Naagin 5 10th October 2020 Written Update: Veer reveals Teer’s truth to his family

Naagin 5 10th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer takes Mayuri with him and tells her to send voice message to Jay. He tells her to message him as Bani’s friend and tells him to reach near cliff area because Bani wants to meet him, she can’t directly contact him that’s why she is messaging him.

Veer comes to Bani with Mayuri and tells her to stay with Bani. He says he can believe Bani in everything but not in that guy’s case. She asks him to take that guy’s name. He says she loves to torture him and says even her prayer won’t gonna save that guy today. He takes Mayuri’s mobile with him saying Bani may snatch that from her and locks the door and leaves from there.

Jay hears Mayuri’s message and realises that Bani is not Mayuri’s friend so it’s a trap for him definitely and Veer is behind everything. Mayuri thinks even if Jay dies that’s not matter for her. Bani taunts Mayuri for listening Veer’s every orders. They fights with each other and Bani becomes unconscious.

Mayuri says she knows how to open this door. Bani uses her power and asks her where Veer went. Mayuri says Veer called Jay near cliff area to kill him. Bani gets to know that no one is in the house and calls Jay but landline too not working so she searches car key. Jay reaches the place and thinks Veer underestimated him and laughs. While searching the car key she gets the weapon which used to kill Teer and she decides save Jay first because he is her first priority now.

Veer waits for Jay and orders his guys to surround the area. He gets to know that Jay coming and informs that to others. He tells Balwant to make noise to trap Jay. Jay gets trapped in Veer’s plan. Jay says Veer lied to him using Bani’s name. Veer tells him to not take Bani’s name from his mouth. He shows the eagles to Jay and says he was escaped last time after doing that with his brother but this time he can’t escape. He says he hates Naag and Naagin.

Bani was reaching the cliff area but Mayuri stops her. Bani locks Mayuri inside the car and leaves from there to save Jay. Veer asks what magic he did with Bani that she hates him for Jay. Jay thinks Veer is dumb, that he doesn’t even know Bani also lying to him. Veer says Jay attacked his brother. Jay says he didn’t attacked his brother.

Veer explains how he got to know his truth through biker. Balwant tells Veer to not waste time. He says Jay can’t get sympathy from them and his punishment is death and asks how he wants to die. Jay says if anything happens to him then Bani won’t leave him. Veer gets angry and pushes Jay towards the cliff but Bani reaches there and saves him. She shows Teer’s jacket to Veer and says he died because of the weapon’s wound not because of her.

Balwant shocks hearing her and asks Veer what happened to Teer. Veer says Teer is no more now. Bani says she got that weapon from his house and someone from their house killed him. Balwant gets angry with Veer and says he is going to kill Bani. Veer says no one should touch Bani otherwise he will kill them. He says Balwant knows how adamant he is and tells them to back off. Balwant says Veer doing wrong and leaves from there.

Jay thinks he is escaped today. Veer says Bani may be innocent in Teer’s case but not Jay. Bani says she believes Jay and enquiries about his health which irks Veer. Veer says he will prove her wrong and takes her with him. Veer asks Mayuri how Bani escaped from the house. She stays silent and he leaves from there after seeing wound on Mayuri’s hand.

Veer asks why Bani hates him this much. Bani says there is not a single good quality he has. He says soon her opinion will change about him. She says he hated her because he thought she killed Teer but what now. He says he never hated her. She says she hates him and will hate him forever. He says he brought gifts for his and puts the vermilion on her forehead saying without that she didn’t look like a married woman.

He says she looks beautiful now and makes her wear nuptial chain. She scolds him saying she won’t become his property with these things. He says these things proves that she is his better half and he wears her ring saying now he become her better half. He says one day she will love him. Hearing him she recalls Aakesh.

Jay says he wants to become more powerful than Nageshwari and decides to kill Veer. Veer tells Bani to sleep on his bed instead of the sofa. She says she won’t share bed with him. He ties cloth to separate the bed and goes to sleep on the bed.

Episode ends.

Precap – The guy who looks like Aakesh enters Bani’s life. He says she knows his truth and tells her to reveal her truth by addressing her as naagin.

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