Naagin 6 11th September 2022 Written Update: Anmol gets disappointed with Rudra’s gift

Naagin 6 11th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prarthana seeing Rudra who saved the boy she wants to save. Rudra also sees Prarthana. Rudra handovers the boy to his parents. They thank him. Prarthana rushes to his dad. She signs bugs to leave. They leave which amazes her and her Dad. Pratha calls Rudra and asks if he is coming from the market side. Rudra tells her he is coming from another way. Minister is about to enter the car when one insect bites him and he collapses on the floor. His team rushes him to the hospital. The professor notices It’s an artificial insect with poison and operated through a remote. Professor thinks his doubt is true and who’s behind these attacks. One man informs his head that their work is done as Minister is attacked. Rudra thinks about Prarthana’s eyes and he feels bad for not being able to see her face. Anmol calls Rudra and asks if he is going to attend the party in the end.

Rudra tells her that he is coming. Anmol’s friends tease Anmol seeing her blushing. Anmol praises Rudra’s qualities and tells her friends that Rudra is made for her. Another side Rudra helps the magazine selling boy and he thinks about Prarthana. He thinks he never saw a girl who risks her life for others. He stops the car. He sees the moon and thinks the moon may see her face unlike him. Another side Prarthana sees the moon and thinks about why she feels the moon is calling her. She notices the peel on the skin and throws it without observing that it’s snake skin. Professor thinks about who might be attacked next. Prarthana knocks on the door. Jeet comes out. Prarthana asks him why she gets rashes before pournami and what’s the connection. Jeet thinks it happens with snakes. He goes inside and calls Suhasini and knows her location to meet her.

Suhasini informs Tara that he is coming. Tara says in 4 days new Shesh Naagin will be born and she will be under our control. Suhasini says now they are in their city and what to answer him as he is coming. Tara asks her to lie to him that she is not Naagin. Pratha sees the moon and thinks in 4 fours it will be red moon night. Anmol comes there and says the moon is beautiful. Pratha asks if her skin is fine. Anmol says her skin is good. She leaves with her friends. Pratha removes snake skin and thanks God for not making her daughter Naagin.

Jeet meets Suhasini and asks if Doctor swapped his daughter with Pratha’s daughter as Prarthana is having signs that she is going to be Naagin. Suhasini says it can’t be. She asks if he leaves if his daughter becomes Naagin. Jeet says he won’t as she is the one for him. Suhasini asks him to stay in the city. He agrees and leaves.

Rishabh tells Pratha that Mr. Khanna got attacked on the way. Anmol feels happy seeing Rudra and hugs him. She asks why he didn’t wish her. Rudra makes her angry showing he bought her panipuri. Anmol gets angry. Then Rudra sits on his knees and proposes to her for marriage with a ring. Anmol accepts his proposal happily. Rudra makes her wear the ring. He dances with her. It’s turned out to be Anmol’s dream. Rudra makes Anmol wear a watch. Anmol gets disappointed. Rudra’s mom beats him for not getting a ring. Pratha stops her. Rudra sees Pratha and recalls the previous incident. He tells he saw a similar girl like her. Rishabh asks him to stop flirting with his mother in law. Anmol tells Rudra that she waits to get the ring from him. Rishabh asks Anmol to cut the cake. Anmol cuts the cake and feeds everyone.

Farishta meets a Naag Clan person. Naag clan person tells Farishta that Shesh Naag left the book with him. Farishta asks him to see what happens next and what if Pratha’s daughter doesn’t become Naagin because of Pratha’s prayers. Naag clan person says it’s a story of two girls and one is going to be Shesh Naagin. Prarthana thinks about why she gets rashes on a red moon night. Anmol feeds cake to Rudra. Rishabh doesn’t like their closeness. Anmol sees a nightmare that snakes are surrounding her in front of Shiv Ji. Anmol wakes up in shock and goes to Pratha and tells her what she sees in her dream. Pratha thinks tonight is red moon night. She sends Anmol to meet Rudra saying he called her. Pratha thinks she will stop her daughter from becoming Shesh Naagin.

The snake catcher plays the music to catch the snake. Pratha gets affected with that music. She falls on the ground and thinks about what’s happening to her. Reporter records it thinking it can be breaking news too. The snake catcher catches the snake. He says tonight is red moon night and one of these snakes can become Shesh Naagin too. Pratha walks in a lost way but she comes to her senses when someone dashes her with cycle. She thinks don’t know what happens to her. Reporter Vivek calls Snake catcher to come to their channel to tell about Shesh Naagin and other things. Saphira shows him his guru photo and tells him that Shesh Naagin killed his teacher. Vivek asks him to leave it and takes him with him. Prarthana thinks she is getting late for the interview. Vivek calls his media house and informs them that he is bringing Maha Saphira to take his interview. Lady asks him to bring him.

Rudra interviews Politician about the attack on Mr. Khanna. The politician leaves from there. Rudra says he didn’t question anything wrong. A team member asks Rudra to not worry. He tells him Vivek is bringing some flash news. Pratha enters the Naag Mahal and thinks she entered after 21 years.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prarthana to become Shesh Naagin.

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