Naagin 5 26th December 2020 Written Update: Bani agrees to marry Jay

Naagin 5 26th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Veer plays music and dances with Chandni. Bani agrees to lose her eyesight to use that staircase. She says she can do anything for Veer and keeps walking and says no matter what difficulties she has to face she will reach him for sure. In moon Priest tells to call bride and groom. Chandni and Veer comes there.

Veer tells Priest to start saying mantras because this marriage should not stop. Bani slips and shouts for help. Veer feels something strange. Chandni tells him to sit beside her and says from now on they will do together everything. Bani reaches moon somehow and falls down and takes Veer’s name. Chandi hears Bani voice and realises that it’s adi naagin’s voice and wonders how she reached moon. She tells Priest to do pooja with Veer and leaves from there saying she will be back soon. She goes to Bani and realises that she can’t see. Bani asks her about Veer.

Chandni says they are not strangers and says Veer marrying her. Bani gets angry and asks why she is blabbing and says his marriage already happened with her and says he is her husband. Chandni says he will become hers today. Bani warns her to not talk like this and asks didn’t she heard that she is his wife. Chandni says his marriage happened in earth so it doesn’t has any value in moon. She tries to make her jealous saying Veer danced with her also he is so happy to marry her. Bani refuses to believe her.

Chandni says if she won’t believe her then she will show her then mocks her saying she forgot that Bani can’t see and asks what to do now. Bani asks her to return her husband to her. Chandni says Bani’s husband is not here and the one who is going to marry her is her lover. She was about to go from there saying Veer waiting for her in marriage mandap. Bani stops her saying she should not snatch someone like this.

Chandni says love is blind and says she has strength to snatch everything she wants and pushes Bani. Bani lands in her house. Meera and Ritu shocks seeing her. Meera helps Bani to stand. Bani says she can see now. Ritu asks from where she is coming like this and gets worried for her. Bani says she is fine. Meera sends Ritu from there so she can talk to Bani alone. Bani says she went to moon and informs her about Veer’s marriage. Tappish informs his family that Veer is in moon.

Balwant scolds Daksh for not stopping Veer and says now he has to bring his son. Meera asks Bani that why didn’t she stop Veer. Bani replies saying she wanted to stop him but she falls down and cries. Meera consoles her. Jay overhears their conversation. Chandi tells Veer that she solved the issue and sits beside him. Veer gets up and says he can’t marry without his family. Chandi says not everyone can stay in moon. He says it’s his wish. She shows his family to him using her power. Veer tells Balwant that he is marrying Chandni today. Jay tells Bani that she should also marry now if she wants Veer then.

Bani says she is ready to do anything to get Veer back but how can she marry. He says Veer is very possessive about her so if he gets to know that she is marrying someone else then he will come to her for sure. Meera says this idea will work. He says he is ready help her with fake marriage. Taapish tells Bani about Veer. Bani informs him about her marriage and thanks Jay for helping her. Balwant tells Veer to postpone the marriage but Veer says he can’t do that. Tappish informs Veer about Jay and Bani’s marriage. He says if Veer can move on in his life then Bani also has the rights to move on in her life.

Balwant gets happy hearing him and says he is proud of Veer’s decision because finally he can get rid of Bani. Bani expresses her disappointment to Meera and says even though it’s a fake marriage she is not liking to do this but she doesn’t have any other choice and cries saying wrong happened with her. Balwant thanks Bani for doing this fake marriage to save Veer because he already knows that Chandni is dangerous. Taapish assures her saying that Veer will stop this marriage. Veer looks at Bani. Priest asks about groom. Veer tauntingly says seems like groom run away.

Chandni tells him to concentrate on their marriage. Jay comes there and says he is here only it’s Veer who run away from here. Ritu asks Meera that what’s happening here. Meera says she will explain her later. Veer says his marriage should happen first. Jay tells Priest to not miss any mantras. Veer taunts Bani saying he is marrying his childhood friend not like her. Bani and Jay exchanges garlands. Jay teases Veer. Balwant realises that Maarkat is behind everything and confronts her.

Maarkat laughs at Balwant saying he can’t save Veer now. Balwant says he won’t leave her Bani and Jay stands for pheres. Veer and Chandni starts their pheres. Bani and Veer stares each other.

Episode ends.

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