Naagin 4 1st February 2020 Written Update: Brinda swears to take revenge from Parikh family

The episode starts Nayantara hanging and holding a branch. Brinda transforms into a Naagin and goes to her trying to save her. Nayantara asks her to save her but then she slips and falls into the valley. Brinda transforms into snake and goes down with her. Nayantara falls right in front of Manyeta who gets shocked seeing her and cries for her asking her to open her eyes and talk to her. Brinda realizes that she was right and Parikh family members are murderers.

Brinda transforms into a snake and follows Manas, Sparsh, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan. She is about to go to them when Dev comes so she hides behind a tree. She hears Rohan telling Dev that they couldn’t spare Nayantara after what she did to him and have already done what they could. Dev doesn’t understand exactly what they are saying but thanks them for their efforts and asks them to go home. Brinda misunderstands him and wonders if Dev wanted to kill Nayantara too. She goes back to Manyeta and asks her to take Nayantara to the LaalTekdiMandir. She thinks that she can’t spare those guys who killed Nayantara in front of her eyes.

Rohan, Sparsh, Harsh, Hardik and Manas inform Vrushali that they have put an end to Nayantara’s matter and she gets happy hearing it and compliments them.

Manyeta asks Bholenath how he could let this happen with Nayantara. Pandit tries to calm him down but she is enraged and keeps questioning Bholenath if he is on the side of Vrushali who killed her husband, her family and now her daughter too. She wants to kill herself but Brinda and Pandit try stopping her. Manyeta pushes Brinda away and is about to stab herself with a trident but Brinda transforms into a snake and stops her. She becomes human being again and asks Manyeta not to get weak being aicchadariNaagin. Manyeta goes to Nayantara’s dead body. Brinda asks Pandit why Manyeta didn’t defend herself when she stopped her since a Naagin usually transforms when someone attacks her. Pandit tells her that Manyeta has lost everybody, her one daughter has died and her real daughter doesn’t even consider her as mother so she doesn’t have the will power to do anything now. He says that he has to do preparation for Nayantara’s funeral.

Vrushali asks PanditJi to do a Pooja for their kids since she feels that there is danger upon them. She asks the boys to go and have party to celebrate their victory. Madhav says that Nayantara’s matter is closed but now they have to do something about Brinda. Thelatter’s father hears that and Vrushali notices that. She tells PanditJi that she can’t get her son married to Brinda. PanditJi understands her.

Brinda encourages Manyeta to avenge Nayantara’s death. She says that she is her daughter and she should teach her how to fight since she wants to take revenge now. She swears in front of Bholenath idol that she won’t spare their enemies and will avenge her father’s death too. Brinda looks into Manyeta’s eyes and she is able to see how Parikh family killed Keshav and his family. She apologizes for not believing her and not being able to see the reality. She asks sorry to Nayantara too and promises her that her death won’t get forgotten. She swears that each member of Parikh family will die. Manyeta breaks down saying that everything has finished.

Dev comes in Brinda’s house and searches her. He sees her picture in her room and looks at it.

Akash comes in Baa’s room and she asks him about Dev. Akash tells her that he has gone to find Nayantara. Baa tells him that Dev doesn’t love Nayantara so they shouldn’t force him to marry her.

Swara tells Dev that Brinda isn’t home. Dev is about to leave her but before he goes, Swara tells him that Brinda didn’t say anything because she got scared but she can’t do anything wrong. Dev replies that he knows that Brinda can’t do anything wrong. Swara says that thankfully he doesn’t think like his mother and then lets him go saying that she will let Brinda know that he had come.

Pandit starts preparation for Nayantara’s funeral. Manyeta keeps saying that it’sNayantara’s wedding and tells Brinda that she was excited about her marriage since childhood and today she is looking the prettiest bridal. Pandit asks Brinda to do the rituals as she was her sister. Manyeta gets mad when Pandit puts wood branches on Nayantara and Brinda tries to support her.

