Naagin 5 19th September 2020 Written Update: Bani agrees to marry Veer for her revenge

Naagin 5 19th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Baba and Saphera noticing another moon in the sky and there is a stain on one of them. On the other hand, Veer walks stunned towards his look-alike which is lying under chandelier. Bani recalls Akesh asking Nageshwari to be his and being killed then. She is confused because there was just one Akesh in Satyug and wonders if the one she killed was Veer’s twin.

Veer hugs his dead twin and cries. Bani notices a ring in his hand and wonders if she killed an innocent. Veer faces Bani and shouts asking her why she killed his brother. He says that he was mentally ill so they kept him away from people like her. Bani says that she killed him thinking that he is Veer Singhania.

Veer asks what if her dear one died. Bani shouts that he died and tells Veer that she saw it with her own eyes that he killed Jay. She accuses Veer for killing Noor and then Jay and she killed his brother thinking he is Veer. The latter blames Veer for killing his brother mercilessly.
Veer realizes that his brother was a Cheel and Bani is a common human being. He asks her if she saw anything weird.

Bani decides not to tell him anything and says no. Veer cries touching his brother’s face and keeps accusing Bani for killing a person who spent his life alone and died alone too. He says that he will do justice now making everything right. He closes his brother’s eyes with a ring and says that Bani will pay for what she did.

Veer walks to Bani and grabs her dupatta tying it around her waist. She asks what he is doing widening her eyes. He says that when an innocent is killed in their house, they make the murderer pay a price. He turns and ties the other side of the dupatta around his waist.
Then Veer lifts his twin’s dead body and walks dragging Bani with him.

They go to a dark place where there is the idol of Cheels’ Devta. Veer places the dead body down. Bani asks what place is that but Veer doesn’t let her speak. He grabs a coffin and puts his brother’s dead body in it. He drags it with a rope. Bani wants to attack Veer but cannot do that until he doesn’t attack her. Veer puts wood on the coffin and lights it on fire. Veer thinks that he will give revenge to Bani for what she did.

Veer takes Bani back to the hall and Bani asks where her family and Jay’s family is. Veer says that murderers don’t ask questions. Balwant, Shukla, Pavan and Tapish come asking about Teer who is nowhere to be found. Balwant notices Bani and asks why she didn’t leave with her family. Shukla says that she must have seen a lot.

Balwant wants to harm her. Bani thinks that she wants them to attack her first so that she can attack them. Veer doesn’t let Balwant do anything and reveals that he is going to marry Bani. The latter and Balwant are against that but Veer is keen on marrying Bani. Balwant threatens Veer but he is adamant. Balwant says that he will have to leave the house but Veer doesn’t mind. Balwant leaves with others.
Veer and Bani are left alone in the hall.

Bani asks him why he wants to marry her. Veer says that it’s fate decision. Bani blames him for killing Jay but Veer says that she is the only murderer there and he doesn’t want her to have an easy life but suffer. He says that if she doesn’t marry him then he will marry her sister. Bani is stunned. Veer puts the whole mandap on fire and tells Bani that they have to take rounds now. The two start taking rounds. Veer wonders why he is feeling attached to Bani instead of hating her for killing Bani. The latter wonders from where Veer’s brother came. She is marrying Veer just for revenge. Veer says that Shukla forgot sindoor so he fills Bani’s maang with black colour. He says that one thing is left and puts a chain around Bani’s neck as mangalsutra as symbol of her lifetime sentence. Bani says that he got punishment too.

Veer takes Bani to give her gift.
Shukla runs to the cave where Cheels Devta is hiddenly. He says that he came there secretly because he doesn’t want Balwant to come to know that he is more loyal to him. He says that he did like he was instructed. He recalls stabbing Teer when he was falling down from chandelier. He knows that Bani is Aadhi Naagin and wanted Veer to kill Bani in anger after knowing that she killed his twin brother. History would have changed like this. However, Veer married her. An earthquake happens and the idol’s eyes become red. Shukla understands what to do.

On the other hand, Bani comes back to her house. Ritu opens the door. Whole family comes there and ask her about the chains she is wearing. Veer comes and reveals that he and Bani are married. Everyone is shocked.

Meanwhile, Balwants gets a call and says that Veer didn’t kill Aadhi Naagin but married her. She says that nothing like Satyug will happen. Bani thinks it’s her revenge story but she won’t ever come to know who her enemies are and who the friends are.

Ritu scolds and bashes Bani a lot but Veer gives a lot of jewels and a suitcase full of stuff seeing which Ritu becomes very happy and so do Meher and Keher. They accept the marriage. Meera takes Bani in room and asks her about Jay. Bani reveals that Veer killed him. Bani’s father come with her suitcase. Bani hugs him and promises to tell them everything one day. Veer pretends to be emotional.

On the other side, Dadi and Jay’s family have called police since Jay has disappeared. They are devastated. An officer gets a call and says that they got to know the last location of Jay.

Veer and Bani reach Singhanias’ mansion where the family welcome them. Cousins tease Veer. Balwant seems to have accepted Bani too. While elders leave, Veer’s cousins say that they have planned a ghar prawesh for them. They have arranged some alcohol bottles on red and green tiles and explain to Bani that she must jump on green on one foot tiles only and grab all the bottles tightly one by one. Bani starts doing that and after grabbing few bottles, she hands them over to Veer. The cousins say that she cheated but she says that they didn’t mention any such rule. She keeps up with the game. She is about to fall but Veer holds her. “Dil ibaadat” plays.

Veer lifts Bani in his arms and takes her upstairs while she keeps asking him to leave her. He takes her to the bedroom and throws her on the bed. He starts getting closer to her but she pushes him away. He pins her to the wall and asks her to change giving her new clothes but she throws them away.

Veer removes his kurta and asks her if he should help her to remove her lehenga. Bani gets angry and her skin starts changing. She controls her anger. She is about to leave but Veer grabs her and ties her hands above her head. He says that he is going to their wedding party alone while she will stay there. He wears t-shirt and jacket. Bani says that she will throw his chain mangalsutra away if she frees herself. Veer accepts the challenge. Bani decides to kill one of the cousins today to punish them for women trafficking.
Episode ends

Precap: Bani frees herself and go to the pool where she is all set to kill one of Veer’s cousins. Veer says that Bani didn’t do good. A mysterious woman appear.