Naagin 5 9th January 2021 Written Update: Pandityan learns that Bani’s life is in danger

Naagin 5 9th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Veer says Chandrakala is his mother and he doesn’t know Maarkat then goes inside. Doctor says Jay will be fine soon after treating his wound. Veer says Bani denied to treat Jay that’s why he called Doctor to treat him. She says still she doesn’t believe Jay that’s why she decided to not treat him.

Veer says he also doesn’t believe him but Jay killed Bani’s enemy Maarkat so he deserves credit for that. She says they are together because of Jay so he should give credit for that also to Jay. Veer says they are together because of him and Jay is not responsible for anything. Ponky says they are keeping party because Veer got his powers back. Veer challenges her that she will kiss him in front of everyone in the party. Ponky and Daksh was decorating the house and goes to impress the girls.

Meher, Keher gets pissed off seeing that. Veer searches Bani in the party. Pandityan realises that Bani’s life is in danger but feels helpless because she can’t warn her this time too. Ritu stops her daughters from eating and tells them to impress Veer’s cousins. Veer gets mesmerized seeing Bani and flirts with her and also reminds her about the challenge. Bani runs from there saying he can’t catch her. Jay comes downstairs then goes upstairs. Veer follows him thinking Jay planning something for sure.

Jay says he realised that Bani doesn’t want him anymore. Veer says Jay can do anything he wants in this house other than hurting Bani and his family. He says Jay should know that why he allowed him to stay in this house. Jay says he knows that because he killed Bani’s biggest enemy Maarkat. Veer says it’s good that he knows it and goes downstairs to enjoy the party. Jay recalls how he met Maarkat after Bani poured that poison water on her. He says he found the way to kill Bani that too easy one.

He yells at Maarkat saying she failed in her every attempts but he won’t. He shows trident to her and says he is going to kill her on full moon night using this trident and says after killing her he will become powerful. He attacks her suddenly using trident. She asks how can he betray his own mother. He says now he will get her powers too once she dies then he will get Bani’s powers after killing her. He comes to reality and says he even hurted himself to prove his innocence to Bani.

Pandityan decides to warn the danger to Bani. Bani hides from Veer then searches him. He comes to her. She asks him to close his eyes so she can kiss him but cheats him. He pretends like he is angry and asks her to convince him. Bani realises that suddenly house become silent and that time some guy enters there.

When he passes Bani, something happens to her. That guy traps everyone in his magic trap and orders them to follow his instructions and everyone starts to dance like him except Bani. Veer forcefully makes Bani dance with him. Bani wonders who is that guy and why Veer following his steps and thinks to do something. Jay asks Bani that what’s happening here and asks about that guy.

Jay says he is happy that she is talking to him. She says she doesn’t trust him still. Later she thinks to meet Pandityan to find a solution to save her family but she can’t leave the house. She calls Baba and tells him about that strange guy. Pandityan reaches Bani’s house to warn her and was about to approach her but Jay stops her and drags her with him.

That strange guy meets Bani. She asks who is he and says she is aware about his powers. She says he controlled everyone using his power except her and says she faced just small change on her face because of him. Pandityan says Jay is the one who killed her husband and says he is Adi naagin’s enemy and says she knows that Bani’s life is in danger. He says he will tell his secret to her and asks her to see his face in water. She shocks seeing Maarkat’s face and realises that what Jay did. He tries to kill her. Strange guy tells Bani that he is here to remind her about the revenge.

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer forgets Bani because of strange guy.

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