Naagin 5 23rd August 2020 Written Update: Bani accuses Veer for Noor’s murder

Naagin 5 23rd August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jay calling Bani and asking her if she is fine since they didn’t meet last night after coming back from jungle and he is calling now since he didn’t feel right to call at morning. Bani gets confused because she called him half an hour ago. Jay is surprised since his phone isn’t with him so both wonders who must have replied Bani. Jay gives her another number and he is sure that Veer took his phone.

On the other hand, Balwant asks his nephews what happened last night in the wedding. None replies so Balwant gets angry. He asks Shukla to ask his sons to tell what happened. One replies that they went behind the girl and treated her like other girls. Balwant scolds them badly saying that they smuggle women but Veer shouldn’t come to know about that and asks if he got suspicious. One of his nephew recalls what happened last night. Veer reached them and saw Noor dead. He felt pain and regret so he shed a tear. He wonders what is happening with him. His cousin says that when human beings make mistake, they regret and cry. Veer wonders why it is happening with him. He asks his cousins what happened to Noor. They lie that she suicided. Assuring that they did nothing bad with her, Veer decided to help them to bury Noor’s dead body to avoid police’s suspect.

Bani reaches police station to file complain for a murder saying that she has proof also. Inspector brings water for Bani who shows video of Singhanias burying Noor. She says that Noor was her best friend and last day it was also her wedding but these guys killed him. She says that Singhanias are involved and Veer is the biggest culprit. The in-charge of police station watch the video and asks her if she uploaded it anywhere or someone watched it. Bani tells them that she directly came to them. The officer delete the video and denies watching any video. Bani understands that he deleted it and threatens to complain about him in another police station before leaving.

Meanwhile, Shukla’s sons tells their father that they didn’t tell Balwant that Veer regretted and regret is something human not theirs. They laugh and go to have beer.

Bani bumps into Veer while going out of the police station. Veer stares at her and sees tears in her eyes. He says that he got a little late and she started crying. He is about to hug her, but she stops him and accuses him for Noor’s murder and says that police cancelled the proof. She vows to get more proves and adds that she has eyewitnesses too. Veer flirts with Bani who also understands that he talked with her as Jay and asks him to give back the phone. Veer gives the phone and says that he is ready to give anything to her if she asks with so much right. He tries getting closer to her but she pushes him away. She bashes him while he keeps flirting. She steals the key of his bike and throws it away to teach him a lesson. Veer keeps staring at her while she glares at him. She leaves.

Veer calls his cousins and asks them if they are sure that they didn’t do anything with Noor since they told him that she suicided while her friend Bani is at police station and she has eyewitnesses too. The two cousins assure him that they didn’t do anything wrong. Veer says that he is trusting them even though he usually doesn’t trust anyone.

Bani calls Jay and asks him if he got her message telling him about the couple that witnessed the murder. Jay tells her that he found a purse in jungle with a phone which had a number saved as “baby” so he called on that number and found address of the couple, Naina and Abhishekh. Bani says that she will go to meet the girl. Jay doesn’t want her to be harmed and try to stop her but she is keen on going. They ask each other to take care.

Balwant scolds his nephews and ask Aneesh and Nitin to find the witness. He asks to get Bani Sharma and take her there, destroy all proves she has and even her if needed. Aneesh and Nitin leave.

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On the other hand, Bani is trying to stop an auto. Aneesh and Nitin reach there in their Cheel avatar. Veer is around too and sees them wondering what they are doing there. He sees Bani and starts flirting with her. He offers her a lift on his bike but she obviously refuse and warns to get him arrested soon. Bani stops a rikshaw. Veer pays the rikshaw and asks the driver to drop her safely at her destination. Bani doesn’t like him paying for her. Rikshaw leave with Bani. Veer looks from behind and then sees Aneesh and Nitin following her. He wonders why.

Veer reaches the rikshaw but Bani has left it. He goes behind her in the dhobhighat. She is running surrounded by lots of red dupattas. She realizes that Veer is chasing her. Her earring gets stuck with a dupatta. Veer helps her removing it but she escapes away. Veer gets the earring and look at it. Balwant comes in front of him.

Bani calls Jay who tells her that he didn’t find Abhishekh at his house so he is coming to Naina’s house too. Bani tells him that she is in dhobhighat and doesn’t know how to get out and also Veer is chasing her. Jay gets worried and asks her to send her location. He asks her whether she trusts him. Bani replies of course. She sends him the location and Jay instructs her how to get out.

Veer tells Balwant that he was coming. Balwant slaps him. Veer is about to slap him back but stops. Balwant says that he knows he is angry but won’t him since he is his father. He scolds him for coming out in daylight and reminds him that it’s dangerous for him. He orders him to leave from there and return in the night if he wants while other eagles will go to cemetery. Balwant takes Veer away.

At night, Bani reaches Naina’s house and wonders where Jay is. She goes to Naina’s house thinking that Jay will come since he has the address.

Jay is on road. He is feeling weak and breathless and his skin is changing into a golden snake’s one. He leans to a tree for support but in vain. He breathes heavily.

Bani goes inside Naina’s house and finds her crying holding Abhishek’s dead body. Naina reveals that Cheel killed her love and now she has to save her Naag Vansh. She reveals that those who attacked them were ichchadari Cheel who got new birth and now do bad things along with bad human beings. She transforms into snake shocking Bani. Just then, two eagles come and take her away. Bani understands that Naina was ichaadari Naagin and looks at Cheel flying in sky with her.

On the other hand, Jay falls down breathless. Bani try to reach Naina. She leaves a voice message to Jay telling him that they got Naina and went to the cave which is on mount. Jay gets the voice message and tries to grab mobile. He is very weak as his transformation into Naag is happening. He tries reaching his breathing pump which has fallen near him.

Bani reaches Naina and tries to save her but Cheel come and introduce themselves as ichaadari Cheel who can transform into human beings whenever they want. Bani is shocked and recalls seeing them with Veer. Naina transforms into snake. Cheel attack her so she falls down.

Aneesh and Nitin see that Bani is not there anymore. They decide to shoot Naina first and point gun at her but just then a red Naagin comes there. She transforms into human being taking Noor’s aspect. Aneesh and Nitin are shocked. She transforms into snake again and then half human being. She is Bani.

Episode ends

Precap: ten thousand years ago Naag and Naagins were blessed to become ichadaari by Mahadev and also Cheel had already got the power to turn into human beings. Now, years later, the characters have taken rebirth but what turn will their story take?