Naagin 5 19th December 2020 Written Update: Veer, Bani’s dinner date

Naagin 5 19th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Balwant gets happy seeing the way Veer treating Bani. Later Ritu argues with Balwant.Meera tells her to stop arguing and tells her to look at Bani because she is injured. Jay brings first aid box and asks Bani to show her hand. Bani says it’s not needed. Veer snatches the first aid box from him and yells at him for coming between him and Bani. Bani tells him to calm down. Ritu asks why they are fighting with each other when they are brothers.

Veer yells at her and says Jay is not his brother. Taapish takes everyone out of the room. Bani asks what happened to Veer suddenly and says he was not like this. He says he is fed up with her. She gets angry and says she is not afraid of him and says he is forgetting that who is she. He says he is also not normal human being and says she will regret soon and leaves from there. Pawan asks Jay is really Balwant’s son or what.

Balwant says Chandrakala is devil and can do anything and Jay also will be like her only. And says it’s time to celebrate because he never thought that Veer will go against Bani but that happened today. Shukla says Bani trapped Chandrakala somewhere so they need not to worry about her. Balwant tells Shukla to call Ponky, Daksh because he decided to do something and smirks.

Bani was crying. Veer comes there. She says if he calmed down then only he should enter this room. She apologize to him for all the mistakes she made till now and also for her harsh behaviour towards him. Veer accepts her apology and says she need not to worry about their past now.

He says he is regretting for his behaviour and says he didn’t saw the decorations just listened her conversation with Jay and got angry. He says he doesn’t even know how he harmed her and says she knows that how much she matters for him and notices her wound. She says she is fine now. He says he won’t harm her again and pleads her to forget this incident for him. She nods at him and says she wants to tell him something without twisting her words.

She says she is not in any forced marriage because she wants to live with him. He gets happy listening her and tells her to get ready saying they are going out. Later she asks where they are going. He says it’s time for their dinner date and they leaves the house. He tells her to drink. She refuses to drink saying she can’t handle it but he makes her drink and dances with her.

Balwant and his allies reaches some place. Ponky gets afraid seeing that place. Balwant scolds him and taunts Pawan too. They reaches the place where Chandrakala is trapped. Balwant mocks her. Bani drenches in rain and feels cold. Veer tells her to change dress. She says she doesn’t have any dress to change. He gives his shirt to her. She wears his shirt and. He gets mesmerised seeing her in his shirt and moves towards her.

He says his shirt suits her and she falls on the bed. She makes him fall on bed beside her and says she is Mrs. Bani now not Bani sharma. He says she took time to admit this and says he was waiting for this moment only. She shows her mehandi hand to him which has ‘V’ and says she changed already but he only didn’t noticed.

Veer says Bani is just his and they becomes one soul. Chandrakala asks Balwant that why he is here. She tells him to release her and in return she will do something for him. He agrees for the deal and tells her to plead him to release her. She pleads him to release her. Ponky, Daksh tries to release her but fails. Balwant says they has to do something else and leaves from there saying they will come back once finds the solution to release her. Next day, Veer shouts at Bani and says she is nothing to him and tells her to get lost from his life. Bani shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani says something wrong happening with Veer.

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