Naagin 5 30th January 2021 Written Update: Veer accuses Bani saying she deceived him

Naagin 5 30th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer and Bani leaves for farm house. He says he still not understanding that what he is doing with her. She notices that one snake following their car. He asks why she didn’t went in others car and because of that he stuck with her in one car now. He asks her to answer him instead of looking around. She thinks here she is trying to save him but he keep taunting her. She says she won’t answer him no matter what and they reaches farm house.

Ponky, Daksh shocks seeing Veer and Bani and says seems like Jay’s plan flopped. They asks Veer about Rani and tells him to call her. Bani goes inside saying she has to help Meera in household chores. She notices one special tree. Taapish tells her to go inside but she refuses saying she has to do something before that and tells him to take everyone inside. Veer looks at Bani. She says she is waiting for food delivery. She says this tree will be helpful to protect them and says the snake who followed her didn’t came to her and suspects the intention of that snake. She uses her power.

Jay comes there and wonders why Veer’s family came here and notices that special tree and he could not able to go inside. Taapish says Bani got this tree to protect the farm house. Meera comes there and tells Bani to become Rani and go to Veer. Bani says she is really fed up with this Rani drama and goes to Veer in Rani’s form.

Veer was drinking with his cousins. Taapish gives vodka to Rani saying he brought this for her. She thanks him and thinks he saved her by giving water. Rani tells Veer that she can understand that he is doing all this to impress her but he did wrong by bringing his family members too. He says he wants to go for walk in garden area so to stop him she says she is hungry. He calls Bani to bring food. Meera goes to them and Taapish takes Veer from there and Bani comes and asks why Veer called her. Veer asks what happened to Bani’s face. Bani realises that she didn’t change her makeup and yells at him to change the topic and goes to kitchen. He asks where Rani went now. Meera says she went to bring lipstick for her.

Veer tries to dance with Rani. She says he should ask permission to dance with her. He says she didn’t ask his permission to enter his heart and mind so he is following her footsteps. Few snakes meets Jay. Jay says no one should know about their identity and says because of tree Adi naagin can’t come out of that house and he also can’t enter the house but they has to save her no matter what and it’s a risky mission. He thinks these snakes also going to die with Bani and her future child.

Veer tells Bani about Rani. Rani says seems like there is one more person like her. He says Bani is boring. She defends Bani. He says he will bring Bani and goes inside. Bani gets angry and complaints about Veer to Meera. Veer goes to kitchen and tells Bani to come with him but she makes excuses saying she is busy and can’t go anywhere leaving her work. He says her perfume smell seems familiar. She says she went to Rani’s room to clean.

Meera says Rani taking rest in her room so Veer should not disturb her if he wants to impress her then. He drags Bani along with him to Rani’s room and tells Rani to open the door. Meera says seems like Rani slept but Veer goes inside and tries to wake her but shocks seeing only pillows in bed. He says Bani and Rani are same person only. Rani comes there. Bani and everyone shocks seeing Rani. Bani wonders who is this. Rani takes Veer for long drive.

Rani tells Veer that now no one can reach him. Bani fails to find Veer and cries. She tells her child that she won’t let anything happen to Veer. Rani takes Veer to somewhere. He asks why she brought him here. She traps him and and mocks him. He asks what is she doing with him and tries to escape changing into eagle but falls down. She change into Jay and says he has to deal with Bani before Veer regains his conscious.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jay reveals that he has Maarkat’s power inside him.

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