Naagin 5 13th September 2020 Written Update: Bani tries to avenge Jay’s death

Naagin 5 13th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jay’s family coming to Singhanias mansion. Bani goes to them and apologized because everything happened quickly. She assures Dadi that she is a good girl. Dadi asks how. Bani starts listing all the things she can do. Everyone giggles seeing her chattering so much. Bani’s family come too and Bani introduces them while Jay introduces his family. Arohi is very excited and introduces herself and her brother Gautam.

Dadi turns serious seeing Balwant who walks towards them and welcomes them. Jay’s Chachu says that they feel suffocated even in such huge mansions.

Veer announces a competition between girls’ family, Sharmas, and the groom’s one, Singhanias. He asks where Mathurs fit. He mocks them. Jay says that he is fine with brides’ side, the winning side, as he will get to sit near his bride. Veer glares at him. Arohi says that he killed it. Gautam asks whether he can be the host. Veer hands him over the microphone. Veer is about to slip but Jay holds him and taunts him.

The dance off starts. Mehar and Kehar dance against Veer’s cousins on “Einvey hi einvey lutt gaya”. Jay asks Bani what the plan is. Bani says that for now she wants to win the sangeet competition. However, Mehar and Kehar lose the first round. Ritu is disappointed.

Arohi offers to dance for the next round against Daksh. She is sure she will win. While Daksh and Arohi dance on “Ghungroo”, Veer goes to Jay and Bani taunting them for losing and offering drink. Dadi calls Jay who leaves. Veer flirts with Bani and then leaves.

Arohi wins the second round. Gautam asks who will come next. Jay says that since it’s a tie now, he and Bani will perform couple dance. He holds her hand and takes her to the dance floor. Veer asks Meera’s hand. Ritu pushes her to dance with Veer.

Both the couples perform on “Janam janam”. Veer gestures to his cousins who switch off lights. Couples get swapped and Veer holds Bani tightly from behind taking her to the corner. Bani understands that Veer is holding her. She asks him to leave but he flirts. Lights turn on and everyone gets shocked seeing Bani and Veer together.

Veer drags Bani again to the dance floor. Bani struggles to free herself. Jay goes on the dance floor and pushes Jay away. Veer says that Bani wants him, the real man. Jay gets angry and hits him. Bani tries to control him as Jay’s eyes colour changes. Veer keeps making fun of him. Jay hits him again. Dadi asks Pushkar (Jay’s uncle) to do something. Before Veer and Jay can get into a fight, Bani stops them.

Dadi wants to leave and says that the wedding will happen in their house but Veer says that such things happen in every wedding and stops them from leaving. Balwant wonders why he is making fun of himself.

Later, Veer instructs his cousins to kidnap Jay and do with him what they do with people they dislike. He wants to end Jay’s story.

On the other hand, Bani spits poison in Veer’s mehendi. Jay comes and she tells him about the poison. Veer calls them to apply mehendi. Jay leaves while Bani goes to sit with Meera and other girls to get Mehendi applied. Jay transforms into snake and leaves somewhere.

After a while, Veer says that even boys should get mehendi applied and looks around for Jay. The latter comes. Veer is holding the bowl with mehendi that has poison. He invites Jay to apply mehendi but Bani stops him as that mehendi has poison. Bani says that Jay will apply the mehendi from her same cone. Veer walks towards Meera saying that she will apply his same mehendi too then. Bani manages to stop him but the mehendi on his hand gets stamped on Bani’s one too and now she has a “V” on her hand. Veer smirks.

Dadi is extremely tensed and starts feeling sick. Jay goes to get medicines for her in car. Dadi feels uneasy, like something bad is going to happen. In fact, when Jay goes in car, Daksh, Mounil and others Cheels attack him hitting his head from behind. He falls unconscious.

After a while, Meera sits near Bani and asks her what the plan is as she is feeling worried. Bani says that the plan is for later, now Jay has just gone to get medicines for Dadi. Bani decides to go to outside to check since Jay is missing since long and even Singhanias aren’t there.

Once in car, she is surprised to find it open. She understand something is wrong and decides to use app that Jay had downloaded on their phones that showed their location. She starts the car.

On the other hand, Veer drags an unconscious and tied Jay on the edge of a mount. Bani comes there and gets shocked seeing Veer throwing Jay from the mount. She screams. Veer transforms into Cheel and flies away. Bani transforms into Naagin and goes in the valley but she finds nothing except a piece of cloth from Jay’s sherwani. She cries and screams.

Bani returns to Singhanias’ mansion shouting Veer’s name but none is there. She wonders where everyone has gone. She sees only Veer there and rushes to him holding his collar and blaming him for murdering Jay. Veer laughs. Bani shouts and asks why he killed him. Veer replies that he angered him.

Bani pushes him saying that he killed him for such a thing. She asks whether he thought she would let him alive. Veer laughs and asks if a common girl like her will kill him. His wings appear. Bani shocks him saying that she already knows that he is a icchadaari Cheel and asks whether he knows who she is. She transforms into Naagin. Veer is taken aback. Bani takes her icchadaari Naagin aspect and says that she is Aadhi Naagin and today he will die by her hands.

Bani transforms into snake. Veer hits her with his claws. Bani returns in human aspect falling down. She smiles recalling Bholenath saying that she cannot attack Cheel until he doesn’t attack her. Bani calls Veer dumb as he freed her by attacking her first as this was Bholenath’s condition. She transforms half into Naagin and hits Veer with tail. She asks him to dare to attack her. Veer transforms into Cheel.

Bani transforms into snake. Both fight. Bani throws him on the mandap. He flies towards Bani but she slaps him hard making him fall on the ground. She asks him to get up and says that his death has been decided today and she won’t regret even if she gets death while killing him today. Veer tries to attack her again but she pushes him away. Veer looks at chandelier and flies up towards it. He grabs it. Bani hits the chandelier with the tail. Veer falls and the chandelier drops on him. Veer dies: his eyes are left open.

Bani breaks down on her knees and cries her heart out. She screams that she lost again and couldn’t save Jay. She glares at Veer and says that she killed the one who murdered her companion, but she couldn’t get anything, she couldn’t change her story. She cries and says that her unluck is still with her also in this birth. She cries loudly.

Later, Bani looks at Veer and says that she killed him and has no regret. She glares at his dead body. However

Episode ends

Precap: Bani wonders if she killed an innocent person. Veer touches his dead lookalike’s face with shivering hands. He asks Bani why she did that. Bani says that she just punished him for what he did. Veer says that only one thing can be done now and ties her dupatta around his waist to take vows with her and marry her.

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