Naagin 4 18th July 2020 Written Update: Brinda tries to find Billy’s murderer

Naagin 4 18th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev blaming Brinda for killing his whole family. He says that he has never felt as much love as the hatred he is feeling for her right now. He bashes her for murdering so many people and asks why she has brought him there. Brinda says that she has brought him to the Laal Tekdi Mandir to heal his wounds but Dev can’t see that temple. They are standing in the desert and only Brinda is able to see the temple. She says that there must be some magic preventing him from seeing the temple. Dev calls her crazy. A storm comes and Brinda is dragged inside the temple. She asks Bholenath why she has been brought there shouting. The show takes a flashback of three days.

It’s night and Brinda is following Dev to kill him and avenge her mother Manyeta who had been killed by Dev one year ago. She rays to Bholenath asking not to let her be weak. She thinks that she still remembers the 8th March of last year but just then she recalls the manager thanking Dev for helping him and staying with him on 8th March last year. She wonders if it was Vishakha who killed Manyeta and if Dev is innocent.

Brinda follows Dev shouting his name but just then she realizes that it isn’t Dev but Billy who has been stabbed by someone. She rushes to Billy who tries telling her the secret of Laal Tekdi Mandir which will take her to another huge secret but before she can reveal anything Billy dies. Brinda tries removing the dagger from Billy’s stomach and just then Dev comes and rushes to Billy. He misunderstands Brinda’s intention and calls her murder. Brinda sees that Dev isn’t wearing any black raincoat and she has been following Billy only. She realizes that someone plotted against her.

Shalakha and Vishakha/Mundika watches them from a corner. Shalakha says that her plan worked. She recalls how she had taken Dev’s black raincoat from him and then called Billy asking her, with Brinda’s voice, to come to meet her. Before Billy could go out, Shalakha gave her Dev’s raincoat so that Brinda would follow her and then she sent Dev out saying that Billy is nowhere to be found. Shalakha killed Billy and then made sure that Dev would misunderstand that Brinda is the murderer. Vishakha says that they shall leave before anybody sees them. They start leaving and just then Vishakha sees Mundika’s face realizing that she is Vishakha not Mundika.

On the other hand, Dev keeps blaming and bashing Brinda who begs him to trust him but in vain. Dev calls the police reporting the murder and gives Brinda 24 hours to prove herself innocent. Brinda thanks him and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Dev is bitter towards her and says that says that she doesn’t deserve his friendship, trust and love at all.

Later Billy’s dead body is brought in the hotel where the family mourns her death. Police is there too and takes everybody’s fingerprints to check if they match with those on the dagger but nobody’s, not even Brinda and Shalakha’s, match. Shalakha hides the blood stain on the pallu of her saree. Dev confronts Brinda saying that he doesn’t know how her fingerprints didn’t match when he saw her holding the dagger. Brinda says that she will find out the real murderer. Shalakha overhears them.

In the morning, everybody returns to Mumbai. Dev, Shalakha and Brinda are in same car. Dev reminds Brinda that only 12 hours are left. Shalakha tries comforting Dev for Billy’s death but he removes his hand away from her and puts it on the steering. Brinda covers herself with a shawl and tries using her powers to carefully recall what happened last night. She justifies covering herself with shawl in front of Dev saying that she has fever but Shalakha understands her intention. Brinda notices that there were footprints of someone wearing sandals.

The three reach home after a while. Dev and Shalakha go inside the house while Brinda tells what happened to Swara. They decide to check everybody’s bags to find the sandals and ask the servants to gather all bags in the back entrance of the house making the excuse that they shall sanitize them. They start checking all the begs.

On the other hand, Shalakha realizes that she has lost a part of her locket and asks the servant where her bag is. The servant tells her that Brinda is checking the bags. Shalakha wonders if Brinda is suspecting on her and goes to the back entrance.

Shalakha hides and hears Brinda and Swara talking about the sandal. They have checked all bags but haven’t noticed Shalakha’s one yet. Shalakha sees Mundika and gestures her asking her to take out the sandal from her bag. Mundika uses her power to do that and then Shalakha and Mundika leave.

Swara and Brinda notice Shalakha’s bag and think of checking it to find the sandal but Brinda notices that it’s already opened. Swara asks her to transform into Naagin and use her power to recall what happened. Brinda does that and sees something after which she rushes away.

Brinda runs in the corridor and dashes into Dev who blames her of being a murderer again and warns her that she shouldn’t try to escape. Brinda says that she has still two hours left to prove her innocence and she is just trying to find out what the truth is. She asks him to pick up her call when she will call him. Dev asks why he should do that. Brinda replies that he will do that because he is Dev and then leaves.

Shalakha gives Mundika the sandals to put in the box and asks her to go to the site where Billy was killed and get the other side of the locket because there are lots of her pictures inside it and if Brinda finds it, it will be a problem. Mundika refuses. Shalakha tells her that she knows she is Vishakha. She says to Vishakha that she knows she needs her for naagmani and to find Laal Tekdi Mandir secret so she can’t kill her and orders Vishakha to go to find the locket. Vishakha leaves. Shalakha finds a ring in her room.

Meanwhile, Brinda is back to the construction site where the murder happened and tries recollecting all the events of last night. She transforms into Naagin and talks to an owl asking it to help her since she has seen it in her thoughts and knows that she has witnessed the murder. The owl is about to fly away but Brinda hits with it with the tail and the owl transforms into a girl.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda asks help to the mysterious girl. Shalakha reveals the family that Brinda is a Naagin.