Naagin 5 12th September 2020 Written Update: Bani announces her marriage with Jay

Naagin 5 12th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer turning into a Cheel and flying away from the temple since he isn’t able to bear sunlight anymore. Bani and Jay witness that and understand that he is the Cheel. They decide to attack him once they find his lot too. Bani says that she will kill them all together as they did with her Naag Vansh. She says that in Satyug Cheel started the game, but in Kalyug Naagin will continue it and she will destroy all his dear ones before destroying him. She is all set to write history.

On the other hand, Ritu gives jewellery to Mehar and Kehar and instructs them to mingle with boys. Bani’s father and Meera come. Meera says that she will iron her father’s sherwani. Ritu asks for Bani and taunts her. Bani comes and handles all the works and then takes Meera to get her ready. Bani’s father finds Singhanias weird since roka usually happens at bride’s house but Ritu is blinded by their money.

After a while, Bani goes in Meera’s room and hugs her from behind. Meera says that none is forcing her to marry Veer. Bani asks her if she has any feeling for Cheel. Meera says that she doesn’t hate him like she does. Bani tells her that she found out her connection with Jay and also the reason behind her hatred for Veer who is a Cheel. She says that she has a plan against Veer but she wants to make sure that she doesn’t have any feeling for him. Meera assures her that she is always with her since she trusts that she will always do the right thing and not let anything wrong happen.

Bani gets Jay’s call. Meera leaves. Bani tells Jay that she is going to Singhanias’ house. Jay wants to stop her since it’s their revenge. However, Bani tells him that she doesn’t want Veer to harm him and them to gets separated like it happened because of Akesh. She is sure about what she is doing.

On the other hand, Shukla informs Balwant about Veer going out and just locking himself in the room. Balwant understands that he had gone outside but he is sure that he hasn’t remembered anything yet. He doesn’t like his obsession with getting married too. Shukla says that thankfully he is going to marry a normal girl though. Balwant says that his search for Aadhi Naagin hasn’t ended yet though. Pawan asks whether the bride’s family will be coming to their house for the roka. Balwant says that they will come to the other nearby villa. Pawan says that it’s obvious since they are hiding something underneath this house. Balwant doesn’t let him say anything else.

Later, Bani’s family come to the villa but there is darkness all over. Suddenly spotlights show Veer’s cousins who start dancing on “Vele”. Veer joins them too and dance.

Lights turn on, guests come. The whole Singhania family comes there. Bani imagines killing them one by one but Veer brings them back into reality. Balwant meets Ritu and Bani’s father. Then Veer introduces Bani who introduces Meera. Veer’s cousins flirt with Mehar and Kehar.
Meera overhears some guests talking about Singhanias being involved in girls trafficking. She gets scared and rushes to find Bani. The latter overhears Balwant talking to a politician about an alcohol tank and his alcohol license. Taapish notices that he is keeping an eye on guests. Meera comes to Bani and tells her about Singhanias doing girls trafficking. Ritu comes to get Meera because Balwant wants her to meet the whole Singhanias family.

Veer comes to Bani and offers her alcohol asking her to keep his heart. She breaks the glass saying that she broke his heart and leaves. Taapish comes and warns Veer that Bani is keeping an eye on every guest. Veer doesn’t pay that attention to what Taapish says.
Ritu asks Balwant about his wife. He replies that she died when he was a kid. Ritu asks about Pawan’s wife and he says that she escaped. Bani’s father asks about the Pandit Ji. Balwant introduces Shukla as his manager as well as pandit.

Meanwhile, Jay returns home and Arohi notices that he is very angry. He goes in room. Aarohi and Gautam come there. Arohi asks Jay what happened to him. Jay asks her to keep quiet as he hears a noise. He transforms into half Naag and grabs Aarohi with his tail moving her away as fan falls down. Gautam and Arohi are shocked to see his transformation. Jay reveals that he is an ichadaari Naag. Gautam and Arohi hug him excitedly. He asks them not to tell anyone about that. They promise him.

A mysterious person is shown locked in a dark room. He tries to get out but in vain. He is wearing a black cloak.
On the other hand, Veer follows Bani who is aware of him. Veer is sure that she is jealous of Meera but Bani starts calling him Jija leaving him shocked. Bani is about to leave when Veer holds her dupatta. He has blurred flashes of Nageshwari. Veer ties Bani’s blouse dori from behind. She bashes him and says that she doesn’t need his help. Veer asks Bani why she is suddenly ok with him marrying Meera and is not even letting him help her.

Veer is about to touch Bani again but Jay comes and holds his hand threatening him. Veer asks him to get out since he has nothing to do there. Bani holds Jay’s hand and says that the answers to all his questions is that she will marry Jay on the same mandap where Veer and Meera will marry. Veer is shocked.

Bani goes out and Jay follows her. Bani apologizes to him acknowledging that she did wrong. Jay says that she did wrong because she didn’t let him propose her. Bani says that she thought he would be angry. Jay says that he is angry with her because she is marrying him because of her hatred for Veer, plus she didn’t tell him her plan or why she is letting Veer marry Meera. Bani tells him that she has done all this to keep an eye on the Cheels.

Pawan goes in the dark room and tries to convince the mysterious person to eat something but he is angry because he isn’t allowed to go out. Pawan refuses to let him exit and leaves locking again the room.

Later, Jay’s family is shocked because Jay went to someone else’s roka but he announced his own marriage. At the same time, Ritu, Mehar and Kehar cry too because Bani is getting married before Mehar and Kehar. Jay’s uncle thinks that Bani has trapped him because he is rich. Ritu asks Bani how she trapped Jay Mathur. Mehar and Kehar cry saying that Jay was theirs. Bani’s father asks her questions Bani about Jay. The latter convinces his family for Bani. He says that the marriage will happen in Singhanias’ mansion. His family gets another shock.
Taapish questions Veer about his marriage decision. Daksh says that he has gone mad. Veer plays a song and says that it will play on his sangeet. He says that Bani loves her sister the most, so she won’t the wedding happen.

On the other hand, Ritu says that Bani had affair with Jay and that is why he gave her job too and came to their house a few times. She also blames Bani for snatching Meera’s happiness by deciding to marry on her same wedding day. Mehar and Kehar call Bani “cheap girl”. Bani tells her father that she just wants their blessings but Ritu refuses to give. She bashes Bani but Meera takes a stand for her. Meanwhile, also Jay tries convincing his family and tells his Dadi that he won’t take any step without her agreement.

Veer is sure that Bani will stop his wedding since he is as crazy as him. Bani knows that Veer wants to get her but she thinks that she won’t let history repeat itself this time.
Episode ends

Precap: Veer holds Bani. Jay gets shot. Bani blames Veer for killing her love. Veer’s wings appear while Bani transforms half into Naagin and slaps him hard. Veer flies to the chandelier but Bani hits it with her tail and Veer falls down while the chandelier drops on him. Bani is shocked to see someone.

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