Naagin 4 Written Update 5th January 2020: BRINDA TRIES BRINGING NAYANTARA AND DEV CLOSER

The episode starts with Vrushali talking to PanditJi on the phone. He tells her that he is in the village but has found no clue about the naagin. He tells Vrushali that he is waiting for a man to come since he lived there for 20 years in that village. They cut the call. Rajat comes to talk with Vrushali and say that Nayantara and Dev look great together and Brinda and he will surely make their wedding happen; he asks her to keep her promise about giving them a house after the wedding. Rajat tells Vrushali that he is going with Brinda at a Sufi concert and Dev and Nayantara will come there and they will surely unite them there. Vrushali gets happy hearing it.

On the other hand Swara gives food to Brinda to take along her to the sufi concert then she asks her daughter why she is looking sad. Brinda tells her that she is feeling a bit restless. Rajat comes and says that if they get Vrushali’s work done, she will offer him job. He is very happy.

After a while Brinda is rehearsing how to thank Dev for coming at the concert. Dev overhears him and apologizes because he is not in the mood to go. Brinda thinks she has to convince him at any cost and talks to him about Nayantara. He says that he feels that Nayantara likes him. Brinda tells him that he is overconfident. She pulls his leg. Brinda ends up convincing Dev to go to the concert. Vrushali sees that and thinks that Dev listens to Brinda a lot. Brinda leaves and Vrushali goes to talk to Dev and says that he will like Nayantara a lot. Dev understands that Vrushali planned to set him up with Nayantara and says that he won’t fall in love with her.

In the hospital Iravati, Geetanjali and Ketki argue over Manas committing suicide and Kanika leaving him. Vrushali comes and says that she will find a rich girl for Dev who will help them not to end up on road. Nayantara tells Manyeta that she is going out with Dev. Manyeta asks her why she is sad. Nayantara tells her that she is upset that she couldn’t transform into a naagin. Manyeta asks her not to worry.

Later Nayantara, Dev, Rajat and Brinda are in the car. Brinda and Dev say that they love sufi and Nayantara says that she prefers rock. They are chatting when earthquake is felt. Brinda  says she brought thepla and they shall sit under a tree and eat it. All agree. In the mandir, the pandit tells Manyeta that the earthquake is a sign telling her to start her journey for the MayaviReghistan. She asks his blessings.

Dev, Nayantara, Rajat and Brinda have thepla under a tree chatting and laughing together. Manyeta is walking in the desert when she finds a light. She hears a voice asking her to be careful because everything in the desert is an illusion. A fir lights up around her but she understands that it is just an illusion so she walks on it. She has flashes of Parikhs murdering Keshav and his family. She feels pain and screams.

Nayantara says that her mother is the best and she loves her a lot but she doesn’t make such good theplas. Dev suggests her to exchange her mother with Brinda’s. Nayantara says that she is too close to her mother who is irreplaceable. Dev says that he was just joking. Rajat suggests that they should leave now since there is no sign of any other earthquake too but Dev and Brinda wants to remain and feel the breeze. Manyeta, who had fainted, get conscious and is dragged underground. She is thrown in water. She starts swimming.

PanditJi tells Vrushali that he has been in the village but none knew anything about any Naagin and that’s strange because according to Vrushali the naagin was very cruel and villagers would have felt her presence. Vrushali asks him to leave the matter and not to go to the village again since she doesn’t want any problem. She just wants to focus on Nayantara and Dev. She leaves. Swara comes and takes PanditJi away saying that she submits himself to the Parikh family just like his daughter.

Manyeta reaches a cave where a black snake appears and there is a book in front of it. The snake says that he has never seen anybody more courageous than Manyeta since many tried reaching him but always failed while she is different. Manyeta says that it is because of her revenge. She says that her daughter couldn’t transform into aicchadarinaagin maybe because she is not even her daughter. She asks answers to the snake.

On the other hand Nayantara asks Brinda what’s Dev’s favorite shade and Brinda replies baby pink and suggests Nayantara to wear it. Nayantara puts baby pink lipstick. Dev and Rajat come. Rajat tells Nayantara that she is looking different but nice. They go inside the venue of the sufi concert. Nayantara sits with Dev and places her head on his shoulder. Rajat yawns and Brinda scolds him but he says that it’s very boring and he would have never come if it wasn’t for the deal. The concert starts. The singer sings “Maula mere maula”. Dev imagines being a beautiful place decorated with white lights. He sees a girl standing in front of him and walks towards her. It is revealed to be Brinda. They hold each other’s hands and share an eye lock. Dev opens his eyes and returns into reality. He looks at Brinda and leaves. Nayantara follows him.

Dev thinks about the dream he had. Nayantara comes and asks him if he was feeling bored. He says that he was just feeling thirsty. Nayantara says that she will wait for him inside. She leaves. Dev wonders why he dreamt about Brinda.

Brinda follows Rajatwho is going out since he forgot his phone inside. Rajat scolds her because she is not doing any effort for uniting Dev and Nayantara. He asks her if she can bring money for them. She asks from where she will bring money. He says that she can’t bring it so let the money come in other ways at least. Brinda is about to leave but he grabs her hand. She hisses for pain. Dev comes and Rajat leaves Brinda who goes away. Dev asks Rajat not to force himself on Brinda even if she is his fiancée.

Dev reaches Brinda who is staring at the sunset. He sees Nayantara and asks her to join them. Rajat says that he is going for a while. Nayantara also says that she is going in the car and will come back soon. Dev and Nayantara are alone and enjoy the sunset. Rajat goes to the bar to get a drink and tells the barman that Dev Parikh will pay. It’s night and Manyeta returns in the temple with the book. She says that this book will tell her who is her daughter and where she is. She prays in front of Bholenath idol and asks him to help her reaching her daughter.

Dev tells Brinda that she could have stopped Rajat if she wasn’t comfortable with him. Brinda asks him not to judge Rajat and scolds him. Dev says that he is very money minded and keeps talking about money when he should be doing hardwork. Brinda gets angry at him for judging Rajat. She is about to leave but Dev grabs her hand asking her sorry. She tries freeing her hand but in the tentative she pushes Dev who falls in the water of the pool. Brinda shouts his name. Manyeta is seen praying. Brinda starts transforming into a Naagin. (Episode ends)

Precap: Nayantara sees a naagin and says that she has to tell her mother about it. She rushes and hits Rajat. Later Dev asks Rajat where Nayantara went as he saw her leaving. Rajat says that he will find her but Dev taunts him and asks him to take care of Brinda only and it would be enough. Dev later talks to Baa about Vrushali’s wish to unite him with Nayantara. The latter talks to Manyeta about the naagin she saw and Manyeta ask her if she saw the naagin’s face too.