Naagin 4 25th January 2020 Written Update: Brinda takes Nayantara’s place on mandap but gets exposed

The episode starts withBrinda not believing that she is Manyeta’s daughter. She says that the whole Parikh family knows that Nayantara is her daughter. Manyeta gets shocked. Brinda reveals that she heard Nayantara calling her mother and has told about it to Vrushali. Manyeta says that they will kill Nayantara since she isn’t even aicchadariNaagini, she is a normal human being without any special power. Brinda says that Vrushali loves Nayantara and that is why she is getting him married to Dev.

Vrushali gives jewels to Nayantara saying that she always wanted a daughter. She asks Nayantara where she had gone. Nayantara replies that she was in washroom only. She wonders where Manyeta is.

Brinda says that Nayantara loves Dev a lot but Manyeta tells her that Nayantara doesn’t love her and she is doing all this to get her revenge. She is extremely tensed about her since Parikh family could kill her who is in their house to do what she (Brinda) should have done since she is a Naagin. She says that she has to save Nayantara. Brinda says that she has to save Dev. Manyeta tries convincing her about the truth and even swears in front of Bholenath idol that she is her mother and asks her to save Nayantara or else Parikh family will kill another dear person of her. Brinda says she will not let this marriage happen just because she wants to save her family and her friend Dev.

The next morning Rohan and Hardik pulls Dev’s leg as he is ready in groom attire. Vrushali comes and asks them not to tease him. Dev imagines Brinda smiling at him.

Brinda wonders if her parents know that she is a Naagin but then remembers that according to Manyeta they aren’t even her parents. Swara comes and asks her to come home. Brinda says that she has to go inside the Parikh mansion for a small work. Swara asks her to do it as soon as possible and then come back. Brinda promises her that and goes inside the house.

Rasik tells Vrushali that PanditJi has brought a babuti which will not let the Naagin harm them.

Brinda enters in the house secretly. She goes inside the room where Nayantara is getting ready. Nayantara asks her what she is doing there. Brinda lets a servant enter in the room. She is Manyeta who had taken a servant’s appearance. She transforms again and Nayantara is shocked to see her.

Vrushali asks Iravati to do the wedding rituals as Nayantara’s mother since nobody from her family came to the wedding.

Manyeta asks Nayantara not to get married to Dev. Nayantara blames her for not letting her join in the revenge because she got to know that she isn’t her daughter but Brinda is her real daughter. Manyeta realizes Nayantara knew this from before. She tells Nayantara that Parikh family will kill her and she can’t afford losing her since she is more important than her revenge for her. Nayantara refuses. Ketki calls Nayantara from the corridor. Manyeta hypnotizes Nayantara and convinces her to go away with her. She asks Brinda to handle the situation.

Ketki enters in the room and Nayantara and Manyeta are gone while Brinda has dressed up as bride and has her face covered with gungath. Ketki takes her downstairs. Brinda thinks that she has to do all this to save Dev and the family from the Naagin who wants to take revenge from them.

Ketki makes Brinda sit on mandap next to Dev. Baa thinks that Vrushali is making a big mistake by making Dev get married to Nayantara as he loves Brinda. The rituals start.

Pandit in the temple tells Manyeta that there is victory air around them. Manyeta tells him that Bholenat hadn’t kept her daughter away from her unnecessarily as she has grown up among her enemies who are protecting her when they would have killed her. Nayantara gets angry hearing all this.

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Dev and Brinda stand up to take the seven vows. Brinda is about to slip but Swara, who is there looking for Brinda, holds her hand. Brinda tightens the grip over her hand and then leaves it. Swara feels strange.

Manyeta looks at Nayantara and understands she is feeling bad. She tells her that she loves her but she is not made for her revenge. Nayantara says that she didn’t want to be a Naagin, plus Brindawill never take her revenge since she hasn’t seen Manyeta’s pain. Manyeta says that she is lucky to be a human being since she won’t kill anyone and she can also marry any human being she loves. Nayantara asks her what if Brinda doesn’t take her revenge. Manyeta replies that she will understand that this is Bholenath’s wish. Pandit says that they shall hope that Brinda doesn’t think like a weak human being. Manyeta says that she will get to know the truth of Parikh’s family.

