume that. She asks her to talk about it in the car. He says he will come with Brinda. Nayantara leaves and Dev goes to find Brinda.

Dev later dashes into Brinda and asks her whether she had promised herself to keep hitting him. He then says that she has grown up very well and she tells him that she has a boyfriend. He asks him what he does. She says that he works and loves her, they are childhood lovers and will straight away get married. Dev says she is not his type as she is boring so she should never think that he will ever flirt with him. Brinda receives a call and asks Dev to go.

He goes outside where Nayantara tells him that Brinda will go with Lilly, Milly and Sparsh and they shall leave alone. Dev goes to sit in the car. Nayantara looks at him and recalls Mayanta’s words when she said that they’ll snatch everything that those murderers love them most and thinks that Vrishali loves Dev the most. Dev wonders if she was staring at him.
Meanwhile Brinda calls Vrishali who scolds her.

Brinda thinks that she got to know that Dev is in India and says that he is fine. Vrishali is shocked to know that he is in India. Vrishali cuts the call and shouts Akash’s name. Lilly and Milly locks Brinda in the room. Brinda goes in the balcony and sees that everybody has left.

On the other hand Nayantara is in car with Dev and guiding him. Dev says that she remembers the road very well and she says that she remembers everything and will catch his every lie as well. Dev says that she keeps calling him liar. She says that everybody lies so he asks him what her lie is. She says that she is thirsty so he stops the car but realizes that there is no water in the car. She says that there is water near there and goes out to get it not letting Dev come with her.

Vrishali freaks out and tells everybody that Dev is back and they have to reach him. Akash asks her to calm down and asks her why she worries so much about Dev. Vrishali asks the Pandit Ji to do something.

On the other side a snake attacks Dev who is shocked to see it and runs in the jungle to escape from it. The snake follows him.
Dev manages to escape.

A golden snakes comes and starts fighting with the white one that attacked Dev.
The family members blame Baa for crying on the phone while talking to Dev which made him come to India. Vrishali is worried about Dev. Pandit Ji says that he is going to mandir for Dev and Akash and Baa go with him. Vrishali says that the icchadari naagin is back. She says that she is going to save Dev.

The two snakes keep fighting.
Baa, Akash and Pandit Ji pray for Dev.
Brinda’s mother come there and asks Pandit Ji if what happened years ago when those people killed that naagin was right. He says that he would have not supported the wrong thing. Brinda’s mother tells the Pandit Ji (her husband) that if there was really an icchadari naagin who had a daughter, the daughter must have grown up by now.

The youngsters of Parikh family come back home and Rohan meets the family. The elders scold them for not telling them anything. Vrishali is worried as she gets to know by call that Dev hasn’t reached home.
Nayantara meets Mayanta and tells her that Dev is a naag and she never knew this.
Episode ends

Precap: Mayanta tells Nayantara that she is proud of her and says that everything will happen the way they thought only. Nayantara lights up a matches and throws it on Baa’s pallu.