Naagin 5 29th November 2020 Written Update : Chandrakala defeats Bani using her secret power

Naagin 5 29th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer asks Bani to accept that he was right about Jay otherwise he will kiss her for sure. She tells him to stop talking nonsense. He says he is going to count 1to3 . She says if she wants she can throw him right now. He says she won’t do that and starts counting. Before he completes his counting she accepts that he was right about Jay.

He gets disappointed saying he missed one chance and sleeps sitting beside her. She looks at him and recalls. She shocks seeing Maarkat in front of her and acts like Chandrakala. She wakes Veer and tells him that just now she saw Chandrakala in Maarkat form and asks did he hear anything. He says he didn’t hear any sound.

Daksh calls them and says Chandrakala sleeping here only and she didn’t went out of her room. Bani denies to believe it saying Chandrakala doing some, She says she will bite them if they again calls her as mad. Veer gets afraid and says she is right. Jay says Daksh saying Chandrakala didn’t left her room so it must be true only. Veer says it’s midnight and tells Jay to leave his room. Jay says he wants to talk to Bani.

Veer pushes him out of the room and locks the door from inside. He tells her to sleep now and gets happy assuming she is going to share bed with him. But she takes the pillow and moves towards sofa and lays on it. He asks what is she doing. She says she likes to torture him. He lifts her and makes her lay on the bed and he goes to sofa to sleep. She smiles slightly and he notices that.

Later Bani wakes up and says she was waiting for him to sleep and leaves her room. Jay and Daksh was waiting outside Chandrakala’s room. Bani shocks seeing Maarkat. Maarkat says Bani is helpless now and she can’t catch her. Bani follows Maarkat. Watchman was playing with his grand daughter Koyal.

Maarkat abducts Koyal and Bani notices that. Bani thinks she can’t change into snake in front of Watchman. She tells him to search Koyal somewhere else after diverting him she change into snake and reaches Maarkat. She warns her to leave Koyal.

Maarkat says she is not kind like Bani and kills Koyal. Bani yells at her for killing Koyal and asks why she did that with small kid when she is her enemy. Maarkat laughs at her and leaves from there. Watchman asks Bani about Koyal. Bani cries and leaves from there. She takes Chandrakala out of the room and says what all happened to everyone. Watchman says he didn’t saw the kidnapper’s face. Chandrakala says she didn’t went out of her room and tells Veer to ask Daksh and Jay. Daksh says Chandrakala was in her room only till now.

Watchman’s daughter comes there and says she got Koyal. Watchman apologize to them for all the misunderstanding. Balwant tells Watchman to continue his job. Chandrakala says she doesn’t know why Bani blaming her even though she is the one who released her from that room. Veer tells Daksh to take Chandrakala to her room. Meera tells Bani to go with her. Bani says she is not lying and she herself saw and asks why no one trusting her. Jay says Bani misunderstood for sure.

Veer gets angry on Jay and says he trusts Bani but something is wrong for sure. Chandrakala enters her room and starts to laugh saying she won. She dances happily and change into Maarkat form and from her body another Maarkat comes out. Two Maarkat’s HiFi to each other. One of the Maarkat says no one will know their secret. Next day, Ritu says seems like Chandrakala doing all the house hold chores. Chandrakala says it’s her family that’s why.

Bani tells Veer and Jay that she is sure that yesterday she saw Maarkat but according to Daksh Chandrakala was in her room only then she has special power for sure that’s why it was possible for her to be in two places at same time. She tells Jay to protect her family and take them from here, it’s difficult job for him because they are humans. She tells Veer to notice Chandrakala always because she is part of his family.

Jay takes Bani’s family with him according to the plan. Balwant asks Veer about meetings. Veer says he cancelled it and tells them about marriage. Ponky asks who is getting married. Balwant says if Veer marrying another girl to get rid of Bani then he is happy. Veer says he is talking about Taapish marriage. Taapish shocks hearing him but others gets excited. Veer tells something to Taapish secretly.

Jay tells Bani’s family about Meera’s marriage. Ritu asks who is the groom. Jay says Taapish is Meera’s groom. Meera shocks hearing him and others gets excited. He says Meera can’t hide anything. Maarkat attacks Jay and Bani’s family. Bani gets to know about the attack and was about to go there to save her family but shocks seeing Maarkat in front of her.

Bani says she knows Chandrakala’s secret and says one side she is attacking her family in snake form and her another form is in front of her. Maarkat mocks her and asks now who is going to save her family. Bani leaves from there to save her family. Daksh and Ponky teases Taapish. Balwant asks didn’t he got another girl than Meera. Veer realises that Chandrakala is missing. Chandrakala comes there and thinks it’s so fun to play with Bani.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani gets special power.

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