Naagin 4 Written Update 12th January 2020: Nayantara’s plan to trap Brinda and Dev and marry Dev

The episode starts with Nayantara playing the pungi to get control over Brinda. She manages to hypnotize Brinda who transforms into her Naagin avatar and starts dancing on the been music.

Swara comes back home and calls out Brinda who is not there. She asks PanditJi to help her find Brindaand shares her concerns about their daughter with him. He says that he will go to search her.

Brinda dances on “Mein Naagintusaphera” and then transforms into a snake. She starts going towards the trap Nayantara planned for her.

Rajat asks Vrushali if she can talk with her. Ketki says that he can talk in front of them. Rajat suggests Vrushali to plan a party in which they can bring Nayantara and Dev closer. Vrushali asks him to arrange it but Ketki and Iravati fight as they want their sons to arrange the party. Vrushali says that she doesn’t want to involve the family members or else Khyati and Akash will feel bad. She asks Rajat to arrange the party. Rajat leaves.

Sparsh, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan come out with Rajat and it is revealed that the party is just their plan to take revenge from Brinda.

Nayantara lights the fire on the leaves and sprinkles the potion in it saying that now the fire will turn into a volcano.

Dev sees a lot of smoke coming from the jungle and wonders what is happening. He gets on his bike and goes towards the jungle.

Nayantara starts playing the been in order to hypnotize Brinda and burn her into the fire. Brinda is about to jump into the fire when Nayantara sees Dev. She says that Dev shouldn’t have come there, she can’t lose and Brinda cannot get saved. Brinda goes away. Nayantara is frustrated.

Brinda becomes human being again and faints. His father finds her. He gets tensed seeing her unconscious and picks her up. Brinda drops a rudraksh on the ground.

On the other hand a Pandit is analyzing the rudrakshManyeta got from the villager and says that it belongs to a powerful wise man who has a lot of knowledge about AshleshaNakshatr. Manyeta wonders who is that person who exchanged her baby with Nayantara. Pandit asks Manyeta to keep Nayantara with her too and Manyeta says that she still loves Nayantara like before but she is not the daughter of hers who can help her with her revenge since it’s a Naagin’s revenge and Nayantara is not a Naagin.

Nayantara is running away from the jungle. Dev comes on the bike from the opposite side and hits her. Nayantara is fine and Dev gives her father asking her what she is doing there. Nayantara tells him that she was feeling low after what happened at the Sufi concert and she came out for a walk but saw a lot of smoke coming from the jungle so was going back. Dev asks her to stop worrying and invites her at the party that her family arranged to welcome him and Rohan back in India. Nayantara accepts and is satisfied seeing him caring for her.

Brinda is sleeping and gets flashes of her transformation. She wakes up screaming and panting.

Brinda’s father tells to a mysterious person that it seems like she transforms into a very powerful icchadariNaagin when there is any sort of danger around and he warns the person to be careful.

Brinda tries remembering what happened but in vain and wonders what is happening with her.

Vrushali bumps into Ketki outside and asks her what she is doing there. Ketki says that she was not able to find network inside the house so she came outside. Vrushali is left confused by her behavior. Ketki goes inside.

Swara gives soup to Brinda and asks her to take rest. Her father comes. Swara goes to take water. Brinda asks her father what is happening with her. He tries convincing her that it is just that she is working a lot nowadays and it’s so hot so she might be feeling weak. Brinda is not convinced and says that it is not normal that she keeps fainting and doesn’t even remember how but her father insists that she should just take rest. Rajat comes and asks Brinda to come to the party with him at night. Brinda says that she is not well but Rajat ends up convincing her and her family.

At night the party has started and Lilly and Milly are seen enjoying a lot. Nayantara comes too and she wonders where Dev is. Rohan tells his plan to spike Brinda’s drink to his cousins and Nayantara overhears them. She smirks and thinks that this plan is better than hers and now nobody can stop Dev from marrying her.

