Naagin 5 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Bani becomes Rani to protect Veer

Naagin 5 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani pleads Angel to cure Veer. He says he can’t do that saying he doesn’t has power to do that and says he can just bless her and says no one can separate Bani and Veer and says he has to leave then leaves from there. Ponky gives money to Aghori baba. Jay hits Aghori baba’s head from behind and Ponky closes his mouth so he could not able to shout and they takes him to forest. Aghori baba says Jay is fool that’s why he is trying to kill him.

Jay beats him and says now no one can save him. Aghori baba learns that Jay killed Pandityan and her husband. Jay says he will kill everyone who comes on his way and tries to attack him saying he is going to kill him too. Aghori baba starts to play his equipment so Jay, Bani starts to change into snake. Jay asks him to stop playing that saying he can’t control him. Bani hides her face from Veer. He says she can’t get him and tells her to leave the house. She says she can’t go and goes to find from where noise coming.

Aghori baba thinks to reach Bani but he drops his equipment by mistake. Jay uses that chance and attacks him and says he already told him that he can’t control him and kills him. Bani found Aghori baba’s equipment and wonders how it reached here and shocks seeing his dead body. She realises that he played the equipment because he wanted her help but she came late and apologize to him.

Daksh informs Veer about bike race. Bani comes there and says she wants his help and informs about the dead body then takes him outside. She shocks seeing dead body is missing. He says seems like she wants to spend time with him that’s why making excuses like this. She says she only brought the dead body here. He laughs at her and says she is doing this to get his attention but he caught her lie and goes inside. She confirms that someone killed Aghori baba and wonders who would have done that. She says she even got Pandityan’s neck piece here and it’s also possible that she came here to meet her and now she is also missing.

Bani tells Meera that she has to stay with Veer always to protect him. Meera says for him she is house maid and also he is not staying in the house mostly and informs her that he is going to participate in some bike race. Bani says he can avoid Bani but not Rani. She reaches the bike race place wearing helmet. One of the guy says that new participant will break Veer’s record today and the race begins between Veer and Bani.

Veer wins the race. Daksh and Ponky celebrates Veer’s victory. Bani removes her helmet. Veer says he knows that she made him win and shocks seeing her face. She says her name is Rani not his maid. She says it’s their first meeting and definitely not last one too and leaves from there. He follows her and says she is Bani only. She mocks him. He asks her to prove that she is not Bani. She refuses to prove him and leaves from there.

Veer reaches his house and tells Daksh that Rani entered Taneja industries only and goes to check Bani. He shocks seeing Bani in house and believes that Bani and Rani are two different person. Jay tries to instigate Bani against Veer saying some eagle only would have killed Aghori baba. She refuses to believe him and warns him to not behave like this again. Meera calls Bani and informs her that Veer went to Taneja industries to meet Rani. Bani and Veer reaches Taneja industries.

Bani hides from Veer. Lift stops in middle way and Bani struggles to breathe and without seeing her face he consoles her. Jay approaches someone to get help to destroy Bani. Veer sees Rani in Taneja industries. Taapish shows Bhagat Taneja to Meera. Jay gets some black stone and using that he change into everyone one by one. Veer asks Rani about her father. Taapish stops Bhagat from going inside the office. He informs about his marriage and introduces Meera to him. Jay says he already has this power. That guy says but now no one can identify him not even Adi naagin. Jay smiles hearing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani is pregnant.

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