Naagin 5 24th January 2021 Written Update: Bani learns about her pregnancy

Naagin 5 24th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer tells Rani to call cafeteria and order coffee for him. She thinks she doesn’t even know cafeteria number and is in dilemma thinking what to do.She shocks seeing Bhagat there and takes Veer from there saying they will go to cafeteria. He asks does she has any boyfriend. She starts to cough so he pats her back saying Bani too does like this only then stops realizing what he said. She asks about Bani. He orders mushroom dish but she stops him saying he is allergic to mushroom so he can’t eat that. He shocks hearing that and asks how she knows about his allergy. She says she saw in social media and says she had a boyfriend but broke up with him. She drinks wine but goes to washroom feeling not well.

He follows her and asks her to open the door otherwise he will enter it. She says he may enter and leaves from there changing into snake. He enters the washroom and wonders where she went. Bani meets Meera and says she is not feeling well and she never felt like this. Meera goes to call Doctor.

Veer informs Balwant that they are going to do business with Taneja industries and drinks alcohol. Balwant tells Taapish that Veer drinking a lot because he is in pain so they has to do something. Taapish goes to Veer and tells him to not drink this much. Veer says something is wrong but he doesn’t know what is it and he feels alone and strange sometimes but he doesn’t know why he is feeling like that. Taapish consoles him. Jay overhears their conversation and thinks to take Bani from there. Meera explains Doctor about Bani’s condition. Jay change into Doctor and meets Bani.

Meera tells Bani to not get up from bed and cooperate with Doctor. Doctor tells Meera to wait outside saying she has something to talk to the patient. Meera goes out and Doctor locks the door from inside. Veer goes to terrace and Taapish follows him and tells him to sleep saying he is drunk. Veer tells him about Rani and says he is not understanding what’s happening with him. Taapish says seems like Veer fell for someone.

Doctor tries to check Bani but she stops her hearing child’s voice. Jay thinks she is suspecting him. Meera notices the Doctor laying in the floor in her unconscious state. Jay spikes Bani’s drink and gives it to her saying she will feel better after drinking it. Bani hears child’s crying voice again. Veer enters the house and he too hears child’s voice. Bani was about to drink that but Veer falls on her and she drops the glass. Meera says she saw Doctor outside. Jay escapes from there.

Bani was about to step on those broken glasses but Veer lifts her to save her. Bani hears child’s laughing voice. He makes her stand and moves towards his room. He asks Meera about child’s voice. She says she didn’t hear anything and tells him to take rest and leaves from there. He says he heard child’s voice for sure. Bani hears him and says he is right and pats her stomach.

Jay scolds Tantric says Bani was suspicious about him and his plan flopped. Tantric shocks noticing something and Jay asks what happened to him suddenly. Bani sees Veer sleeping and says she knows that her child can hear her. Veer hugs Bani and speaks in sleep saying now he is feeling perfect. Then he wakes up and asks what is she doing in his room. They argues with each other. Jay learns about Bani’s pregnancy and gets happy then kills Tantric.

Bani tells Meera that because of her Veer is in danger and she has to save him no matter what. Meera assures her that nothing will happen to Veer. Later Meera tells Veer that Rani is in demand so he can’t stay without doing anything if he wants to impress her then and says she planned something to unite him and Rani. She says she and Taapish decided to go for picnic and he has to invite Rani then there he can mingle with her then can date her. He gets angry and asks how can she force her decision on him.

Bani overhears their conversation. He laughs saying he was just joking and says they has to take Bani also with them. Bani shocks hearing him. Meera asks what Bani will do there. He says they has to take her for cleaning and other works. Bani tells Meera that Jay going to help her this time. Meera asks how can she believe him again. Bani says she has trust him to save her family. They leaves for picnic. Jay wonders where Veer taking Bani.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jay ploys against Bani.

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