Naagin 5 30th August 2020 Written Update: Jay and Bani are forced to cater Veer and his family

Naagin 5 30th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer seeing Jay and Bani together and transforming into eagle thinking that he has to find out if Bani is Naagin.

Bani sits near Jay and asks him if he remembered something. Jay says no. Bani comforts him telling him that their life is like a mystery book and they have to explore it, that’s what her real mother used to tell her. Jay recalls Ritu saying that they picked Bani up from road and asks Bani about it.

 Bani says that she was right and she is an accident survival. She tells that she was four years old when that flight crash happened. Jay reveals that he survived a flight crash too at same age and understands that they survived the same flight crash. He wonders if there is any other connection between them.

Just then, Veer as Cheel comes, Bani runs away scared. Jay goes behind her. She hides behind him saying that she is scared of Cheels. Jay tries defending her. Bani runs away. Jay follows her.

Jay reaches Bani and calms her down. He says that this might be eagles’ place. Bani says that she is very scared. Jay says that he will go to get car and leaves.

Veer transforms into human being and mocks Jay for escaping with the girl getting scared. He says that Bani likes him so it’s proved that all girls like boring guys. He mocks him for being such a weak competition. He thinks Bani is not a Naagin otherwise she would have hissed and bitten him. He is sure that she is a common girl, his girl.

Bani wonders why she feels so enraged when she sees a Cheel. She thinks that maybe, the reason behind her being a Naagin, is that she has to destroy all the evil Cheels of the world.

The next morning, Bani goes outside rushing since it’s the first day of work at Jay’s restaurant. She sees a white car with the logo of Jay’s business. A driver comes out. His face is hidden behind an umbrella. Bani asks if Jay sent him. He says yes so Bani sits on backseats.

The driver starts the car. Bani thanks him for coming otherwise she was scared to have to go under rain. The driver says that Jay has been stupid as if he was on his place he would have come to take him himself. Bani scolds him. The driver is Veer. Bani gets shocked seeing him and asks him how he got the car. She asks whether Jay knows that he stole it.

 Veer says that he might have painted the logo or even bought the car. Bani asks him to stop the car. He does that. She tries to get out but Veer reveals that he stopped the car just because signal is red and there is child lock so that stubborn children like her don’t go out. He says that he did so just to spend some minutes with her.

 Bani comes on front seat and says that she would not spend a minute with him. She tries to go out but in vain. Veer looks at her eyes and then lips through mirror. Dil ibaadat plays. Bani manages to leave.

Bani reaches Jay’s restaurant. He notices a cut on her hand and rushes to get some ice. Bani is able to cure the wound with her powers. Jay comes with ice. Bani hides her hand with a hanky. Jay says that she might be uncomfortable with him but not with his hanky which is so close to her. Bani says that she is never uncomfortable with him.

Naina manages to get out of temple and thanks God because Saphera and Baba Ji didn’t see her. She calls Jay and apologizes because she is calling from Abhishek’s mobile and he had his number only. She asks to make her talk with Bani. Jay gives phone to Bani. Naina says that she has to tell her about her and the danger hanging upon her.

Just then, Veer and his cousins come. Bani glares at him and takes his name. Naina gets shocked hearing that. Bani tells Veer and his cousins that the place is closed for private parties. Jay comes and bashes veer who compares themselves with Jay and Veeru of Sholay.

Veer tries to get them out but Veer says that they booked the above flat for their party at 9pm. Bani shuts the door on his face saying that it isn’t 9pm yet. Bani gives back Jay his phone. Naina is worried since she knows that Singhanias sent Cheels last time.

Veer’s cousins instigate him against Bani and says that he is taking her softly so she is cutting his kite. Veer says that his kite will got cut if he listens to them.

At 9pm, Bani and Jay talk. Jay says that they must have sent a representative otherwise his uncle would have never given them the flat. He says that they will have to caterer them tonight. Bani shares with him how much he hates Singhania even though she doesn’t know why.

Just then, Veer comes with his cousins and degrades all the arrangements of the restaurant. Jay has to leave for a call. Bani glares at Veer and says that he likes looking different from others. Veer says that he is different. Balwant and others come too.

 Veer asks Bani if she put poison in his drink. Bani says that she did and he will die if he drinks. Veer drinks and says that there must be really poison in it because his heart has fallen for her more. He joins Balwant and others. Bani glares at him.

Singhanias make a toast to themselves. “Kar gayi chull” plays. Singhanias start dancing and getting drunk. Jay asks Bani if she is fine. Balwant is happy to see Veer dancing as it seems like he forgot the girl, whoever she was. He leaves.

Jay asks Bani to leave since he will handle everything. Just then, Veer comes but Jay stands between him and Bani asking him to back off. Veer says that Bani can protect herself so he doesn’t need to behave like macho man. He says he just wants to dance.

 Jay goes back to Bani who says that she needs to do this because she feels like Singhanias are doing something wrong. Jay tries to stop her saying that he won’t let her do anything like that but she is adamant. She goes to dance with Veer. Jay looks at them.

Balwant goes in an office with Shukla and his other men. They are planning to kidnap a girl. Balwant says that this is the only way to find Adhi Naagin and that is why he does girl trafficking since years. Balwant’s borther asks how he is so sure that the girl is Adhi Naagin. Balwant says that Veer is still alive, otherwise Adhi Naagin will find Naag and kill him.

Shukla reveals that the temple has reappeared after a lot of years. Balwant asks to go to check how they will get permission to enter in the temple since they cannot enter without it. He recalls Nageshwari allowing Cheel to enter in the temple. Balwant says that today they have to do the delivery of girls but Veer should not get to know about it. Balwant is keen on killing Adhi Naagin.

On the other hand, Veer dances with Bani and mocks Jay saying that also in Sholay, Jay didn’t get the girl but died. Veer and Bani dance closely. “Dil ibadaat” plays. Flashes of Akesh and Nageshwari are shown.

Jay gets Naina’s call and she says that she needs to talk to Bani. Jay says that music is loud so he cannot hear her and Bani is busy so he asks her to come to his restaurant. Naina agrees. Jay looks back at Veer and Bani. He clenches his fists seeing them close. Bani and Veer feel strange. Bani thinks that she will punish Veer and get justice done.

Episode ends

Precap: Balwant and others kidnaps Naina in a van believing that she is Adhi Naagin. Veer sees them outside and asks what they are doing there instead of being in party. They make excuse. Balwant says that van will blast. Veer smirks.