Naagin 4 26th July 2020 Written Update: Swara comes to know about Shalakha’s truth

Naagin 4 26th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shalakha and Vrushali discussing their plan to use the vial used to take put Dev’s soul and get naagmani out of Dev’s body and after ten seconds they will put Dev’s soul back into his body before he dies.

On the other hand, the youngsters of the family are discussing about Hardik’s wedding. Lilly notices that Dev is thinking something and asks him what he is thinking about. He recalls the moments spent with Brinda and says that he is thinking to start a new beginning and stop listening to others. Lilly says that it’s an awesome idea. Brinda comes there. Milly asks what idea they are talking about. Dev and Lilly avoid the question. Lilly tells Dev that she can do anything to unite him and Brinda. The latter looks at them and smiles thinking that this is her Dev.

Others get busy in finalising Hardik’s clothes for wedding and Brinda is about to sit with Dev but Shalakha comes and pretends to fall near Dev. The latter says that she shall be careful. Shalakha says that she is used to get hurt. She tries to make Dev feel guilty. Hardik comes asking how he is looking. Shalakha appreciates him but Brinda says that he should try something else. Hardik goes to try a suit. Brinda suggests rehearsing for couple dance in the meantime. Shalakha gets up immediately thinking to dance with Dev and Brinda immediately takes her seat and says that she was talking about Lilly-Milly and Hardik- Manas’ dance.

Shalakha walks away. Dev is about to tell Brinda what he told to Lilly but Shalakha uses the vial and makes him says that he has to try the jacket. Brinda is left confused. Dev goes to try one of the jackets placed there and Brinda is about to follow him but Hardik stops her and asks her how his suit is looking.

Shalakha manages to take the soul from Dev in the vial for the second time. She suddenly sees Dev’s eyes turning red and gets shocked. She turns Dev around so that nobody can see his eyes and pushes him to go towards room. Brinda follows him. Shalakha hopes for Dev to turn normal so that Brinda doesn’t notice something. Brinda stops Dev whose eyes are normal and asks him if they shall select songs for the party. Dev agrees.

Shalakha meets Vrushali and tells her what happened with Dev. She is scared because Dev turned stiff suddenly and also his eyes turned red and she doesn’t know why. Vrushali is scared for her son and says that they already took his soul out twice and they can’t stop suddenly.

Just then they hear they hear Bole chudiyan playing. They go to check and sees the youngsters selecting songs for the party. Brinda suggests to plan a party for both elders and youngsters and everybody agrees. Then they start rehearsing couple dance. Dev and Brinda dance together. Shalakha tries to interrupt them using the vial and control Dev’s actions and words but in vain because Brinda has managed to put the stone she took from Swara in his pocket. Dev tells Brinda that he has planned something for her and asks about her preferences. Brinda tells him that she likes roses without thorns. Shalakha is confused about why her powers are not working.

After a while, Shalakha, Vrushali, Rasik and Ketaki meet in Vrushali’s room. Shalakha uses Mundika’s power to see what is happening in Dev’s room through a bubble. They see Brinda getting ready to meet Dev. Shalakha asks the bubble to show where Dev is and gets enraged seeing that he has made romantic arrangements for Brinda. An angry Shalakha asks Mundika’s bubble to stop Brinda from going to Dev. She orders Rasik and others to make sure to ruin Dev’s plans.

The bubble hits a jug placed near her and it breaks in pieces. She gathers the glass pieces from floor and her pallu gets wet so she decides to use a dryer to dry it.

On the other hand, Dev is waiting for Brinda and has prepared a bouquet of red roses without thorns for her. Shalakha comes and uses the vial to control Dev and orders him to adore and love Shalakha and ditch Brinda when she will come. She gets message from Vrushali that Brinda is coming.

Shalakha goes to Dev who gives her the roses and starts behaving romantically with her. Brinda comes and gets shocked seeing the two. Shalakha says that she is feeling cold so Dev gives his jacket to her. Brinda goes to them and shouts at Shalakha saying that all this is not for her and Dev doesn’t love her. Dev says to Brinda that he didn’t call her there. Brinda says that Dev is saying all this so that Shalakha doesn’t get hurt. Shalakha leaves crying and hides behind the car placed near them.

Once they are left alone, Brinda asks Dev what game is planning. Shalakha uses the plan to make Dev say that now he feels for Shalakha and wants to spend his life with her. He tells Brinda that Shalakha was with her when she left him and then he was confused about his feelings but now he knows that he wants his marriage with Shalakha. Brinda is heartbroken and leaves from there crying.

Shalakha is happy seeing all this and thinks that now she shall take Dev’s soul completely and naagmani while Brinda will lose everything. She walks away. Swara sees Shalakha and wonders why she is talking to herself. She sees Dev’s jacket placed on the bed that he had brought in the yard and grabs it. She finds the stone she had given to Brinda in the pocket and says that she shall check if it changes its colour. She places it in some leaves and the stone becomes red. She understands that someone is trying to take Dev’s soul out of his body and is about to go to inform Brinda about it when Shalakha comes there. Shalakha is aware that Swara has come to know about her doing black magic on Dev. She tells Swara that she will take Dev’s soul out and also the naagmani which is inside his body. Swara gets even more shocked when Shalakha reveals her that she is Nayantara. Swara is scared of Shalakha who laughs evilly.

Swara tries to escape and Shalakha uses Mundika’s powers to get her. She orders the bubble to catch Swara and take her to her. The bubble comes in front of Swara and tries hitting her but she is wearing Om’s sign so it doesn’t affect her. She hides. Shalakha starts searching for her.

On the other hand, Dev comes to his room and sees Brinda crying. He asks her what happened. Brinda bashes him blaming him for breaking her heart. Vrushali looks at them and calls Shalakha but she cuts the call because she is chasing Swara. Brinda asks Dev if he really doesn’t remember what he did downstairs. Dev tries to remember and his eyes turn red and then normal again. Vrushali notices that and gets worried. She calls Shalakha who finally picks up her call. Vrushali tells her that Dev’s eyes had turned red again and asks what it means. Shalakha says that it means that her magic is vanishing because she isn’t near him. She sees Swara getting in auto and tells Vrushali that she can’t come now because Swara has come to know about their plan. Swara leaves in auto. Shalakha asks Mundika’s bubble to follow Swara and asks Vrushali to handle Dev and Brinda’s matter.

Brinda asks Dev to stop his drama and asks him to tell truly what is in his heart. Dev says that she is in his heart. He says that he can stop living but cannot even think about living without her. He gives her a rose without thorns, just the way she likes. Brinda looks at him stunned. She understands that there is something wrong. Vrushali overhears them and wonders if Brinda has understood everything. Brinda tells Dev that Shalakha is surely doing black magic on him. Dev says that he used to believe in superheroes in childhood. Brinda says that there are good powers and bad ones too and adds that there is something she wants to tell him. Dev asks her to tell.

On the other hand, Swara asks the driver to take her to the Laal Tekdi Mandir and calls Brinda but she doesn’t pick up her calls because her phone is on silent and she is talking to Dev. She asks Dev how he met Shalakha. Dev tells her that Vrushali met her and her family first. Vrushali wonders what to do. Brinda asks Dev not to mind and get angry and asks her if he has never felt like Vrushali is involved too. Dev asks him why she feels that his mother is involved. Brinda recall how Vrushali killed her family.

Episode ends

Precap: Dev shoots Swara. Brinda says that Dev killed her trust and her mother. Brinda kills Parekh family and is keen on finding out Laal Tekdi Mandir.