Brinda is waiting for Rajat when Dev comes but she is angry with him. Dev asks her what is wrong and she says that she is angry because he left her waiting in the jungle but tells him that she doesn’t want to discuss about it because she is unwell. Dev gets concerned about her and tries stopping her. She slips and falls in his arms. They look at each other. “Ikmulaqat” plays. Someone takes their video from a corner. Dev asks Brinda what happened with her and why Rajat is not taking care of her. Brinda says that she doesn’t care if Rajat is there or not and leaves. Dev thinks to get medicine for her from the car.

Brinda goes inside the club and feels uncomfortable. Hardik comes and apologizes for misbehaving with her. Brinda apologizes too for the slap but Hardik says that he deserved it. He says that she looks weak and offers her juice so she can feel better. Brinda takes it. Hardik takes her inside.

When Brinda is inside, she asks Milly and Lilly about Rajat and they send her to the bar. Hardik, Rohan and others look at her waiting for her to drink the juice. Brinda sees Rajat asking someone to drink alcohol. He is completely drunk. Hardik goes to her and asks her to ignore him and just drink the juice.

Nayantara sees Dev and shows her the little bottle of alcohol with which Roha spiked Brinda’s drink and asks him not to drink anything from the party since it looks like someone wants to spike others drink. Dev thanks her and then goes to search Brinda. He sees her going towards a drunken Rajat after having a sip of her drink. Rohan, Hardik, Sparsh and Harsh rejoice seeing her drinking. Brinda goes to Rajat. Dev checks her drink but before he can understand anything Hardik makes him drop the glass. Dev  seesRajat forcing himself on Brinda and goes to them. He punches Rajat and then makes him sit scolding him for drinking so much and trying to force himself on Brinda. The latter is touched by his concern. Dev gives Brinda the ORS to mix in water and feel better. He leaves. Nayantara takes Brinda with her too.

Hardik asks Rohan what to do now since Rajat spoiled their plan but Rohan has a plan B. He orders a cake.

PanditJi is praying and wonders why Brinda has started feeling unwell since her 25th birthday, the day of the AshleshaNakshatr. Swara comes and tells him that Vrushali wants to meet him but PanditJi asks her to give an excuse. Swara wonders if finally Brinda and her husband heard her request to stay away from Parikh family. Vrushali comes there and Swara let her talk with PanditJi. Vrushali says that Ketki is behaving weirdly. PanditJi says that if Manyeta had done something he would have understood. Vrushali tells him that he wants Nayantara to marry DEv and solve their financial problems at any cost.

Sparsh announces that it is a welcoming party for their brothers so they ordered a special cake. Dev cuts the cake and Nayantara feeds him first. He feeds Brinda and Nayantara. Rohan and others feed Brinda. Nayantara looks at them and smirks. She asks the DJ to play the music. Nayantara and Dev dance together on “Makhna”. Brinda is drunk and starts dancing too. She falls into Dev’s arms and they start dancing together too. Brinda is drunk and dances crazily. Nayantara dances with Dev. Rohan and others take Brinda away. Nayantara thanks Dev for making her forget what happened yesterday while Dev thanks her for bringing so much life into the party. Nayantara asks him about Brinda and says that she ate a lot of cake which had rum so she is worried about her. She adds that she is not even with Rajat since he is sitting at the bar. Dev goes to look for Brinda. Nayantarasmirks thinking that he is gone towards her trap.

Sparsh, Harsh and HardiktakesBrinda in a room.

Nayantara asks Rohan about Brinda and informs him that Dev has gone to search her. Rohan gets worried.

Sparsh, Harsh and Hardik want to rape Brinda but before they can do anything Dev comes in the room. Rohan comes too and they all pretend that they were worried for Brinda too since she got drunk and Dev asks them to find the boys who spiked Brinda’s drink. They leave and are scared thinking that Dev could have gotten to know about their plan. They go away. Nayantara locks the door of the room when Dev and Brinda are alone. Nayantara says that she didn’t want to do it but now when newspaper will print the news of his defamation, Vrushali won’t be able to bear it and ask her to marry his son.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda is unconscious and is stiing hugging Dev. Reporters come and take their pictures. Later Vrushali is enraged and says that she doesn’t know if she got a bigger betrayal from Brinda or her own son Dev. Nayantara comes and Vrushali asks her to marry Dev. Later Brinda is seen crying and her tear falls on someone’s hand. It’s Dev.