Naagin 5 6th December 2020 Written Update: Bani starts to get visions of mishap

Naagin 5 6th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani gets excited hearing that Meera is happy to marry Tappish and was about to hug her but shocks seeing Meera’s dead body in front of her then realises that she was hallucinating. Then she hugs her after seeing her fine and was about to leave from there but again feels water and thinks seems like danger will come in the form of water.

Veer says seems like she is tensed. She asks how he knows about it. He says he knows everything about her because he is her husband and checks her wounds. She says he has many wounds and says seems like Jay beated him a lot. Meera calls her but he doesn’t let her go away from him and takes her to their room. He asks how she reached the house and asks her about the deal she made with Maarkat.

 She apologize to him for talking against his mother always. He says she is fine that’s what matters now and says she was right about his mother and treats her wounds. Jay knocks the door and Veer gets irritated hearing his voice. They were about to fight again but Bani stops them saying they already fought enough and their faces are evidence for that. She tells them what all happened there and says she could not kill her because she is their mother’s.

 Jay says she is his mother but just Maarkat for him who used him always and leaves from there. Bani says for Veer she is always his mother only because she is the one who took care of him in his childhood. She gets vision of Veer dying and tries to save him. He asks what happened to her and why she was shouting. She says she is going to Meera and leaves from there. She thinks what kind of mishap going to happen.

While sleeping Bani again gets vision of water and starts to cry in front of Veer. He consoles her and was about to go from there telling her to change but she holds his hand and doesn’t let him go from there. She tells him about the power she got and says she is keep getting visions of water and tells him everything. He says everything is fine, she is just hallucinating nothing else. She asks why she is keep getting visions then.

He says she is stressed nowadays because of Maarkat that’s why it’s happening with her. She hugs him. He says first time she hugged him and says he may die because of happiness. She moves away from him. When he tried to hug her again she pushed him.

Daksh, Ponky teases Tappish with Meera. Bani was going to the temple and Veer joins her. She says he can’t enter this temple because he is eagle. He realises that she is worried about him and tells her to come soon and he will wait for her. She enters the temple and tells Pandityan about her situation. Meera buys gift for Tappish and hopes he will like it. She calls him saying she wants to talk to him. He drinks alcohol and tells her to wait saying he is busy.

Balwant praises him for showing attitude to her. Meera notices water leakage and goes to check it. Bani gets to know that Maarkat destroyed the books which could help her and says she won’t lose. Meera gets trapped under the shower and could not able to move from there. Taapish comes to talk to her but his cousins take him from there.

Bani prays to Shivji according to Pandityan’s instructions. Pandityan pleads Shivji to help Bani. Bani gets blessing from Shivji. They gets to see the vision of how Chandrakala got power from Shivji. Bani gets to know that she planned to kill her today. Ritu says Meera is lucky to get a husband like Tappish and asks where Meera went on her engagement day. Jay says Bani, Veer is not here also so without them engagement can’t happen anyway. Bani comes there and gets to know that Meera is not opening her room door. She runs towards her room and saves Meera then Meera explains what happened with her. Everyone waits for Bani and Meera. Veer asks about Bani. Bani says everyone should leave this house right now.

Veer says he wants to talk to Bani and takes her with him alone and says he was waiting for her outside the temple but she left there hiding from him. She says she forgot about him and apologize to him for that. She says they should stay away from water and pleads him to leave from here.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chandrakala says Bani can’t save herself this time.

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