Naagin 22nd March 2020 Written Update: BRINDA PLANS TO KILL DEV

Naagin 22nd March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shalakha leaving. Brinda and Dev are left alone. They look at each other. Dev recalls blaming her continuously. “Kalank” plays. Dev walks towards Brinda but she turns around. He is about to put a hand on her shoulder but then takes it back remembering how he had treated her. Brinda leaves. Dev recalls their moments. Brinda looks at Dev from far while he is giving back to her.
Shalakha comes in the garden and she is enraged. She recalls Lilly defending Brinda.

Vishakha appears there and says that she knew her plan would have worked. Shalakha says that Mahesh came with the baby who was Lilly’s and Brinda has now became God in front of the family. Vishakha wonders how Brinda flops her plan every time. Shalakha says that she doesn’t know that and she just wants to create rift between Parekh family and especially between Dev and Brinda. Vishakha suggests her to take Dev to honeymoon so Brinda comes behind them and she will reveal her truth to Dev. Shalakha says that she is excited.

On the other hand Brinda prepares milk for the baby. Dev comes. Brinda says that she is just doing all this for Lilly’s baby not him so he doesn’t need to thank her or apologize. She says that the new Dev doesn’t know how to say sorry. Dev says that she is the one who never trusted him or even told him about her feelings. She says that she doesn’t know what she feels for him. He pulls her closer and asks her to say that looking at him. She tries freeing herself and just then Dev’s hand hits the hot pan and gets burnt a bit. Brinda immediately grabs it and applies ice pack on it. He stares at her. “Nazm nazm” plays. Brinda and Dev share an eye-lock.

Brinda asks Dev what he is doing. Dev says that he is cooling his brain and is trying to understand her. Brinda says that the first work is easy but the second one is not for him. Dev thanks her for what she has done for Lilly but then says that he can’t be thankful to her and is about to say that she has left him but interrupts his sentence and leaves. Brinda says that she knows he can’t forgive her.

Swara comes and shows her the note that Mahesh had found. Brinda looks at it and recognizes her writing but says that she didn’t write it. Swara says that there is surely someone who wants to harm them. She says that she is scared for her also because Dev keeps roaming around her and she doesn’t want her to fall for her childhood friend and forgive her. Brinda says that it won’t happen. Swara says that she has to reach her goal soon. Brinda says that she will and gets angrily recalling Dev killing Manyeta.

Ketki places the baby in the baby cot. Lilly cries and says that he is her baby and she wants him to stay in her room but Ketki and Rasik say that they will think about what to do with him and the baby is not hers since she has to go to someone else’s house. The baby starts crying and Lilly calms him down. Ketki says that she will take care of him and Rasik takes Lilly out.

Meanwhile Shalakha packs the bag. Dev comes and asks if they are going somewhere. Shalakha says that she needs a bit of his time so that they can understand each other more and asks him not to say no. She says that she has done everything but he has to book hotel. She says that they can go to Matheran which is near only. Brinda overhears their conversation from outside. Dev agrees and says that he will book a hotel in Matheran. Shalakha hugs him excitedly and then apologize.

Dev says that he will sleep in study room since he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of Brinda. He leaves. Shalakha says that he can hurt her only if she gives him the right which she didn’t give him. She says that she will get back everything that Brinda snatched from her, starting from Dev.
The next morning Brinda leaves an invite to Matharan in everybody’s room to ruin Shalakha and Dev’s honeymoon.

Lilly feels lonely so calls Milly but Billy, her cousin who is looking at the Laal Tekdi Mandir in her laptop, picks it up. Billy says that Lilly is not allowed to use the phone so she picked up the call and also tells Lilly that she will come soon as she wants to meet Brinda. Lilly asks her how she came to know that Brinda is back. Billy says that she knows a lot of things.

At night, Dev and Shalakha reach the hotel and Shalakha is very excited and asks Dev to click a selfie. Dev says that he has to handle a project. Shalakha says that she would get bored and reminds him that they are on holiday. Dev asks her to understand that he needs time to adjust. Shalakha says that she just asked for a selfie.

Shalakha and Dev are about to take selfie when whole the family comes. Akash asks Dev if it’s a place in which their project is going on too. Dev says yes. Shalakha is taken aback but when Brinda comes and thanks her for inviting her too she says that it was a surprise for Dev since she knows he can’t stay without his family. Shalakha goes to Brinda and says that she knows she did everything. She thanks her for what she did for Lilly. Brinda says that it’s her family and she has done it for them only. Shalakha says that Dev is hers though. Brinda wishes her good luck for her plan and says that she knows she isn’t as innocent as she looks like so she will treat her like an enemy only.

Lilly is worried for her baby who is at home and Ketki asks her to stop worrying since there is a maid with the baby. Sparsh, Rohan, Hardik and Manas come with a blackboard and divide the family into two for a game in which they have to guess what is being drawn. Dev and Shalakha are in opposite teams. Shalakha asks in which team Brinda will be. Lilly says that she will be with her. Just then Billy comes surprising everyone. Lilly goes to hug her and thanks her for coming. Billy meets everyone and then brinda too saying that she has changed so much in all these years. She says that she has become icchadari Naagin.

Brinda is surprised. Billy tells her that Milly told her about it and says that she needs to tell her about the “Naag Dhan”, the secret of Laal Tekdi Mandir but not here since there is everybody. She says that she will be in Brinda’s team. Lilly asks Dev to draw first and Dev starts drawing but nobody is able to understand. Dev asks Brinda to guess it since she eats it a lot. Brinda thinks about it and then guesses “fruit”. Dev hugs her. Everybody looks at them shocked. Lilly says that Brinda is very intelligent.

Just then a guy comes and Dev goes with him for a work. Brinda is about to leave too. Shalakha asks her where she is going. Brinda says that she is going to take water. Shalakha asks her to get it from the jug on table and help Lilly. However after a while she goes with the excuse of having chai. Brinda tries searching Dev who is talking the guy about the project. She hears the guy saying to Dev that he helped him a lot on 8th March which was the day that changed his life. Dev says that if he hadn’t helped him, he would have not got such an efficient person. He says that he shall go to make a call. The guy gives him rain coat since it’s raining outside.

Dev walks outside. Brinda goes behind him saying that he won’t come back since it’s going to be the last night of his life. On the other hand the family is still playing. Shalakha says that she will come to draw now. Brinda wonders where Dev has gone. She asks Vivian, the guy with whom Dev was talking and he tells her that he has gone from backdoor. (Episode ends)

Precap: There is a lot of fire around Laal Tekdi Mandir. Brinda looks at it after transforming into snake.