Naagin 5 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Veer suspects Bani being a snake

Naagin 5 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pandit’s wife get to know about Pandit’s death. She tries to see what happened to her husband and how he died and who killed him using the truth showing water. She splashes that special water on him and a snake image comes from there. She gets to know that Jay killed her husband and vows that she won’t leave him. She decides to tell his truth to Bani.

Mayuri gets ready for her engagement and was about to inform Jay about her engagement. Jay meets Bani and says he wants to enter the house. Another Pandit stops Pandit’s wife from telling the truth to Bani saying humans can’t interfere between the fight of snakes and eagles.

Monky asks Ponky about Mayuri and his cousins teases him. Bani asks why Jay wants to enter the house but he denies to tell her anything. Mayuri comes there. Ponky asks when Mayuri went outside saying he didn’t saw her. She says it’s not easy to catch her. Veer asks Bani to get ready for the engagement.

Taapish asks Mayuri about Bani for that Mayuri replied saying she went to get ready. Bani was about to slip from the stairs but Veer saves her and says she deliberately slips because she knows that he will save her for sure. She says she is not like the ones who goes crazy for him. He says he can smell the jealousy here. Ponky tells Mayuri that he will also hold her like Veer holds Bani. He tells Veer to do romance later let’s concentrate on his engagement now.

Bani gets to know that Jay turned into Mayuri and roaming inside the house. Daksh smells snake smell and informs that to Veer. Veer denies to believe him first saying who has the guts to enter into the eagles house. Bani hears their conversation and wonders how Daksh smelled Jay when he is not a normal snake. She prays to Shiv ji to save Jay saying he is in danger.

Veer too smells snake smell. Bani thinks Jay has to leave from here before Mayuri comes down stairs and she and Jay shocks seeing Mayuri. Jay leaves from there with the help of Bani and Mayuri comes there. Bani gives the engagement rings to Ponky and Mayuri. Veer suspects Bani and keep noticing her.

When Daksh told him they has to do something that time Veer stops him saying he has to do something before that. Veer dances with Bani and she struggles to move away from him. Shukla asks Mayuri why didn’t she informed him about her plan. She says it’s not necessary that she has to tell him every plan of hers. Ponky follows Mayuri. Mayuri reaches her room and shocks seeing Jay there. He makes her unconscious to excute his plan.

Ponky searches Mayuri everywhere. Veer thinks Bani could be snake and starts to play the instrument to see Bani changing or not. Bani controls herself from changing into a snake. Other side Jay’s face too changing who is with Ponky now. Bani tells Veer to stop play saying her head starts to paining hearing the sound. To escape from Ponky, Mayuri pushes him from upstairs. Everyone shocks seeing Ponky’s condition.

Balwant asks who dared to do this with Ponky. Veer goes upstairs to check and shocks seeing Mayuri sleeping. Bani follows him and says she will take care of her and Veer has to go and check Ponky. Bani says Ponky could be innocent so Jay should not have harmed him. She tells him about Daksh and Veer’s suspection.

Veer tells his cousins that Ponky is drunk so he would have slipped from there. Daksh informs Veer that snake would have harmed Ponky definitely. Jay hides in the cupboard. Bani comes there and wonders what Mayuri doing in Veer’s house. She feels guilty for killing the innocent Teer. She realises that she would have starts to smell according to the snake world rules if she killed the innocent so what if Teer is alive but she saw his dead body and gets confused.

Jay realises that he killed the innocent Priest so he starts to smell. He change into Mayuri and goes to Veer wearing Bani’s saree. He thinks now Veer will smell him and gonna suspect Bani. She acts like she is concerned for Ponky and talks with him about the betrayal and all.

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer decides to catch the snake no matter what.

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