Naagin 4 15th February 2020 Written Update: BRINDA TRIES FINDING OUT MANYETA’S WHEREABOUTS

Everybody is gathering in the hall for playing games and all of them goes in the team of Dev. Baa says thar Brinda will be left alone but Vishakha says she will is here for Brinda.

Vishaka and Brinda discuss about what they shall do now and Vishakha says that she is there to help her out. She says that they have to trap these human beings since they both are Naagins.
Baa says that their time to prepare poetries is over and asks them to say them in front of them.

Dev and Brinda starts. They look at each other and Dev says that a special person is needed in life to love more with every day passing. “Pal pal dil ke paas” plays. Dev asks her to marry him. They recall their moments under the rain. Everybody claps for Dev while Brinda looks at him.

Now it’s Brinda’s turn but just then Sparsh, Hardik come with police. They say they didn’t find Madhav but got his phone. Brinda is scared thinking that Madhav might have recorded his video when she turned Naagin. Vishakha asks her to calm down before they start doubting her. Brinda goes with the rest of the family while Vishakha hides behind a pillar transforming into Naagin and going outside. Vishakha takes Madhav’s avatar.

The police is about to check the phone hoping to get some information about it but just then Vishakha as Madhav comes and thanks them taking away his phone. Brinda gets shocked. The family rushes to Madhav who says that he will explain everything but first let the police come since he has returned back and there is no need of investigation. After police leaves Vishakha as Madhava assures the family that he is fine and gives an excuse for his absence.

Brinda goes to Vishakha and freaks out wondering how Madhav came back. Vishakha explains Brinda that she can take other people’s aspect. Brinda can’t believe at first and Vishakha transforms into Dev to make her believe. Brinda says that Madhav is in washroom according to others and Vishakha says that he has opened the water so everybody will think he is taking shower. Brinda thanks her and says that she didn’t know she would help so much. She leaves. Vishakha thinks that Brinda will never know that she can be in two places at the same time. She smirks.

On the other hand Iravati cries because Madhav has left again. Brinda looks at the family hiding behind a pillar and notices red sand under Vishakha’s sandals recognizing that it’s from Laal tekdi mandir. She concludes that Manyeta is near the temple only.

The family brings Iravati in the room and tries calming her down. Dev assures her that he will keep a track of Madhav.

Later Vishakha and Brinda are in the latter’s room and Vishakha asks Brinda if she trusts her now. Brinda asks her another help which is to take her place in the house while she will go to find Manyeta. Vishakha agrees. Brinda goes out and just then Dev comes there. She hides. Vishakha transforms into a Naagin with two faces and takes both hers and Brinda’s avatar. Dev comes inside the room and asks Brinda (who is Vishakha in reality) to come down. Brinda leaves after making sure that Dev has no suspect.

Vishakha as Brinda and Dev come downstairs. Vishakha comes too. Baa asks Brinda to tell what is love for her. Brinda says that love is like something that they forget after drinking. The youngsters of the family cheers for her and changes team going to her while elders and Dev are disappointed and shocked.

Brinda reaches the laal tekdi temple and rushes to Baba telling him that Manyeta is surely here. Manyeta is seen lying on the bed and suffering because of the leaves. She calls out for Brinda realizing she is there. She asks her daughter to find her. Brinda shouts “Maa” while Manyeta shouts Brinda’s name. Brinda knocks on the walls trying to find her mother. Baba tells her that there are a lot of secrets inside the temple and only a Naagin who knows all of them. Brinda cries since she just came in the temple yesterday when Dev had come. Baba says that something happened yesterday.

Baa asks Dev if everything is fine between him and Brinda. He recalls their moments and also Brinda lying to him. He lies to Baa that he loves Brinda so he married her so everything is fine only. Baa gives Dev a necklace to give to Brinda.

After a while Dev comes to the room and Vishakha takes Brinda’s resemblance. Dev gives the necklace to her but Vishakha as Brinda says she doesn’t like it. Dev tells her that it’s the same which she wanted but Baa hadn’t given her. Brinda says that her choice has changed and now she likes expensive stuff. She goes to lie down on the bed leaving Dev confused.

Meanwhile Brinda is desperate because she isn’t able to find Manyeta. Baba asks her to calm down and assures her that she will find her mother if she has will power. He says that love has the power to keep two people united and never separate them.

Manyeta cries praying to Bholenath to help her. Just then her bracelet with Om sign shines. Brinda has the same sign as pendant. Manyeta sees that and says that it means that Brinda got the Om sign and they are nearby. She wishes Brinda to see that but in vain as Brinda doesn’t notice her Om shining.

Brinda goes back home where Vishakha comes out of the room and asks her if she found Manyeta. Brinda replies no so Vishakha leaves after asking her to take care. Just then Brinda notices the Om shining and a black Naagin sign appears. Brinda remembers seeing it in Baba’s book and says it’s a dangerous symbol. Manyeta wishes Brinda to understand that the danger is Vishakha but when Brinda enters in the room and that sign gets placed near Dev she thinks that he is the danger. She is about to walk away but then stops and takes away her waistband with the Om symbol. She wonders how to reach her mother.

Vishakha sees Sparsh and Rohan there and pretends to be on a call to book a hotel room. Rohan and Sparsh ask her to stay in their house as a guest since she will be comfortable. They take her to the room asking her to call them whenever she needs anything. Vishakha closes the door and thinks that they are very stupid but now she can stay in this house close to Dev, to her naagmani.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda tells Vishakha that she thinks that this Om symbol is trying to talk to her and telling her about Manyeta’s whereabouts. Brinda understands where Manyeta is but Vishakha takes Manyeta away before Brinda can reach her and then put the blame on Dev.