Naagin 4 1st August 2020 Written Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Brinda

Naagin 4 1st August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Swara reaching the Laal Tekdi Mandir calling out for Pandit Ji but gets shocked to see a mess there. A car stops in front of the temple and Shalakha comes out. She gets inside the temple too. Swara hides behind a pillar hearing her voice and wonder how she came to know that she is there. Shalakha asks her to come out and give up since her game is over. She checks behind a pillar but Swara has moved away behind another wall. Shalakha angrily asks her to come out since her magic brought her so she knows that she is in the temple only. She releases a bubble from Mundika’s ring and starts a countdown. Swara tries calling Brinda but there is no network. She cries.

On the other hand, Brinda asks Dev if she knows that his family wasn’t originally rich. Dev says that he knows they worked for a family who died in a horrible accident. Brinda is about to tell her that it was a murder where members of his family are involved. Vrushali gets scared realizing that Brinda is willing to reveal their secret.

Vrushali shouts and starts acting like she twisted her ankle. Dev and Brinda rushes to her. Ketaki comes there too. Dev and Ketaki takes Vrushali downstairs. Brinda understands that it was just a planned trick by Vrushali.

Rasik comes downstairs too and Dev asks him to get the car out so that they can go to the doctor. Dev and Rasik leave. Brinda tricks Vrushali coming to know that she is intentionally acting that her ankle got twisted so that she won’t be able to spend time with Dev and tell her Shalakha and her truth.

Vrushali calls Dev and asks him to bring doctor at home only. Dev agrees and leaves. She tells Brinda that Dev blindly trusts her. Brinda says that Dev doesn’t know her truth yet. Vrushali says that Dev doesn’t know her truth too. She tells Brinda that she knows she is Naagin and also adds that anyone who plays against her won’t ever win but die only. Brinda says that she doesn’t know anything about Naagins otherwise she would have known that Naagin comes back from death too to take their revenge. She reveals Vrushali that she is Manyeta’s daughter shocking both Vrushali and Ketaki. Rasik comes and says that doctor is coming. Ketaki takes him and Vrushali away. Brinda glares at Vrushali who is recalling what she did to Manyeta.

Meanwhile, Shalakha is still chasing Swara and says that she will kill her and her Naagin daughter too. She says that God won’t save them both and Brinda will be left with nothing as she will always lose against her. Shalakha asks if Brinda is even her daughter and if she is not then why she is even giving up her life for her. Swara makes noise and Shalakha finds her. She points a dagger towards her. Swara cries and shouts that she is Brinda’s mother and her daughter can’t ever lose, that’s a promise. She pulls a rope because of which lots of wood fall on her. Shalakha kneels down and asks if she is enjoying there. Just then, Vrushali calls her and asks her to come back because she is unable to handle Brinda anymore. Shalakha asks her to wait a bit. She cuts the call and tells Swara that she will come back to kill her after breaking Brinda’s marriage. She leaves.

At Parekh Mansion, Brinda is about to tell Vrushali’s truth to Dev again but then Hardik and Milly come and ask Brinda about haldi. Brinda says that Vrushali must have brought haldi already. Ketaki comes and says that Vrushali gave the responsibility of haldi to her only. Milly is surprised to know that. When Brinda try to argue, Ketaki asks Dev to bring haldi. Dev agrees so he has to leave. Ketaki, Milly and Hardik leaves too. Brinda understands that they are trying to keep Dev away from her so that she won’t be able to tell her anything.

Dev goes downstairs and takes haldi from Vrushali. Brinda comes and says that his wife will go with Dev too. Shalakha comes and says that she is Dev’s wife so she will go but Brinda doesn’t let her step on her again and says that Dev is about to divorce her. Shalakha asks her if she remembers what she saw in the yard. Brinda says that it was all a lie and asks Milly to bring the divorce papers so that Shalakha can sign them. Milly leaves.

Shalakha bends down to grab her phone and uses the vial to control Dev’s actions asking her to make Dev say that she will come with him. Milly comes with divorce papers but Dev says that there is no need of them and Shalakha will come with him shocking Brinda. Shalakha says that Hardik’s in laws saw her as Dev’s wife so she shall go only otherwise things will get awkward. Shalakha and Dev leave.

