Naagin 5 16th January 2021 Written Update: Bani kills Pawan

Naagin 5 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani tells Meera that she reborn to kill those eagle’s so she will get punishment for not accomplishing her work. Meera asks who will punish her. Taapish tells Bani to stay away from Veer for sometime. Meera says everything will be fine soon and they will find any solution too. Bani decides to stay away from Veer.

Veer says they has to go for drive but poor Taapish alone going to the office. Veer starts to cough and Bani runs towards him and scolds him for his carelessness. He yells at her asking why she is overreacting now when he is just coughing. Bani feels bad recalling Veer’s behavior. Angel says he just came to see did Bani understood that why she is getting punishment. She says she knows that she broke the rule but she did nothing wrong by loving Veer.

She says Veer’s family did every crime but Veer doesn’t know anything about it. He says Veer is not any saint and he would have known everything which had done by his family. Veer sees Ritu and asks who is she. Taapish introduces Meera as his finance to Veer. Ritu calls Veer as son in law by mistake and Meher stops her. They receive some courier. Daksh and Ponky look at each other. Ponky says Veer’s name written there.

Bani recalls how Angel threatened her saying he can do anything with Veer. Veer was about to open the parcel but Bani stops him saying it could be dangerous for him. He pushes her aside and warns her to not interfere. Taapish and Meera holds Bani. When Veer opened the parcel small blast happens. Everyone shocks seeing that. Bani gets relieved seeing Veer fine. Veer yells at Bani for keep coming to him and says his cousin’s were right about her and says she become such a headache and tells her to stay in her limits. Veer reads the invitation of bar opening ceremony.

Veer tells Bani to prepare dress for party instead of doing useless things because she is maid. Bani tells Balwant that Veer asked her to go but she won’t leave the house. Balwant says he also doesn’t want her to leave the house but she just has to stay away from him for sometime. He says he wanted just her powers but now everything changed especially Veer changed and he doesn’t want Veer to get punishment for his crimes. He says Veer needs her and pleads her to not leave Veer’s side never. She says she doesn’t trust him but she won’t leave Veer also and it’s her decision. He thanks her for that.

Bani calls Baba and asks about Pandityan saying she got a neckpiece that Pandityan wears. He replies saying he also doesn’t know Pandityan’s whereabouts. Angel attacks Pawan and asks Bani to kill him. She says she is Adi naagin and she doesn’t need anyone’s help to kill someone. Angel asks why she is hesitating still because it’s not Veer. Pawan says his family will kill Bani and she can’t do anything to the eagle. He accepts his crimes and says he will continue to. She says it’s good that he confessed so it’s easy for her to kill him and kills him. Angel says if she expects he will praise her for killing Pawan then she is wrong and says he will take care of Veer and leaves from there. Jay waits for Veer in bar.

Bani gets worried for Veer and stops him saying he can’t go to the party. He refuses to listen to her and leaves from there. Bani decides to follow him. Jay discusses with one girl about his plan. She says if Veer is married then she needs more money to do his work. He shows Veer to her. Jay thinks now no one can save Veer not even Bani. Bani asks Shivji to help her to save Veer. Monica who hired by Jay approaches Veer. Veer hallucinates Bani while talking to Monica.

Veer asks Monica to dance with him and they starts dancing. Bani comes there and gets upset seeing Veer dancing with some girl. Jay smiles seeing Veer and Monica. Veer hallucinates Bani again and dances with Monica. Daksh, Ponky makes Veer drink lot of alcohol. Veer wonders what magic Bani did on him that he is keep seeing her everywhere.

Jay asks Daksh to spike Veer’s drink and says Monica will do the remaining work and she may even record that. Jay shocks seeing Bani that. Ponky tells him that Bani even tried to stop Veer from reaching here. Bani dances with Veer and scolds Monica. Monica leaves from there. Veer says he doesn’t like Bani but he feels to hold her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angel attacks Bani and tries to kill Veer.

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