Naagin 5th April 2020 Written Update: Nayantara tries to kill Dev’s grandmother

Naagin 5th April 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vrishali rushing to Dev who is lying unconscious on the ground. Nayantara comes too and helps Vrishali to take Dev in the car. She notices the sign of bite on his neck and thinks that he is surely an icchadari naag.

On the other hand Pandit Ji tells Akash and Baa that Dev reached home and is fine. Baa asks about Brinda and Pandit Ji says that she must be fine too and asks her and Akash to go home. Swara (Brinda’s mother) scolds Pandit Ji for ignoring her daughter. Rajat calls Pandit Ji and tells him that Brinda is home as well.

Meanwhile a doctor is seen visiting Dev and saying that he must have got a shock. Vrishali scolds Rohan for coming in India and Rohan tells her that it was Dev who insisted since he was missing them.

Swara scolds Brinda for getting hurt and not taking care of herself. Rajat comes there and Swara leaves him alone with Brinda. Rajat gives coffee to Brinda and asks her about Dev.

On the other side Vrishali thanks Nayantara for staying with Dev. She apologizes saying that all this would have not happened if she hadn’t left Dev alone. She glares Dev who is getting conscious. Dev tells everybody that he is fine. Vishali asks him how he fainted and asks him if he saw a big snake. Dev lies and tells her that it was just a slight accident. He asks Nayantara if she is ok and then jokes saying that maybe a cheetah came to welcome him in the jungle as he came in India for the first time.

Rajat gives dinner to Binda and asks her if he talked to Dev about his loan. She says that she talked to him about him but didn’t get time to talk about the loan. Rajat informs her about Dev’s accident and as soon as she got to know that she rushed out.

Dev goes to Baa who scolds him for coming to India. He tells her that he came for her 65th birthday. He asks everybody to plan a birthday party for Baa.

On the other hand Manyata says that she is proud of her daughter. Nayantara says they have missed something for sure. Manyata tells her that Parikh family can’t have naag mani or else their business must be working while, except Dev’s Qatar business, they have nothing and that’s why Khyati is getting his son Manas married to Kanika who is rich. They wonder how Dev can turn into icchadari naag then.

Nayantara tells her that she wanted to kill Vrishali and Dev as soon as she saw them together but Manyata says that she has to give them a painful death or else Keshav won’t get peace. Nayantara promises her that this will happen and tells her that she has been invited to Baa’s birthday. Manyata tells her what she has to do.

Meanwhile Vrishali and the other murderers reunite and Vrishali says that the icchadari naagin is behind them and now will not spare them. Akash comes and they say that they were planning the birthday party. Akash says that it is a double celebration as also Dev came back after so many years.

The next morning Brinda is working in the kitchen and ordering cake for the party. Swara asks her if she is invited in the party and Brinda replies that she is but she has nothing to wear since it’s a theme party. Swara says they kept a theme party purposely so she would not be able to go and just then Dev comes. Swara tells him that Rajat wants to talk to him and goes to call him. Dev gives a dress for the party to Brinda and tells her that Baa sent it for her and adds that he would not spend so much money for girls. Brinda calls him kanjoos and starts working. Dev asks him how she came back last night and she says in a cab. He asks her why she didn’t come with her boyfriend and she remembers that she has to talk to Dev about Rajat’s work but Dev is gone by then. Rajat comes and Brinda tells her that Dev has invited them both in the party tonight. Rajat thinks that Brinda talked to him about his work already and hugs her excited.

On the other hand Rohan and the others pulls Manas’ leg snatching the phone from him and passing it to each other Manas tries to catch it. Manas says it’s a call from work. They mock him and then leave. Manas thinks that thankfully Piyali’s phone got switched off and then gets scared thinking that she may come home and do drama.

In the party everybody wishes Baa happy birthday and gives her gifts. Dev comes too and wishes her happy birthday. He asks Akash about Rasik and Manav. Vrishali says they went to get gift. Dev says that for Baa their love is everything.

Rajat and Brinda come and wish Baa happy birthday. Dev looks at Brinda and smiles.
Dev’s cousins mock him for planning that party. He warns him to do like he says or else he will tell about the bachelor party.

Rajat asks Brinda to talk to Dev about his work but she isn’t able to find him. Just then he comes and Brinda walks towards him but Nayantara goes to him first. Dev and Nayantara go to wish Baa and Dev asks him about the gift. She asks DJ to play a song and takes Baa to dance on “Tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya”. Rohan asks Nayantara to dance with him. Everybody starts dancing. Dev dances with Baa while Rajat and Brinda dance together. Nayantara and Dev are about to dance but he is left disappointed when the song finishes and Nayantara leaves. Brinda asks Dev to get the cake and they go to take it.

Meanwhile a big snake attacks Lilly.
In the kitchen Dev compliments Brinda about the color of dress and she tells him that the person who gave her the dress is more special than the moon. Dev thanks her since Baa had asked him to get that dress. They pull each other’s leg. He asks her if she still eats imli and she says yes. He asks her to give it and she gives. Brinda tells him that also Rajat loves imli and asks him if he can do a favor on her. He agrees.

On the other hand Nayantara glares at the Parikh family recalling how they killed his father and the others.

Dev and Brinda come with the cake. Nayantara lights up candles and asks for knife. Brinda goes to take it but then ends up following Manas who is gone to meet Piyali. Brinda is shocked to see them together and takes their picture while they are hugging. He promises her that he won’t marry anybody else and asks for time. She gives him one day and then leaves.
Dev goes to check where Brinda is. Nayantara puts fire on a table with matches and thinks that now Dev has to transform to save his family.

Brinda scolds Manas for betraying his fiancée. He says that he will do something bad with her if she doesn’t shut up and asks her to leave.
Meanwhile everything has taken fire and Baa gets stuck in the fire. Dev tries to save her. Brinda jumps into the fire and throws water on it to save Baa. Dev tries to put off the fire with carpet. They save Baa. Nayantara is angry as Dev saved Baa without transforming.

While everybody are taking care of Baa, nayantara surrounds herself with fire and starts screaming.

Meanwhile Manayata transforms into naagin and goes inside the house.

Nayantara sceams for help. Dev tries to go to save her but his family stops him from jumping into the fire. Dev tries to extinct the fire with carpet. He then asks Nayantara to give her hand to him. Nayantara wonders why he isn’t transforming.
Episode ends

Precap: Manyata tells Nayantara that it’s time to re-start their revenge now that she will turn into her real form. Nayantara is seen dancing with Dev. Later Brinda says Dev that he is getting so close to Nayantara.