Naagin 4 14th March 2020 Written Update: NAYANTARA RETURNS AS SHALAKHA

The episode starts with Baa asking Dev to stop Vishakha who is badmouthing about Brinda. Dev asks Vishakha where she is. Vishakha replies that she has escaped. Vrushali asks where. Vishakha says they should ask with whom. Iravati says that they know she has eloped with Rajat. Baa is not ready to believe that but Dev says that he had asked Brinda to choose one between him and Dev and if Brinda had chosen him she would have been here with him but she has chosen Rajat. Vishakha says that Brinda will come back for money. Everybody leaves.

Vishakha asks sorry to Dev but he says that it’s only Brinda’s mistake and she has done nothing so she doesn’t need to be sorry and leaves.

On the other hand Brinda tells Baba that she will learn everything about fighting since she has to become the strongest. Swara comes and completes her sentence saying that she has to become the strongest Naagin of the world. Brinda looks at her. Swara tells Brinda that she knows she is a Naagin and declares that she will support him. Brinda says that she won’t spare the Parikh family. Swara asks Brinda about Dev. Brinda says that Dev is her mother’s murderer. Swara gets shocked.

Dev enters in his room recalling Vishakha’s words, moments with Brinda and also seeing Brinda with Rajat. “Maanadil” plays. Dev is very upset. He breaks some vases. Vishakha looks at him and wonders if he will just be in pain or will bus out too. She thinks that she should keep an eye on him and leaves. Dev finds Brinda’s earrings and asks why she did this with him.

Swara tells Brinda that she has to traning until she becomes a MahashaktishaaliNaagin. Some men come and Swara says that they are here to tranher.

Brinda is tied to a pillar. The men start throwing the leaves that harm Naagins on Brinda and also the bhaboot. Brinda feels pain and shouts “Jai Bholenath”. She struggles to free herself from rope. Swara says that she is defending herself well but she needs to attack too. Brinda is bleeding. She looks at the men angrily.

After some days Dev is seen shouting at workers. Akash asks him to take rest since he is working non stop since days but Dev refuses and says that he won’t stop until he becomes the biggest business man.

On the other hand Brinda beats the men who were attacking her in the traning and is able to defeat them. Swara asks them to leave.

Swara calls the snake charmers. Brinda starts feeling dizzy and gets hypnotized starting to dance on “Mein Naagintusaphera”. She recalls Dev killing Manyeta and some of his words. She keeps dancing and at the end she falls on the ground after twirling.

Swara tells Brinda that she has been defeated but they will take all the time they have and will win. Brinda says they will win only. Swara hugs her and says that this time no defeat will be allowed now and this time she has to enter in that house as a warrior and not only IcchadariNaagin. Brinda says that it will happen like this only.

Meanwhile Vishakha asks Dev to move on from Brinda. Dev says that he is thinking about his work, how to convince Thakur for the business not about Brinda. Vishakha thinks that Dev is not getting angry hearing Brinda’s name and the naagmani isn’t appearing.

After that Vishakha goes in jungle and calls Mundika who appears. Vishakha complains because she is not able to understand where Brinda is. She says that not even PanditJi knows anything and Swara doesn’t say anything too. Mundika laughs and suggest her to snatch her own face for the tension. She says that Brinda must be trapped in a magical place.

Vishakha gets an idea and removes Mundika’s hair from her face so that she loses her powers. She says that now she will snatch her face and will use her as weapon. Vishakha transforms half Naagin and fights with Mundika ending up grabbing her hair with her tail. Mundika shouts.


Brinda comes in the LaalTekdiMandir wearing a white dress and no more black like before. Swara and Baba are surprised to see her. Brinda says that white is the color of peace but now will become the color of Parikh family’s coffin. She walks to Bholenath idol and takes blessings saying that now she won’t lose.

Brinda walks towards Swara and tells Baba that now she won’t lose since her SwaraMaa is with her. She says that she will complete Manyeta’s revenge. She asks Swara to bless her. Swara says that she hopes she never backs off. Brinda says that she won’t. She says that she will destroy the Parikh family especially Dev.

A woman surrounded by a red fire walk into a mysterious place and lights up a pillar on fire. She is Vishakha who recalls caging Nayantara in the pillar. She says that she had to kill Mundika and take her aspect so that Nayantara won’t recognize her and will trust that she is with her when in the reality she is just there to get her naagmani. She covers her face with her hair like Mundika used to do.

A girl covered with clay comes out from the pillar. With her powers, Vishakha drops water on her removing the clay from the girl. She is Nayantara but she has a new face (played by Rashami Desai). Nayantara says that this is not her face. Vishakha says that she gave her a new face so that she can fight against Brinda. She says that she knows everything about her past, how Brinda snatched her everything and tells Nayantara that she has an old enemy with Brinda. She says that she will take her to Parikh house and asks Nayantara to join hands with her but Nayantara refuses saying that Vishakha already deceived her once and she won’t repeat that mistakes. She says that she will join hands with her only if everything happens like she wants only. Vishakha agrees. Nayantara says that she will have a new name too and says that from now onwards she is Shalakha.

After few days Parikh family is all set to celebrate HolikaDahan. Iravati compliments Vrushali for her diamond earrings. Vrushali says that she is the mother of such a successful business man so she won’t wear fake diamonds. Lilly comes and Vrushali asks her not to be sad since Milly will come back too. Vrushali asks where Akash and Baa are.

Baa and Aakash are talking about how Dev has changed after Brinda left him and has become a big business man but now thinks only about money. She says that she is not ready to accept that Brinda left and says that she must have had reasons. Akash asks her to accept the truth for Dev.

They go where the rest of family is. Brinda stands at the gate. Iravati says that HolikaDahan day is so lucky for them since they are getting their daughter-in-law. Brinda gets shocked seeing Dev in groom attire.

Lilly brings the bride who has her face covered. Vrushali says that today is her first Holi. Iravati reveals that Dev’s second marriage happened this morning only. Vrushali uncovers the bride’s face and it’s Shalakha. Vrushali congratulates Dev and Vishakha for their first Holi. Brinda glares at them while they light up the HolikaDahan.

Later Shalakha is sitting on bed. Dev enters in the room. She smiles at him. Dev goes to her and says that he knows it’s their first night and he respects her and her space so he will give it to you. Shalakha says that she understands he must feel so awkward since his first marriage got broken. She says that she can take the time he needs.

Shalakha says that she will sleep on sofa but Dev asks her to sleep on bed only since it was his decision to take time. He goes in washroom. Shalakha wonders how can someone leave such a good husband.

Swara stops Brinda seeing her walking on road. Swara wonders how this happened and says that she didn’t know about this. Brinda says that Parikh family has always done what they have never thought about but now she will do what Parikh family must have never thought about.

Episode ends