On the other hand Brinda’s father asks Vrushali for the bhabut he had given her to use against Naagin. Khyati tells Vrushali that she had given it to Manas who went in the station to find Nayantara so he must have needed it and has also finished it. Hearing that, PanditJi asks them to be careful.

Brinda does the rituals of Nayantara’s funeral and swears that she will kill her murderers. Manyeta behaves like it is Nayantara’s marriage and throws flower on her but Brinda tells her that Nayantara has died. Manyeta slaps Brinda. She breaks down seeing Pandit putting fire on Nayantara’s dead body. Brinda takes her away. Pandit leaves the place too.

Just then a snake sneaks out of the fire and also Nayantara is seen standing there alive. The snake transforms into a human being. She is Vishakha. Nayantara asks her who she is.

Brinda takes care of Manyeta. She gets Swara’s call and she asks her to come back home. Brinda looks at Manyeta and tells Swara that she is sorry for hurting her but now she will not repeat her mistakes. She says that she is coming back home and cuts the call. She makes Manyeta understand that she loves Swara too and has to leave but she will take revenge for sure.

Nayantara asks Vishakha to blow out the fire since her mother broke down seeing it but Vishaka replies that her pain is temporarily as soon Manyeta will forget her because she has Brinda who is a Naagin unlike her and will take her revenge. She says that she is there to make her more powerful than Brinda.

Brinda hits her head on ground and it starts bleeding. Manyeta looks at her. Brinda swears in front of Bholenath idol that she will not spare those murderers and this is an icchadariNaagin promise. She shouts that she is a Naagin.

Vishakha and Nayantara recall how Vishakha saved her. Vishakha had entered into Nayantara’s compartments and asks her to hide. Nayantara wants to know who she is first but just then she hears Sparsh’s voice. Vishakha transforms into Naagin and grabs Nayantara with her tail hiding her under the seat. She takes Nayantara’s resemblance.

Nayantara asks Vishakha why she saved her and chose her. Vishakha asks her to understand. Just then Brinda comes and Vishakha and Nayantara hide. Vishakha says that her sister cannot see her. Nayantara replies that she is her enemy not her sister.Brinda leaves. Vishakha asks Nayantara to be careful since now she has to make everybody believe that she has died. Nayantara asks her why. Vishakha says that she wants to show her more capable than Brinda in front of her mother and if she wants that too she has to follow her. Nayantara says that she is with her.

Vrushali searches bhabut in Ketki’s room doubting that she has hidden it. Ketki keeps saying that she hasn’t hidden it because she knows that they have to stop Naagin with it or else she will kill Vrushali. The latter says that she is stupid to think like that as Naagin will kill them all.

Brinda comes back in Parikh Mansion and sees Swara but hides thinking that she won’t let her do what she wants to do.

Sparsh, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan have fun while drinking. Dev comes there and they hide the alcohol bottles seeing him. However Dev understands they have drunk and asks them not to do that. He thinks that he needs to talk with Brinda.

Vrushali comes out and gets worried seeing Dev going somewhere. She is hurt because he came back and met everybody except her. Dev says that he went to meet Nayantara but she is nowhere. Vrushali asks him to let Nayantaradie, he shouldn’t care because she wasn’t the right choice for him. Dev says that he needs some air but Vrushali snatches the keys of his car and asks him not to go anywhere. She leaves.

Brinda comes and glares at Dev. She recalls Nayantara falling in the valley. Brinda pretends falling down. Dev sees her and rushes to her asking her how she got injured. Brinda opens her eyes and glares at him.

Episode ends

Precap: Dev asks Brinda to marry her. Brinda thinks that Dev wants to marry her and she will marry him only to get these killers’ life. Dev and Brinda get married. Vrushali applies bhabut on Dev’s hands and Brinda is unable to touch him. She decides to do what her mother would do and uses her power. It starts raining and she stands under the rain. Dev walks towards her under the rain too and the bhabut gets wiped off.