In the meantime, Swara releases herself and calls Brinda asking her to come to Laal Tekdi Mandir. She also tries to tell Brinda about Dev’s innocence and Shalakha’s plans but in vain as Brinda isn’t able to hear her properly. She just hears Dev’s name and some words like “mistake”. The phone call gets cut. Brinda transforms into snake and leaves.

On the other hand, Shalakha and Dev are in car. Shalakha gets a bit of Dev’s soul out from his body putting it into the vial. Brinda, who has transformed into snake, enters in the car and hides behind seat. Shalakha notices that Dev’s eyes are red.

Meanwhile Swara finds some pages from book which has answers for everything and sees Brinda’s picture. Under the picture there is written that only a Naagin can get the secret of Laal Tekdi Mandir but not alone, with her life partner. There is written that if the life partner’s soul is taken out, then he will become a monster who will kill everybody. She is shocked to know that.

In the car, Shalakha tells Dev that he has to get rid of Brinda soon. Dev replies ok and asks how. Brinda wonders if he is playing with Shalakha or her. Shalakha tells Dev that they are going to Laal Tekdi Mandir. Brinda knows that Swara is in the Laal Tekdi Mandir and wonders what Shalakha will do there.

When they reach the temple and Shalakha and Dev get out of the car, Brinda calls Swara who tries telling her that her life is in danger and that Dev is innocent but call gets again cut. Brinda wanted to tell her that Shalakha and Dev are coming in the temple but fails.

Shalakha realizes that Swara has escaped. She also realizes that she lost Mundika’s locket and rushes to the car to get it. Brinda transforms into snake and sneaks out of car. She sees Shalakha, who is ordering Mundika’s powers to find Swara, talking to a locket and wonders who she is talking with. When Shalakha turns around, Brinda, who has transformed into half snake, hits her and she falls down unconscious.

Swara reaches home and hopes that no black magic finds her. She messages Brinda who replies her back to close all windows and shuts lights. Brinda finds Dev who is still hypnotized by Shalakha and tells her that Swara is not there. Brinda doesn’t understand what he is saying but knows that he is in danger. Dev asks her to take him home. Brinda takes him to the car, unaware that his eyes have turned red.

After a while, Brinda and Dev reach Swara’s house. Before Brinda can say anything, Dev says that he knows that her mother is inside and knows everything. Brinda gets confused hearing him. They go inside and Brinda rushes to Swara seeing her injured. Swara is about to tell her about Dev but stops seeing him there. She tries to hide from him but in vain. Dev shoots Swara. Brinda is stunned and runs to Dev who throws her on floor and walks towards Swara. The latter puts her locket with “Om” symbol in his pocket. Dev walks away. Brinda cries loud.

Shalakha is standing outside and smirks hearing Brinda crying. She says that she just pretended to be unconscious but actually ordered Dev to kill Swara through Mundika’s powers. She realizes that it’s time to take out Dev’s soul one last time and get naagmani as well.

Brinda shouts asking her mother not to leave her alone. She cries loudly and says that she will get lonely. However, Swara is now dead.

Shalakha goes to Dev and surrounds his neck with her arms and put the vial near his nape to take out his soul. It gets morning and Dev’s eyes turn normal. He slightly pushes Shalakha away saying that he has already cleared things between them. Shalakha notices the “Om” in his pocket and realizes that the soul got back into Dev’s body instead of coming out because of that “Om”. She walks away.

Meanwhile, Brinda cries for her mother’s death and recalls every time she warned her against Dev. She says that she was right and she should have understood that Dev is a murderer when he killed Manyeta but she still had hopes back then.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda tells Dev that dying by her hands is his family’s karma and nobody can change this karma, not even him and not even the one writing their destiny. She is seen transforming half into Naagin and bites Hardik and a shocked Dev too. She kills the Parekh Mansion. In Laal Tekdi Mandir, Brinda, Shesha and a new Naagin (played by Hina Khan) do tandav.