A gust of wind removes Brinda’sgungath and everybody sees her face. They are shocked. Vrushali gets enraged. Ketki wonders if Nayantara being an icchadariNaagin transformed into Brinda. She goes to check where Nayantara is. Swara asks Brinda what she is doing on Nayantara’s place. Vrushali blames Brinda of trying to trap one of her rich sons to get money. Ketki comes and blames Brinda for kidnapping Nayantara as she is nowhere. Baa asks Brinda to tell where she is Nayantara and says that she trusts her since she is like her daughter. Dev asks Brinda to tell the truth. Brinda says that Nayantara left from there because she got to know that Dev doesn’t love her. Vrushali asks her why she didn’t come to them to tell about Nayantara instead of dressing up as a bride and sitting on Nayantara’s place. Brinda replies that she got scared as Nayantara left just a minute before the wedding and she wanted to save their reputation. She thinks that she wanted to save them all from the Naagin but she can’t tell this to anybody. She asks Dev to trust her. Nobody believes her. Vrushali says that the wedding didn’t happen as only four vows were completed so she asks Brinda to get out of the house. Everybody asks Brinda to go out. Swara cries and tells Brinda that she had warned her against this family. PanditJi asks her to calm down. Vrushali is about to throw Brinda out of the house but Dev stops her since he wants to know the truth behind Brinda’s decision. He asks Brinda why she is lying as her lie is visible in her eyes. As Brinda doesn’t tell her anything, Dev says that he is going to ask the truth to Nayantara since one of them has to tell the truth. Vrushali thinks that Nayantara could be with her mother. Brinda asks Dev to stop but he refuses to listen to her and leaves. Everybody looks at Brinda disgusted. Swara hugs her crying.

Nayantara tells Manyeta that she is closer to her revenge than Brinda. Manyeta says that Parikh family is heartless and could kill her that is why she wants her to go away in a secure place. Nayantara says that it seems like she is sending her away from her since she got her real daughter. Manyeta tries to make her understand that she loves her daughters equally and wants her to leave this place or else Parikh family won’t spare her. Nayantara thinks that she won’t spare Brinda since she snatched her mother and her mother’s love.

Swara asks Brinda to tell the truth and think about herself only. Brinda recalls Manyeta’s words. She gets scared thinking that Nayantara may come back and take the revenge she left incomplete. Swara cries asking answers to Brinda. She tells her that she loves her a lot and promises her to stand with her even though the world will be against her. Brinda doesn’t say anything so Swara asks PanditJi to make Brinda understand that people will badmouth about her. Brinda thinks that she can’t tell her that she did all this to save two families. Swara asks Brinda again why she did this. Just then Rajat comes and says that Brinda loves Dev, that is why she did all this.

Dev wonders where Nayantara has gone. He tries calling Nayantara in vain. She calls Kanika and asks her about Nayantara. She gives an address to her.

Rajat blames Brinda of not letting Nayantara and Dev unite because she loves him. She bashes Brinda. Swara gets angry and shouts at him. Brinda gets enraged and starts getting Naagin skin because of anger. Rajat talks very about Brinda so Swara slaps him. Brinda calms down. Swara scolds Rajat and wants to throw him out of the house but PanditJi tries stopping her. Rajat breaks the relation with Brinda. The latter grabs his hand and drags him out of the house.

Vrushali makes a line with bhabut on the doorstep to stop Naagin from coming inside the house. Ketki asks her why Nayantara escaped from wedding as she wanted to marry Dev for revenge. Vrushali says she doesn’t know but for now they can save their family. Dev comes and asks from whom.

Rajat bashes Brinda who gets angry and starts transforming into Naagin.

Episode ends

Precap: Sparsh, Harsh and Hardik threatens Nayantara, who is in train, not to spare her for what she did with Dev. Baa says that Dev should marry the person he loves only. On the other hand Brinda looks into Manyeta’s eyes and can see how Parikh family had killed Keshav and his family members. She comes back in Parikh mansion and looks at Dev thinking that she will not forgive him if she is involved in all this. Later Manyeta cries seeing Nayantara’s dead body. Brinda swears not to spare the boys who killed her and this is a promise by aichadariNaagin.