Naagin 4 28th December 2019 Written Update: MANAS KIDNAPS BRINDA

The episode starts with Dev trying to save Nayantara from the fire but his family stops him. Brinda jumps into the fire and pushes Nayantara out but gets stuck in the middle of fire. Rajattriest to go to her but is stopped by the family. A white big snake pushes a carpet on the fire near Brinda and leaves. Brinda is rescued too. Vrushali says that she was right and the naagin is back.

Nayantara runs in the jungle and meets her mother Manyeta who scolds her for putting her life in danger to punish the murderers. Manyeta says that the next day at midnight she will turn 25 and get her powers becoming an icchadarinaagin who can change her aspect whenever she wants.

On the other hand Brinda introduces Dev to Rajat.

At night Akash is putting balm on Dev’s hand since his hand got burnt and scolds Dev for returning to India. Dev goes to visit Baa who is not well.

Nayantara asks Manyeta a lot of questions about how she will get her powers and her mother tells her that these powers will be given to her to protect the needy people and not to oppress anyone. Manyeta tells nayantara how she used to protect the people of naag log but then met Keshav and went against her family for her love. She says that her parents were right and humans are the most poisonous creatures. She takes Nayantara to the temple.

Baa is unwell and keeps mentioning Dev’s name. Brinda takes care of her and tries calming her down. Baa blames herself for what happened and says that she is unlucky. Brinda says that Dev is bad luck since everything happened after he came back to India. Dev hears her. Baa asks Brinda not to call his grandson bad luck and Brinda replies that she shouldn’t call her Baa bad luck as well. They laugh. Dev smiles seeing them.Brinda makes Baa sleep and when she turns she sees Dev here. Dev thanks her and then notices that she got a burnt. He says that her fiancée is useless and takes her with him.

Manyeta swears to destroy her enemies in the temple the way they destroyed her everything.

Dev puts medicine on Brinda’s injury and says that Rajat should take more care of her. Brinda says that Rajat is very busy and is very hardworking so she can’t call him every time she gets such little injuries. After Dev leaves, Brinda remembers that her brother Golu has to come.

Meanwhile Swara is complaining about Brinda being so careless. Brinda comes and Swara rushes to her to check her injury but just then Minnie comes there.

Vrushali scolds Rasik for letting all this mess happens. Ketki suggests that Manas’ wedding should not happen but Vrushali says that the wedding has to happen or else they’ll end up on the road. She thinks that she should do something about the naagin.

Minnie takes Brinda with her to make rangoli.

Later Brinda is making rangoli while Rohan and the others make fun of her. Dev comes and asks them to let her work and suggests them to plan a sangeet party. Then he goes to Brinda and asks her about Rajat and what he does to be so busy. Brinda looks at Manas and says that Rajat doesn’t cheat her. She thinks if she should tell Dev that Manas is cheating on Kanika. Dev receives a call and leaves.

Dev receives Nayantara’s call and she thanks him for saving her from the fire. Dev jokes with her while she thinks about her revenge. Dev asks Nayantara to meet him the next day and she accepts. Brinda sees Dev and thinks that she should not make him worry more today. She goes in the hall where Minnie asks her to bring her juice. She does that. Sparsh asks Brinda to be her dancing partner in the sangeet but Manas says that he doesn’t want servants to dance in his sangeet. Baa witnesses that. Brinda leaves angrily.

The next morning Swara comes in Brinda’s room and lovingly wakes her up. Brinda wakes up and asks her if Golu has come. Brinda says that there is time for him to come and gives her a dress that Brinda loves a lot. Swara asks her to get ready while she makes Kheer for her. Brinda sees the time and says that she has to go to the bungalow to work. Swara asks her to come back soon.

PanditJichants a mantr to keep Dev and Vrushali’s family safe.

Dev drops a rose on his way and Brinda sees that. She gives it back to him. Dev asks her to keep it but she refuses saying that she takes only special things. Dev pulls her leg and then leaves telling that the roses are for Baa.

Later in the evening Manyeta and Nayantara pray in front of Bolenath’s idol.Nayantara leaves.

Brinda comes in the sangeet function. Dev looks at her.

Manyata dances in the temple on “More Piya”.

Brinda dances too and Dev stares at her.

Nayantara comes in the sangeet function. Dev goes to her and holds her hand. They dance together. Manyeta is seen dancing at the same time.

Dev and Nayantara stop dancing and everybody claps. Vrushali compliments with Nayantara and removes evil’s eye from her too. Hardik flirts with Nayantara.

Brinda is rushing out of the house. Dev asks her why she is leaving. Brinda says that she is scared of her mother and Dev says that she is lying and is actually going to meet her fiancée. Brinda teases her with Nayantara. She stops her and tells her that Dev has planned a surprise to her. She leaves. Dev tells Nayantara that she was just talking about the flowers which he had to give her since she lost a bet against Brinda. Nayantara says that she doesn’t accept gifts from losers.

Manas tries stopping his girlfriend who wants to stop his marriage. He slaps her. Brinda sees them and tries stopping Manas from locking his girlfriend in the diggy of the car but in vain. He locks his girlfriend and then follows Brinda who rushed inside to inform the others about what Manas is doing.

Dev stops Nayantara and asks her to come with him. Brinda sees him and is about to go to him but Manas grabs her and takes her away before Dev and Nayantara could notice her.

Later Manas, Sparsh and Hardik are in a hut where they have tied up Manas’ girlfriend who is unconscious. Sparsh asks Manas why he brought Brinda too. Brinda is seen locked inside the car and struggling to get out.

On the other hand Nayantara looks at the moon and recalls Manyeta telling her that she will get her powers at midnight. Dev comes to her and asks her to turn around since he has a surprise for her as he wants to thank her for saving his life in the jungle. Nayantara thinks that he is just wasting her time. Dev asks her to turn and Nayantara sees her name written with lights on the wall. Dev tells her that this is his favorite place and this is a thank you gesture for her. Nayantara thinks that she has to go to the mandir but Dev stops her saying that Kanika planes a surprise for her and he has to keep her there till midnight.

Manyeta tries calling nayantara and is worried that she might not come on time.

Aditi cries and begs Manas to leave her but he gets angry and bashes her. Just then they realize that Brinda escaped from the car. Manas follows her while Sparsh and Hardik stays with Aditi.

Brinda hides in the mandir. Manyeta is there too and is wondering where nayantara could be. She feels restless and thinks that Nayantara could be in danger. Manyeta feels someone’s presence in the mandir.

Episode ends

Precap: Nayantara pushes Dev away saying that she has to go. Dev wonders what is wrong with her. Nayantara tells Manyeta that she is feeling very uneasy and is not able to understand what is happening to her. Manas catches Brinda but is attacked by a big snake. The same snake appears in front of Aditi who gets scared.