Naagin 5 15th November 2020 Written Update: Bani’s new enemy joins hand with Jay

Naagin 5 15th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Balwant opens the door when someone knocks the door. He shocks seeing Bani with Ritu and her family. Bani says now her family will also stay with her in this house. He says it’s his house and she can’t take these kind of decisions. Veer says he gave permission to Bani already.

Meera asks Bani that what she has to prepare for dinner and says she said Veer’s mother is not well. Balwant says Bani doing everything against him nowadays. Meher asks Ponky about Monky. Ponky gets sad hearing her and says now he has to stay happy for him and flirts with her.Taapish says he will show the room Ritu saying now Bani has her family with her so she will be more comfortable here. Bani thanks Veer for supporting her in this decision. He says she decided to stay with him in this house so it’s nothing in front of her decision.

Jay asks Bani that why she brought her family here when she knows that these eagles are danger for her family because they are humans. Bani says there is some betrayer stays in this house and that person is the one who killed Monky and that person is definitely a enemy of this eagle family so she has to find out who is that. She says her family will help her in this.

Jay informs Maarkaat that Bani brought her family to stay with her and he is not understanding what to do now. Jay shocks seeing Maarkaat real face. Pandit’s wife gets to know that she can’t tell Jay’s truth to Bani. She reveals that Satruji coming and says she is Adi naagin’s biggest enemy. She says now Bani trapped with enemies from every side.

Veer knocks his mother’s room door and shocks when he gets to know that she is not there. He tells Bani that his mother missing and starts to search her. Maarkaat asks is Jay is on her side. He says he is with her only. She tells Jay to separate Veer from Bani. He says he will do that and says till now eagles thought Maarkaat is on their side but she was betraying them till now. She tells him to not reveal her truth to anyone.

Veer says just now he got his mother and already lost her and asks how can he live without her now. Bani consoles him and they finds his mother. His mother says she was afraid so she came out and she has wound on her hand too. He gives chocolate to her saying when he was kid and came to her with wound she also used to give chocolate to him to console him. He says her weakness is chocolate and she even used to snatch his chocolates from him. He asks is she remember that. She nods at him and he takes her inside. Bani adores their bond and smiles.

Meher, Keher, Ponky and Daksh tries to leave for party without anyone’s knowledge at night. Taapish catches them and tells them to not go out without informing elders. But they didn’t listen him and leaves from there. Meera tells Taapish that they never listens Ritu too. Pandit’s wife says Satruji got power from Shivji and she was so selfish and wanted all power. Shivji told her that only Adi naagin can beat her so she wanted to challenge Adi naagin but before that she died that’s why now she came to Bani. And Bani is not aware of her this enemy. Jay tells Maarkaat that now he is her pawn. He calls her as his mother. She says she wants to destroy Bani.

Next day, Ritu asks Balwant about his wife. He stares her angrily and she gets afraid. She says his wife will be here only in any room so she will find her by herself. Bani’s face and hands changing without her wish and it’s starts to itching too when she was serving. Jay says Bani has the power to save herself from danger but she can’t affect their plan in any way.

Bani enters her room and wonders why her body burning suddenly. She struggles in pain and Veer sees those burn marks in her body. He asks what happened to her. She says she doesn’t know but something happening to her. He tries to help her to reduce her burning but she stops him from doing that. He says he is her husband and he has every rights to protect her and gives massage to her burns. And she feels relieved after sometime.

Later Veer and Bani enters his mother’s room to invite her for party. Meera crosses that room. And Bani’s body starts to burn again. Veer’s mother keep saying that person will kill her. She says that person had long hair and nails too. He consoles her saying nothing will happen to her. Later at party, Ritu tells Balwant that it’s really impossible for her to believe that he did love marriage. Bani, Veer joins the party. Bani says now everyone is here so she can easily find that why her body burning.

She notices that Veer is not listening her and tells him to concentrate on what she is saying. He teases her saying she is jealous thinking he is searching someone else in the party. She says she is not jealous. He says he was searching Ponky because he told him to bring his mother. He makes his mmother sit on the chair and tells Ponky to not leave her for a second too. Jay thinks everything going according to his plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer tells Bani that first they need to check Jay. She says that’s not needed. Jay says he can’t take risk with Bani’s safety.

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