Naagin 5 3rd January 2021 Written Update: Bani learns that Jay didn’t betray her

Naagin 5 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani gets water which can help Veer to get his power back and calls Taapish to inform him about her arrival but those guys snatches mobile from Taapish and breaks it. One guy was commenting seeing Bani’s picture from Veer’s mobile.

Bani tells Jay that Parikh brothers would have abducted Veer and says seems like Taapish also there only and gets worried thinking how she will reach him. She hears Veer’s voice and runs from there saying she knows that where he will be now. Veer was losing his conscious so Parikh brothers takes him somewhere else saying they can’t let him die in front of his brothers. Bani finds Taapish, Daksh and asks about Veer. Taapish says they took Veer somewhere else. Bani releases them and they searches Veer. She shocks seeing the unconscious Veer and says by giving this water Veer will get his power back.

Jay smriks and recalls how he helped Maarkat to escape from there. She asked him that why he changed his mind suddenly. For that he replied he wanted to give another chance to Bani but she become Veer’s that’s why he decided to support his mother. She says he even helped her to hypnotize Veer and took full advantage of that situation. She praises him and gives poison to him saying he has to mix this in that water and after drinking this Veer will die for sure. Jay says then Veer will die in Bani’s hands and they laughs. He comes to reality and thinks now Bani going to give poison to Veer. Bani says she won’t let anything happen to Veer and was about to give that water to him but shocks seeing Maarkat seeing everything hiding behind them. Taapish tells her to give that water to Veer.

Daksh says they doesn’t have much time. She pours that water on Maarkat. Maarkat shouts in pain. Others shocks seeing Maarkat there. Bani says Maarkat mixed poison in this water and says she never saw a mother like her and taunts her. Maarkat says Bani will regret for this and says she will take her revenge. Bani says until she is here Maarkat can’t do anything to Veer and tells Taapish, Daksh to pick Veer and they reach house. Balwant gets worried seeing Veer’s condition and asks where is Bani now because she is the one who used to say she will save his son. Bani reaches temple and prays to Shivji for Veer. She asks him to save her husband and does Tandav. Shivji saves Veer.

Veer regains his consciousness and his family gets relieved seeing that. He asks about Bani. Meera says Veer is alive because of Bani and her prayers. Veer realises that he got his powers back. Bani comes there and gets happy seeing Veer with wings. They hugs each other. Veer says Bani would have threatened Shivji to help him. He asks who is responsible for his condition. She says Jay is behind everything and says Veer was right about him. She says Jay was helping Maarkat and betrayed her again. Jay comes there. Veer was about to attack Jay but Bani stops him saying she will punish him. Jay was about to say something but Bani stops him and yells at him for betraying her again. Veer too scolds him.

Bani asks what he got by doing all this. He stays silent. She asks him to answer her question. He asks her to listen him once. She says she won’t listen and also won’t trust him again and says she just hates him. She says Veer warned her about him always but she did mistake by trusting him and tells him to leave from there. She says seems like he wants to die and bites him. He falls down and everyone shocks seeing arrow on his back. He says she misunderstood him and talks about someone saying that person will kill everyone and loses his conscious after taking Maarkat’s name.

Balwant orders his sons to throw Jay out of the house but Bani stops them. Jay says he didn’t help Maarkat to escape. Veer says no one will believe him now. Jay says he killed Maarkat which shocks everyone. Veer refuses to believe him and asks him to not lie. Jay says he has proof and shows Maarkat’s dead body to them. Balwant gets happy seeing her dead body. Jay loses his conscious. Veer tells Daksh to take Jay inside. Veer gets emotional seeing his mother’s dead body.

Episode ends.

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