Naagin 6 13th August 2022 Written Update: Mehek participates in Shesh Naag’s Swayamvar

Naagin 6 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha saving Mehek. She wishes her happy birthday with a tight hug. Rajesh says he didn’t expect this lavish party after Rishabh’s death. Mehek says it’s the wish of Rishabh. Pratha sees Rishabh’s photo. She cries recalling her moments with him. Mehek asks what’s she seeing. Pratha tells this photo falls on the floor. Mehek takes Kiara with her and locks her in Shakti’s room. Shakti feels happy seeing her back. Moonlight falls on Pratha. Her Naagin roop comes out.

Mehek sees it. She thinks Pratha is alive. Urvashi asks Mehek what happened. Mehek couldn’t tell her. Urvashi takes her to cake cutting. They hear the animal’s sound before she cuts the cake. Mehek thinks it’s the work of Pratha. Things gets shattered at the party. Moonlight falls on Mehek. Urvashi sends everyone. Mehek turns as Naagin. Urvashi asks what she wants to tell her.

Mehek says to Urvashi that Kiara is Pratha and she wants to expose me but I will expose her. Urvashi says I know as I’m Pratha. She comes to her real form. Mehek asks whom she locked in the room if she is here. Shakti sees an unknown lady and thinks Mehek cheated on him. He hides behind the box. Naagin thinks Pratha asked me to follow Mehek to find what’s in this room but here nothing is suspicious.

Pratha tells Mehek that she will expose her in front of everyone. She freezes everyone with her power. Pratha reveals to Mehek that she is Shesh Naagin. Mehek in anger attacks Pratha. Pratha hits Mehek for killing her husband, kid, and her trust. Pratha beats Mehek and tells her that she will make her die every day. Pratha unfreezes everyone. Everyone sees Mehek on the floor and asks if she is fine. Mehek tells them she is just slipped. Urvashi asks Mehek what happened. Mehek says Pratha is alive and she will kill me. Pratha observes them from far.

Mehek throws everything in the room. She tells Urvashi that Kiara is Pratha and She is Shesh Naagin but I will handle her. Urvashi asks how. Mehek says she can gain more powers than Shesh Naagin if she marries Shesh Naag. She tells she will participate in the swayamvar. Barkha tells other Naagins she will become Naag Rani. Mehek warns her to not dream as Naag Raj belongs to her. Damayanti asks Shesh Naag why he arranged the swayamvar near the red door.

Shesh Naag says he knows about it and Naag Rani has to face the danger to become my wife then only she can take care of Naag Lok. Pratha comes there and makes Mehek fall to the ground by teaching her lesson. Other Naagins feel happy. Shesh Naag goes out hearing the sound. Mehek pleads with Shesh Naag to save her. Shesh Naagin says Mehek can’t participate in this swayamvar. Mehek request him. Shesh Naag says everyone is equal in Naag Lok and Mehek can participate in this swayamvar. Mehek goes inside. Pratha thinks you came here but you can’t escape. Mehek dreams to become Naag Rani. She notices a red door in the swayamvar.

Shesh Naag arrives at the venue. Pratha announces there will be a competition between participants to choose Naag Rani. She rings sankaravam. Competition gets started. Mehek and Barkha defeat everyone. Pratha says Barkha and Mehek win the round and they are going to the next round.

Pratha tells them the rules of the second round. Mehek crosses the Lava quickly. She tries to go near Nagaraj. Shesh Naag stops her and tells her that the competition is not ended and she still has one more round to win the competition. Mehek thinks she may need to fight with Pratha. Pratha opens the red door. Everyone closes their eyes seeing the emitting red light. Pratha says to Mehek that she has to compete with Naasika not her. Naagins discuss Naasika may turn them to stone and they recall how Nasika turned many Naagins into stones before she gets caged 100 years before. Pratha tells Mehek that she can back out.

Mehek refuses to back out and enters the red room. Pratha closes the red room door. She thinks how she requested Naag Raj to announce his swayamvar to turn Mehek stone to fulfill her revenge. Naag Raj asks her what if Mehek won. Pratha says Mehek is going to compete with Naasika, not with Naagins so she will never win this competition. Mehek goes inside the red room with fear. Naasika tries to attack her but Mehek escapes from her. Mehek thinks to make red light enter Naasika’s eyes so she can’t see properly. Mehek closes her eyes. Naasika catches Mehek.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mehek becomes Naag Rani. Mehek informs Pratha that her baby is alive. Pratha feels happy. Mehek traps Pratha in her plan to kill her.

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