Naagin 4 Written Update 4th January 2020: Manas is dead!

The episode starts with Brinda bringing Kanika down and hoping for nobody to bother her today. She wonders where Dev is as she wants to tell him the truth. She thinks that Parikhs will surely make the wedding happen, no matter what Manas is doing. She is about to leave to find Dev but Sparsh and Rohan blocks her way and warns her to come with them. She manages to escape. On the other hand Manas is thinking to end Brinda’s matter when he sees Manyeta and asks her who she is. Manyeta replies that she is his enemy.

On the other hand Dev sees Brinda hiding under the tables and gets confused. Manyeta tells Manas that she has come to take her revenge and kill him. Dev sneaks under the table too and asks brinda what she is doing. She tells him that nothing is fine. Manas says to Manyeta that she has gone mad that’s why she is unable to tell him who she is. Manyeta says that his mother snatched her identity. Manas is about to leave as he says that he doesn’t have time and Manyeta replies that exsctly, there is no time.

Nayantara comes there too and Manas says that this woman is bothering him and he doesn’t even know who she is. Nayantara says that she knows her and asks her to turn around and sees. Manas turns around and gets shocked seeing Manyeta as half naagin. Manyeta attacks Manas and says that she has come to take revenge for what happened 25 years ago with her.

Meanwhile Brinda tries telling Dev what Manas and others did with her and Aditi last night but she sees Sparsh. The latter is scared that Brinda may tell the truth to Dev. Just then he receives Manas’ call.
Mamyeta is beating Manas. She says that his family killed her family, they killed a child so now they will lose their son too. Brinda asks Dev not to misunderstand her, she doesn’t want to interfere in his family matters.
Manyeta throws Manas down. Manas falls in the mandap. Everybody gets shocked seeing that. Brinda and Dev looks at him. Kanika screams and faints. Manas’ mother rushes to him. He is unconscious and is bleeding. Sparsh, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan go upstairs to check who is there but finds nobody.

Manyeta and Nayantara are in the temple. Nayantara says that now Parikh family will find a new rich girl. Manyeta says that she will have to become their preference, she will have to reign on Dev’s heart since he is everybody’s dearest. She says that Nayantara will have to gain their trust just like they had fooled Keshav. Manyeta says that history will repeat itself. Parikh family is in the hospital. Sparsh is confused since Manas had gone to meet his girlfriend only. Ketki wonders where Vrushali is. She is at home and is talking with Pandit Ji. She says that naagin has come back. Pandit ji says that he will check in her village. Vrushali is scared because naagin’s next target could be Dev.

Later the doctor tells the Parikh family that Manas is out of danger but he is coma. Geetanjali’s husband informs Vrushali that Kanika and her family broke the alliance. Manyeta asks a Pandit why Nayantara could not transform into naagin despite she has already turned 25. At the same time Nayantara is seen beating some guys who were misbehaving with a girl. She beats them a lot. “Mein tumko nehi choru gi” plays. Manyeta says that Nayantara is very strong, has so much power in her eyes and hands both. She has every quality of her daughter except the powers of a naagin. She asks if Nayantara is not her daughter. She shouts that she has always kept Nayantara close to her, protected her also the day they had been attacked.

The pandit asks Manyeta to try remembering one moment she wasn’t with her. She recalls that some villagers had taken her baby for a while when she was unconscious and wonders if someone exchanged her. She shouts at Bholenath’s idol saying that he has to give her back her daughter. She trusted Bolenath but today lost her trust. She says that she also knew the secret of the mandir but didn’t tell it to anybody so why God did so bad with her. Pandit tells Manyeta that there is just one place from where she can get her answers. Manyeta understands she is talking about Mayavi Reghistan. Pandit tells Manyeta that there is a book there and it will give her all the answers to her questions. Manyeta thinks that if her daughter survived then she must be somewhere between human beings and must have got her powers by now as well. Pandit tells Manyeta that she can go to the Mayavi Reghistan tomorrow. Manyeta swears that her revenge won’t stay incomplete.

Nayantara reaches the Parikh mansion. She sees Brinda, Baa and Dev coming. She hurts herself. Dev goes to her seeing her hissing for pain. Nayantara tells him that he fought some goons who misbehaved with some girls and when she came here she got hurt. Dev takes her inside. Police questions the Parikh family and say that he might have committed suicide even though her mother denies.

On the other hand Nayantara pretends to be in pain. Dev takes care of her and puts balm on the injury on her stomach and neck. Nayantara says that he has magic in his hands and touch. Dev smiles and leaves.
Brinda comes in the kitchen too and slips. Dev comes and apologizes since he had dropped the water on the floor. Brinda is hurt so Dev tries helping her. Just then Nayantara comes and clears her throat. Brinda and Dev recompose and Brinda leaves. Nayantara goes to Dev.

Akash asks Vrushali not to worry about what happened since they can’t change it. He leaves. Vrushali is worried and wonders from where will she bring money. She sees Nayantara and Dev together and thinks that Nayantara is rich too. Brinda is sad and hugs Swara. The latter asks her if Manas’ marriage got broken and she nods. Swara says that there is surely something wrong in that house. Vrushali comes there. Swara taunts her indirectly. Vrushali asks Brinda to come out for two minutes as she needs to talk with her.

On the other hand Manyeta is looking at two pictures of Nayantara, one taken after the accident and the other one before. She wonders if the baby is same. Nayantara comes and tells Manyeta that their plan is getting successful and Dev is coming closer to her, in fact tomorrow they are meeting. Manyeta scolds her seeing her injury and says that she shouldn’t hurt herself for the revenge. Nayantara says that she wants to help her even without transforming. Manyeta asks her not to hurt herself again. She leaves. Nayantara sees her childhood pictures on the table and wonders why Manyeta was looking at those pictures.

Vrushali tells Brinda that Dev compliments her a lot. Brinda is a bit confused and wonders why she is talking to her like that. Rajat comes and overhears their conversation. Vrushali says that she and Dev seems to be still good friends and also tells Brinda that Dev told her about Rajat asking his help to find job. While talking about her and Rajat she start talking about Dev and Nayantara and asks Brinda to help her to unite the two. Brinda agrees. Vrushali leaves. Rajat comes to Brinda and thanks her for talking with Dev about his job. He is really happy.

The next morning Nayantara calls Dev and asks him to go out but he refuses since his mood is not good. Just then he geta a message from Brinda who tells him that she is going to a sufi concert with Rajat and asks him to come along his girlfriend. Dev asks Nayantara if she wants to come to a sufi concert with him. She agrees. Nayantara cuts the call and smirks.(Episode ends)

Precap: Vrushali goes to the Mayavi Reghistan and finds fire there. She manages to reach a cave though and says that she will get all the answers now. Nayantara sees Brinda turning into a naagin and says that she has to inform Manyeta about it.