Naagin 4 15th March 2020 Written Update: BRINDA COMES BACK IN DEV’S LIFE

The episode starts withKetki wishing that organic colors will be used in Holi. Parekh family is celebrating, dancing and wishing each other “HappyHoli”.

Brinda comes there and glares at them. She mixes something in drinks. She sees Baa and is about to go to her but then thinks she can’t get distracted. She says that she will have a lot of fun having this Bhaang to everybody.

A girl distributes drink to everybody. She goes towards the guys too. Rohan says she is 10. The girl gives them points too while giving them drink.

She goes aside and it’s revealed that she is Brinda who had transformed her aspect.

Dev and Shalakha come. Brinda glares at them and recalls Dev saying that relations aren’t a business deal for him. She looks at him angrily while Sahalakhat takes blessing from everybody.

Brinda transforms into the girl of before too and go to give it to Shalakha who is hesitant but Rohan and others force her to take it.

Brinda offers it to Dev too but he refuses and asks her not to hit on him since he is married and he is loyal to his wife.

Baa asks Shalakha about her brother Manish. Shalakaha says that he must be with his in laws. Baa asks her why nobody from her family has come since it’s the second day of her marriage and there is PakkhPhere ritual too. Shalakha says that they must be tired so they didn’t come. Baa asks her if she is hiding something since there is fear on her face. Shalakha replies that she is just scared because everything is new for her and she doesn’t know if they will accept her. Baa says that she just needs to be honest. Shalakha smiles and leaves thinking that she has to do something of Baa asking help to Mundika.

Brinda looks at the family who has got drunk and thinks that she shouldn’t hide since they are those who should hide their faces.

Shalakha mixes something given by Mundika in a drink to give to Baa and says that Baa will leave forever drinking it.

Rohan asks Harsh to play music but suddenly Brinda comes out from a pool of water saying she is back. Everybody looks at her shocked. Brinda goes to Baa and hugs her asking her to keep trusting her. She goes to Vrushali and asks her how she is. Vrushali replies that she is fine and asks her how she is.

Brinda asks for music to be played and starts dancing on “Drama Queen” crazily. Dev glares at her. She takes others to dance with her too. Shalakha looks at her.

Brinda goes to Dev and dances around him. Shalakha looks at them and says that this time she won’t let Brinda snatch her things. She walks towards Dev but just then Dev takes Brinda aside. Baa stops Shalakha and asks her to let Dev talk with Brinda and end the past. Shalakha is hesitant but then agrees. Baa leaves. Shalakha thinks that she has to do something with her first and says that this time she won’t let Brinda ruin anything.

Dev asks Brinda why she is there. Brinda says that she came back on HolikaDahan like he had asked but he got married for the second time. Dev says that he isn’t there to wait for her only and blames her for abandoning her. He talks about his success. He coughs so drinks the Thandaai placed near there. Dev asks Brinda when she is leaving. Brinda says that she is not leaving because she is still Dev Parekh. Dev denies that and asks her if she has forgotten what they have done for her. Brinda says that she won’t forget ever what they did with her and has come to make them suffer. She says that she hates this ruthless business man. Dev drinks Thandaai again. Brinda asks him what his fake wife will think seeing this. Dev says that she is his real wife. Brinda says that she is his first wife so the real one.

Hearing that, Dev applied color on his face. Brinda laughs but then he holds her and applies color on her face with his cheeks. “Laahumu laggaya” plays. Brinda is about to fall and accidentally puts color on Dev’s face too. They come closer but Dev stops and says that there is still decency left in him. He leaves.

Brinda is enraged because she got weak in front of Dev. She asks herself what happens to her when Dev comes closer to her. She is very angry.

Vrushali asks Shalakha where Dev is. Shalakha says that she wanted to apply shagunkateeka on him but just Dev comes and he is completely colored and drunk. Shalakha cries a bit. Vrushali blames Baa who wanted Dev and Brinda to talk. Shalakha says that it’s and she can still dance.

Vrushali goes to Dev and asks him to go to dance with his wife.

Shalakha and Dev dance on “Nashesi chad gayi” but just then Brinda comes and takes Shalakha on a corner. Brinda warns Shalakha against Parekh family but Shalakha says that she knows she is trying to snatch her husband and right and she won’t let that happen. She leaves pushing Brinda away. Brinda dashes into Dev.

Shalakha tries giving the drink with poison to Baa but just then Rohan comes and indicates Dev and Brinda. Shalakha glares at them and goes to Dev. Both Shalakha and Brinda dance with Dev.

Shalakha pushes Brinda who falls near Baa making the drink she was holding fall from her hands.

Dev takes Brinda aside and asks her to leave but Brinda tries convincing her that she loves him but Dev says that he knows he doesn’t. He blames her for leaving her for Rajat and escaping. He gets enraged and the naagmani appears on his forehead. Brinda recalls Manyeta saying that they are behind naagmani and gets enraged she leaves.

Brinda goes on road and is extremely angry because she got weak in front of Dev. She says that she should have killed him seeing the naagmani. She screams and cries saying that Dev is not her childhood friend but her mother and sister’s murderer. She falls on her knees.

Just then Harsh comes there and starts flirting with her. Brinda gets angry and grabs his neck. Harsh frees himself and runs away but Brinda follows her.

Harsh reaches the venue of Holi celebration and is about to shout but Brinda stretches his hand and covers his mouth taking him aside. She throws a lot of colors on him and then beats him using her powers. She grabs her neck and stretching her hand she lifts him up and then throws him in the water tap.

Harsh shouts. Everybody rushes to him and gets shocked seeing him lying unconscious and injured in the pool. They take him out. Iravati cries and asks to call the doctor wondering who did this with him. Dev asks them not to panic and tries waking him up.

Brinda thinks that Harsh killed her sister Nayantara so he had to die and his brothers will die too one by one.

Dev finds Brinda’s earring near Harsh and sees her standing in a corner too.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda says that now after Harsh everybody will die. Dev questions Brinda about her earring which he found near the water tap where Harsh had fallen. Later Shalakha tells Brinda that nobody can snatch her husband. Brinda grabs her neck and says that she doesn’t know who she is.