Naagin 5 26th September 2020 Written Update: Bani discovers that Mayuri is a peacock

Naagin 5 26th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Baldev asks Shukla how the timer stopped running.  Shukla says that he himself is not known about this.  Shukla tells him to hide these timers so that no one knows about it and Veer may not remember everything.

 Next, at the party, Mayuri asks Panjak to enjoy the party well.  Pankaj says that he is enjoying the party well by drinking alcohol for free.  Mayuri taunts him and says that he is single only for this reason.  Pankaj gets confused and asks what she wants to say.

 Mayuri tells him that there are so many girls in the party but he is focusing only on drinking.  She tells them to seduce girls and thus enjoys the party.  Pankaj and his brothers like the idea of ​​Mayuri and start to seduce Bani’s sisters. 

There, Bani and Meera are talking and Mayuri approaches them.  Mayuri tells Meera whether she is the one whom Veer was supposed to marry first but then got married to Bani.  Mayuri taunts that the choice of Veer have deteriorated.  Bani is angry with Mayuri and she takes her to a corner.  And tells her not to talk nonsense with her family.

  Then Jai eavesdrops and takes entry into Veer’s house.  Here, Daksha goes to Meera and asks if she will dance with him.  Meera refuses and says that she does not know how to dance.  But he still tries to force her to dance and Meera angrily scolds him.  Daksha also gets angry on her and he tore her dress.  Jai notices this and gets very angry. 

Bani also comes there and curses Daksha for his actions.  While Veer slaps him and asks him how he dares to do so.  He gets angry at Daksha and takes Meera along with him to fix her dress.  He fixes her dress with stapler and Meera’s mother thanks him.  Bani notices Jai and goes to him.  Bani asks Jai if he is alright.  Jai says yes, he’s fine. 

And Bani asks him details of the incident that night.  Jai tells her that someone threw him off from the hill but he did not hit on the ground.  Jai says and then someone kidnaps him and he escapes from there.  Jai says that he also called Bani before coming but she did not answer her.  And he thought she would be here, so he came here.  Bani says now she stays here because she is married to Veer.  Jai is shocked and asks how.  Bani tells him everything and tells about her plan.

 Bani asks him who has kidnapped him.  Jai says that he is not even aware of this but he feels that this work is not of Veer.  Jai says that he will soon find out whose doing this is and by saying that he goes away from there.  Then Mayuri comes there and notices Bani with Jai but since Jai is going out from there, she is unable to see his face.

 Mayuri comes to Bani and asks who the boy was.  Bani says that she does not think it necessary to answer her and starts going from there.  Mayuri grabs Bani’s hand and tries to stop her.  Bani feels strange with Mayuri’s touch and she discovers that Mayuri is a peacock.  And she grabs Mayuri’s throat and says that she has known her truth. 

Both come in their own avatar.  And Mayuri shouts knowingly so that everyone knows who Bani is.  Everyone comes out after hearing the scream.  Bani deliberately falls into the mud so that no one knows her form.  Mayuri also falls into the mud.

  Veer and his family become fermented.  And Mayuri and Bani start fighting.  Pankaj and Daksha enjoy watching their fight and they shoot them.  Bani also plunges Pankaj into the mud.  Mayuri injures Bani while fighting and Veer asks to stop the fight.  And takes Bani in his lap and takes her to the room.  Mayuri gets irritated.

 Further, Bani has mud on her back, Veer offers to clean it.  Bani refuses him.  But still he gets mud from her back.  The two share romantic moments.

 After some time Bani gets Jai’s call.  But Mayuri comes there before Bani can talk to him.  Mayuri asks Bani if ​​she is talking to her boyfriend.  She says should she tell everyone about Bani’s lover.  Bani says that if she tells everyone about her then she will also tell that she is a peacock.  Mayuri panics and leaves.

 Bani comes to her room and finds that Veer has fallen asleep.  Bani says what should she do so that Veer makes the first attack on her and she can take some action.  The next morning there is a meeting at Baldev’s house.  Bani thinks she will use this opportunity to make Veer angry.  She wears short clothes and offers to distribute liquor to everyone at the meeting.

 Baldev orders Tapesh to take Bani from there.  But she does not want to go and also drinks alcohol.  And embarrasses Baldev by dancing.  Veer notices all this and comes to Bani.  And asks her to walk from there.

 There Mayuri tells Shukla that Bani has come to know of her secret.  Shukla gets shocked.  Mayuri says don’t worry about this because she won’t say anything to anyone.  Mayuri adds that but she does not understand how Veer, despite being eagle, cannot recognize the smell of a serpent.  Shukla says because she is an Adinagin. 

Mayuri says then how can they deal with that Adinagin?  Shukla says from Nagamani.  Mayuri asks how.  And Shukla tells her that if Nagamani touches Veer, he will lose control and end Adinagin’s game.  Mayuri asks him to bring Nagamani.

 There, Veer picks her up and takes her from there to stop Bani’s drama.  Bani asks him to leave.  But Veer does not listen to her.  Further, Veer collides with an object and they fall.  Mayuri takes advantage of this and puts Nagmani’s thorn in her brooch while supporting Bani.

 So that it pierces Veer and he loses his control.  And Veer and Bani then leave.  In the room, Bani asks Veer to go outside as she has to change.  Veer says she can do it in front of him.  Bani is irritated and there is a tussle between the two. Episode end.

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