Naagin 5: Veer blames Bani for his kidnap

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Colors’ popular show Naagin 5 is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier its seen that Bani notices that one snake was following Veer’s car and protects the farmhouse with the magic wall using one special tree and because of that Jay could not able to go inside. Veer dances with Rani and decides to introduce Bani to Rani. Bani lies to Veer saying she is busy with kitchen works but he drags her along with him to Rani’s room. Bani shocks seeing Rani there. And Rani takes Veer for the long drive to kidnap him. 

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Bani reaches the place where Veer is trapped. Veer escapes from Jay’s trap and blames Bani saying she seems naive but she is such a dangerous person and leaves from there. Jay tells Bani that Veer won’t change and tells her to forget him. She says he is right and says she lost everything. Later He asks why she is running away from him. She says she knows that he is not helping her but just fooling her. He says he lost her but he can get her powers and reveals that he has invoked Maarkat’s powers into himself by killing her. 

Will Veer trust Bani? Who is going to win this final battle?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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