Naagin 4 19th January 2020 Written Update: MANYETA FINDS OUT THAT BRINDA IS HER DAUGHTER

The episode starts with Brinda blaming herself for giving so much pain to whole the family and wonders how she will face Baa and how she will solve her relationship with Rajat. She cries and her tear is about to fall down when someone holds that tear. Brinda thinks that it’s Rajat but it’s Dev. Brinda asks Dev if he talked with Nayantara and he says that she is not her girlfriend. Brinda holds his hand and tries convincing him but just then Rajat comes and sees them. He scolds Brinda reminding her that Rajat is Nayantara’s but Dev asks him not to speak to Brinda in that tone. Before Brinda can say anything, Swara comes to call her for her father.

Brinda’s father is surrounded by pandits who takes all his holy things and then start throwing black ash on him. Brinda, Swara and the Parikh family come and the pandits throw black ash on Vrushali too saying that also his son was involved in the news with Brinda and that ruined the reputation of both the families. Dev comes in front of his mother and bashes the pandits saying that he doesn’t believe in their power and won’t even apologize after this since he didn’t do anything and Brinda is pure too. He promises Vrushali that he will marry Nayantara. Vrushali hugs him and cries.

Later Swara and Brinda clean Pandit Ji’s clothes. Dev asks them not to worry much. Swara takes Pandit Ji away. Dev tells Brinda that she is doing a mistake by marrying Rajat since she deserves better, actually the best. She is touched and recalls their moments while he leaves. “Naina” song plays. Brinda recalls Dev defending her when Rajat misbehaved with her, how he stood up for her in front of those pandits.

Vrushali is in her room and is enraged. She doesn’t accept the gift Ketki gives her. Suddenly she stands up and starts laughing evilly. Ketki wonders if a ghost entered in her. Vrushali says that Nayantara will marry Dev and then she will lose her powers since when a Naagin marries a human, she loses her special powers. She says that Nayantara will be busy in marriage preparation and they will kill Manyeta in the meantime. Madhav says that she is a Naagin so they will need a special weapon. Vrushali says she has it.

Pandit Ji looks everywhere for a babuti and Swara asks him why he needs it buy he doesn’t reply her and says he has to leave. He goes away with the babuti and Swara wonders what is happening.

Vrushali asks Khyati where is Baa. Khyati replies that she is in her room and Akash is with her. Pandit Ji comes and gives the babuti to Vrushali. The latter thinks that now they will kill Manyeta with this babuti. She asks Khyati to make sure that Nayantara stays in the room upstairs.

After a while Brinda comes in Nayantara’s room with some gifts for her given by Vrushali. She offers her help to make Nayantara ready but Nayantara refuses. She thinks that her mother is searching her since she is Manyeta’s real daughter but she hates her. Brinda tries being friendly with her but in vain. Brinda gets Swara’s call and rushes home after her mother tells her that her father is gone somewhere without telling anything.

On the other hand Vrushali prays for Nayantara saying that she didn’t give brith to her but she is her daughter. Just then Vrushali comes in the temple and Manyeta recalls her husband’s murder. Vrushali asks Manyeta why she is behind her son and Manyeta replies that she learny it from her only to attack whom is the closest to a person. She swears that she will not spare her now and nobody will be able to save her now that she got back her powers as well. She is about to transform into Naagin but the other Parikhs come and hits her. Manyeta falls down and Pandit Ji throws babuti on her. Manyeta screams for pain. Brinda is seen searching for Pandit Ji. Vrushali asks Pandit Ji to leave. He warns them to be careful because the babuti will be effective for a limited time. Ketki takes babuti from them and asks him to leave. He goes away.

Vrushali asks Madhav to prepare the wood as they will burn Manyeta alive. They do as she ordered and after a while Vrushali is about to put fire on the wood placed on Manyeta but she suddenly gets up and is transformed into a Naagin. Everybody gets scared and the ladies hide behind Rasik and Madhav. Manyeta says that they should have learnt for the first time as she survived against death already so how can they beat her. Vrushali asks Madhav and Rasik to burn her but all her tentatives go in vain. Manyeta says that she won’t spare them today and will kill them inside this temple outiside which they had killed her dear ones. Brinda comes there and hides behind a pillar. She thinks that this is Nayantara’s mom and ia surprised to see that she is a Naagin. Manyeta hits Rasik who was about to escape. Ketki rushes to him. Manyeta says that today they will die.
Brinda starts transforming into a Naagin too.
Manyeta throws fire from her mouth on Parikhs.

Brinda sees her face in water and is surprised to see her skin transforming into the one of a snake. She transforms into Naagin. Manyeta sees her and remembers that it is the same golden snake that came to save Dev when she and Nayantara had planned to attack him and Nayantara thought it was Dev. Vrushali and others manage to escape.
They come back home and wonders where Nayantara is since she isn’t in the room. They think that the golden snake in the temple was Nayantara. They leave the room. Nayantara comes out of the washroom and wonders what they were doing in her room.

Meanwhile Manyeta asks the other snake to show her human face. Brinda returns being a human and Manyeta is shocked to see her. She recalls Nayantara telling her that she saw the Naagin again and understands that she is her daughter. Brinda says that she has recognized her. Manyeta says that she has recognized her too. Brinda says that she is Nayantara’s mother and asks their plan. Manyeta asks her whose daughter she is. Brinda looks at her confused. Manyeta asks her to come with her and asks her not to be scared since she will not harm her. Brinda is hesitant but follows her. Manyeta shows her the full moom and asks Brinda to look at it and it will tell you her truth. Brinda is scared but Manyeta asks her not to be scared. Brinda starts transforming into Naagin and Manyeta tells her that this is their truth, they are icchadari Naagins. Brinda becomes a snake and Manyeta says she is a Naagin too and they should celebrate.

Now Brinda is in her Naagin costume. Manyeta is very happy. She goes in front of Shiv Ji’s idol and starts doing tandav dance. Brinda unknowingly starts dancing too matching her steps with Manyeta’s. They dance together. Brinda is confused.

Brinda falls down and Manyeta rushes to her calling Brinda her daughter. Brinda backs off saying that she isn’t her daughter and is not like this, she asks how is it possible that she is a Naagin. Manyeta tells her that she is her daughter and that Parikh family killed her father and wanted to kill them two too. Brinda doesn’t believe her and says that everybody knows that Nayantara is her daughter. Manyeta is shocked to hear that.

Episode ends

Precap: Dev thinks that he is doing a mistake by marrying someone he doesn’t love and not Brinda whom he loves. Manyeta hopes that Brinda does the right thing. Later Brinda is seen dressing up as a bride and sitting on mandap with Dev.