Naagin 4 8th March 2020 Written Update: Brinda swears to kill Dev thinking that he is Manyeta’s murderer

The episode starts with Brinda getting Manyeta’s call and rushing into kitchen to attend it. She asks Manyeta where she is. Manyeta tells her that she escaped and that they are behind naagmani so they can sell it and get a lot of money. She also tells Brinda that she is in danger and asks her not to trust her/him since she/he must have suryachaabi. Brinda is not able to understand who she is talking about. Manyeta tells her where she is and Brinda says she is coming. The call gets cut.

Brinda tries understanding what Manyeta said and she thinks that it is Dev who is trying to trap her to get naagmani and has the suryachaabi too since she saw him with a key. She cries saying that she got betrayed. She decides to save her mother first and then get justice. She transforms into snake and leaves.

Dev is talking with a man about an investment.

Manyeta is walking in jungle. Vishakha and Mundika are near her and say that Manyeta and Brinda got trapped into her plan. Manyeta keeps walking and her foot gets hurt. Vishakha and Mundika hide when they see Manyeta turning around. Manyeta goes ahead. Vishakha asks Mundika to remove her hair from her face and she knows the hair protect her face from sun which can decrease her powers but she doesn’t need her powers now. Vishakha is disgusted seeing Mundika’sface and asks her to go to fool Brinda and Manyeta. Mundika leaves.

Manyeta gets worried as her phone gets switched off and she wonders what to do. Vishakha is behind her and says that she is the one who will do everything. She divides into two and takes Dev’s resemblance with one body asking him to follow Manyeta. He goes behind her. Vishakha says that nobody can save who gets targeted by her.

Manyeta wishes for Brinda to have heard everything she said and understood that Vishakha is the real danger.

Brinda is searching Manyeta. Mundika stops her and fools her pretending to be someone who knows everything and tells Brinda to go to that direction to find her. Brinda follows her direction.

Mundika shouts something and Vishakha is able to hear that. She says that work should be started and gives a signal to Dev (Vishakha herself in reality) who smirks and goes to Manyeta grabbing her. Manyeta recognizes that she is Vishakha. The latter returns into her real appearance and says that she will get the naagmani and also the laaltekdimandir secret. Manyeta says that she will never get the naagmani or the secret of the temple. Vishakha tells her that she already got the naagmani which is with Dev. Manyeta tries to transform into Naagin but in vain. Vishakha reminds her that she had given up her powers and will power after Nayantara’s death and now she will get them back only after touching the naagmani. Manyeta tries escaping but Vishakha bites her on the foot and drags her with her.

Brinda is searching her mother. Vishakha comes in front of her. Brinda asks her to leave since she doesn’t trust anymore. Vishakha says that she wants to help her only and indicates a car. Brinda recognizes that it is Dev’s car. Vishakha asks Brinda to be careful. Brinda says that she will take care of herself and leaves. Vishakha thinks that she does not trust her anymore and shouts from behind that she is Manyeta’s friend and wants to help her. Brinda turns around and stretches her arm grabbing Vishakha’s neck threatening to kill her.

The Vishakha who is with Manyeta hears Brinda’s voice and tells Manyeta that her daughter is there. She transforms into Dev again.Manyeta understands that Vishakha wants to harm her and put blame on Dev and starts shouting to warn Brinda. Vishakha as Dev covers her mouth and says that Brinda can’t hear her since she isn’t aware of her powers.

However Brinda is able to hear Manyeta’s voice and understands from where it is coming. Vishakha suggests her tot take a shortcut but Brinda refuses.

Vishakha as Dev drags Manyeta on the top of a hill and throws her on the ground. Brinda comes there and sees Manyeta but she is a bit far from there. Vishakha as Dev asks Manyeta to tell the secret of the LaalTekdiMandir but she refuses so he says that he doesn’t need her anymore and stabs her. Brinda shouts “Maa”. Dev stabs Manyeta again. Brinda screams and glares at him angrily. She transforms into snake and tries reaching Maneyta and Dev. The latter stabs Manyeta on the heart and she falls on the ground. Vishakha as Dev thinks that she has to pretend to get the naagmani from Manyeta to fool Brinda. She pretends to get something from Manyeta and leaves.

Manyeta has eyes opens and is trying to say something. Brinda comes there and asks Manyeta to get up. Manyeta takes Dev’s name. Brinda says that she knows Dev harmed her for the naagmani but first she has to take her to the hospital. She says that she can’t leave her. Manyeta says that they have been betrayed but before she can explan anything further Brinda cuts her and grabs her with the tail after transforming into half snake.

Vishakha looks at them from far and says that time has come. She taps a button and an explosion happens. The whole hill breaks and Manyeta and Brinda fall down. Brinda doesn’t get harmed but Manyeta dies. Brinda rushes to her and tries waking her up but in vain. Brinda is enraged and shouts that Dev is the murderer of her mother. She swears not to spare him and end his whole existence. She cries and screams hugging Manyeta. She apologizes to Manyeta for not being able to save her and not understand Dev’s intention when he went out to kill her. She swears not to spare Dev and not forgive him ever. She says that a Naagin will take her revenge and Dev will understand the pain of losing his dear ones and then he will die.

Vishakah looks at her and says that this is what she wanted and now that day isn’t far on which she will get the naagmani and also the secret of LaalTekdiMandir.

On the other hand Dev comes back home and tells the family that there is a good news. He tells everyone that he got a new investor for their project. Everybody compliments with him. Dev asks Akash to come and check the papers.

Akash and Dev go aside. Akash asks Dev why he is sad now since everything is getting fine now. Dev says that he wants his life with Brinda to get fine too.

At night Brinda does the rituals of Manyeta’s funeral and swears to kill Dev. She says that she was wrong to give him a chance after knowing that he killed Nayantara.

Meanwhile Parikh family starts the rituals for HolikaDahan. On one side Dev lights up the HolikaDahan while on the other Brinda lights up the wood under Manyeta’s body and complete the funeral.

Dev sits for the pooja. Akash and Baa ask him where Brinda is. Geetanjali says that she might not want to celebrate holi with them. Swara says that Brinda is not even picking up her calls. PanditJi says that they shall start the pooja since the muhurat is going.

Brinda is standing in the temple and ringing the bell recalling Manyeta’s murder.

PanditJi starts chanting the mantra of the pooja. Dev has angry expression.

Brinda swears to become a warrior Naagin.

Vishakha comes in the pooja. She tells Dev that Brinda got mad and beat her because she wanted to snatch from Brinda this file in which there are papers with his fake signatures since she wants to sell his shares of the factory. Baa is unable to believe that. Vishakha tells them that Brinda escaped with Rajat.

Episode ends

Precap: Dev says that Brinda did everything. Brinda swears to learn everything about fighting and completing Manyeta’s revenge.