Naagin 4 29th December 2019 Written Update: BRINDA IS THE REAL NAAGIN

The episode starts with Vrushali wondering where Dev is as she doesn’t find him in the room. Nayantara tries to leave but Dev, Minnie and Lilly stop her and take her to the surprise party they planned for her after giving her a new dress to wear. Manyeta wonders where Nayantara is. Nayantara pushes Dev away and rushes out leaving everybody confused.

Manas is looking for Brinda who is hidden in the temple. She gets scared hearing her voice. Nayantara is going out of the mansion and Dev follows her. Vrushali sees him and goes to hug him relieved to see that he is fine.
Nayantara runs in the jungle and finds Manyeta. She tells her mother that she is having a strange feeling and isn’t able to understand what is happening to her. Manyeta tells her that she is about to get her powers.

On the other hand Manas finds Brinda and sats that he won’t spare her now. He drags her out but is not able to go out of the temple as a big snake appears in front of him. Brinda is nowhere. He gets scared and falls down. Flashes of Manyeta swearing to take revenge for Keshav and his family’s murder are seen. The snake attacks Manas.

In the jungle, Manyeta and Nayantara stands under the moon and do pooja to get their powers. Manyeta’s transformation starts but nothing happens to Nayantara. She asks Manyeta why but even she doesn’t understand. The snake follows Manas who is running away. Nayantara questions Manyeta about what is happening since she is not getting her powers and asks if she made any mistake. Manas reaches the hut and asks Sparsh and Harsh to rush in the car. They leave.

Aditi, Manas’ girlfriend, is still in the hut. The snake goes breaks the door of the hut and goes inside. Aditi shouts seeing it. The snake attacks Aditi and then leaves. Aditi gets conscious and frees herself. She escapes. Manas’ mother congratulates Kanika for the sangeet and says that she is eager to welcome her home. Dev asks Kanika about Nayantara. Everybody wonders also about Sparsh, Harsh and Manas’ whereabout.

Meanwhile Nayantara and Manyeta comes back in the temple. Nayantara asks Manyeta if there is any other way to get her powers. Manyeta denies so Nayantara asks her to take revenge since she got ber powrs. Manyeta says that Parikhs can recognize her. Nayantara asks her if she is really her daughter. Manyeta says that it’s impossible and tells her that she has always been in front of her eyes except for few minutes when Keshav was attacked amd remembers that there was another baby near her who belonged to Parikh family.

On the other hand Manas recalls seeing the snake and is scared. They receive Hardik’s call and ask him to give an excuse in front of the family. They are scared that Brinda may reach home before them.
On the other hand brinda is revealed to be the snake that attacked Manas. She is lying unconscious in the jungle. She slowly opens her eyes.

Manyeta stands in front of Kali Maa idol and questions her about what is happening. She asks her why her daughter couldn’t become icchadari naagin on her 25th birthday. She swears that her revenge cannot be left incomplete.
Brinda is wondering what happened to her. Just then Aditi finds her and hugs her. She tells her that she saw a big snake once in Parikh mansion and now again. She runs away scared. Brinda is confused.
Manyeta remembers the faces of the murderers and transforms into naagin saying that she will be the one who’ll take ahead the revenge saga.

Manas tries convincing his cousins that he really saw a big snake and also wonders where Brinda disappeared. They all try to make him calm down. Brinda comes back home and Swara medicates her injuries. She also bashes Manas and the Parikhs. Baa comes there and invites them to Manas and Kanika’s wedding. Brinda hesitates to accept at first but then ends up accepting.

The next day Kanika and Manas’ wedding preparations are going on. Brinda and Baa come in the hall. Brinda makes Baa sit and goes to check if everything is fine. She bumps into Dev and thinks she should tell him about Manas. She stops Dev who was about to leave and is about to tell him what happened last night when Nayantara calls Dev so he goes to her. Manas is getting ready and Rohan comes to call him.

Nayantara tells dev that her mother was unwell so she had to leave last night. She apologises for leaving the party they planned with so much love for her and asks her to have a party later. Dev says that he can understand and accepts. He leaves and Nayantara smiles. She messages Manyeta that everything is happening the way they wanted.
On the other hand Manas receives Priya’s sms asking him to meet her in five minutes or else she will tell his truth to everybody. He agrees to go to meet her. Manyeta is in Parikh mansion and is very angry. (Episode ends)

Precap: manyeta hits Manas and says that she will kill the son of this house to avenge the death of a son of her house. Brinda is trying to tell Dev about Manas when the latter’s dead body falls on mandap making everybody shocked.